Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 291 - Identity of Omnipotent Boss

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Chapter 291: Ident.i.ty of Omnipotent Boss

As long as she entered the learning mode, time would pa.s.s exceptionally quickly.

During the meal, Xue Xi was a little distracted. She casually took two bites and went upstairs to calculate the questions.

Although this chemistry book was complicated, she had already finished reading it.

This question seemed simple, but she felt that something was amiss.

It seemed that the conditions were not enough. Moreover, she had never seen this D-acid in chemical elements before. It had to be a new chemical, right?

As Xue Xi did this, she got stuck at a knowledge point.

If it were before, she would definitely have flipped through all kinds of chemistry books in search of this method, but now—

Xue Xi had also learned how to take shortcuts.

She picked up her phone and opened the Moguls’ Group. She asked: “May I ask if there are any Chemists in the group?”

There were a total of 21 people in the Moguls’ Group, including her. Other than Omnipotent Boss, there were also 19 others. Other than the few she already met, there were also people who cooked, made clothes, and so on. There were also a few scientists.

Xue Xi did not know which field these scientists were from, so she asked.

With Omnipotent Boss backing her, how could anyone in the group not respond?

Soon, Cen Bai took the initiative to reply: “There used to be a Chemist, but now, there are only physicists and mathematicians.”

Zhou Zhou: “Sister Xi, what’s wrong? What kind of Chemistry expert do you need? I know a few people in the real world. If you encounter any difficulties, I can help introduce them to you.”

Teaches Math: “Sister Xi, there are a few chemistry professors in Huaxia University. If there’s anything you need, just say it.”

Zhou Zhou: “Old man, why are you fighting with me for credit?! Is being a professor that big of a deal? No matter how good a professor is, he can’t compare to that person in our group!”

Teaches Math: “?”

Xue Xi was very curious, so she asked, “Then why isn’t that person here?”

The group fell silent.

However, there were suddenly a few more private messages being exchanged.

Cen Bai: “Sister Xi, watch your words! If you want to know the details, I can tell you.”

Zhou Zhou: “Sister Xi, watch your words! If you want to know what happened, let’s talk in private.”

Feng Xingshen: “Sister Xi, don’t talk about this topic in the group.”

Xue Xi: “?”

Among the three of them, she chose Cen Bai and asked, “What happened?”

Cen Bai replied: “Actually, there were 22 people in the group in the past.”

Twenty-two people… Including her, there were only 21 people. Did this mean that two people were kicked out of the group?

Cen Bai: “In the past, Omnipotent Boss did not chat in the group, but as long as he appeared, something would definitely happen. Omnipotent Boss had spoken twice in total, and every time he spoke, one person would be missing the next day.”

Xue Xi: “!!!!”

Why did she feel that he was from the underworld?!

Could it be that those two people offended Omnipotent Boss and were killed by him?

Cen Bai continued: “And that Chemist in the group was once a university professor. I only know that his name is Ye Lai. I don’t know anything else.”

Xue Xi was originally just eating a melon and finding it strange, but when she saw this sentence, she was stunned.

Ye Lai…

Isn’t that Grandpa?!

She frowned and suddenly asked, “When was he kicked out of the group?”

Cen Bai: “Seven years ago. Why?”

Seven years ago… She remembered Ye Li telling her that her maternal grandfather suddenly had a mental illness seven years ago!

So, was it because Grandpa was sick that he got kicked out of the group chat?

She felt that things were not so simple!

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At this moment, she suddenly realized a problem. What exactly does the Moguls’ Group do?

Xiang Huai paused and nodded again.

Jing Fei was silent for a moment before saying, “Have you never seen Gao Yanchen? Actually, he is also…”

Before he could finish speaking, Xiang Huai interrupted him. “Old Gao hopes that his only grandson can live like an ordinary person.”

Jing Fei immediately shut his mouth when he heard the word “live.”

At the same time, Qian Xin was wandering around the room.

Jing Fei asked, “What are you doing?”

Qian Xin said, “I’m going to answer a call.”

Jing Fei: “… Then why are you wandering around like a headless fly?”

Qian Xin nodded. “I’m waiting for my phone to ring.”

Jing Fei: “?”

Qian Xin scratched his head. “Because then, I’ll know where my phone is.”

Jing Fei: “…”

So this guy’s habit of losing things still hasn’t changed?!

He could even lose his phone. What a weirdo!

Just as he was thinking this, a ringtone sounded from under the sofa. Qian Xin heaved a sigh of relief and ran over to lie on the ground. He picked up his phone with his b.u.t.t up and shouted, “h.e.l.lo!”

On the other end was the research and development manager of the G.o.d of Fortune Corporation. “CEO Qian, I’ve already seen the doc.u.ments you sent over. This mathematical problem…”

Qian Xin instantly said, “She didn’t solve it, did she? I knew it, but this was done by Boss’s girlfriend. Look at this answer. Even if she wrote it randomly, you should evaluate the price and give her more money… Just treat it as a gift for Boss and Sister-in-law…”

The research and development manager paused. “CEO Qian, this answer is invaluable!”

Qian Xin: “?”

Xiang Huai: “…”

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