Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 287 - I Want to Bring the Little Kid Home~

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Chapter 287: I Want to Bring the Little Kid Home~

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Qian Xin looked like he was joking, but he sighed in his heart.

It turned out that even Boss was a hero who could not resist the charms of a beauty. In the past, he had never cared about the G.o.d of Fortune Group’s business and never allowed outsiders to interfere in his dealings. Today, his boss actually wanted to sell the tea leaves to the Li family for the first time because his sister-in-law said something.

Was this an excuse to support the Xue family?

The solving of this question was very helpful to their mathematical modeling. However, since Boss had given Sister-in-law money, Boss would have definitely solved this question for her!

As he thought this, he looked at the papers in his hand.

It was filled with words.

Qian Xin did not understand this and felt that it was quite proper. Sister-in-law did things quite well! Thinking of this, he turned to look at Xiang Huai. “Boss, what’s the answer?”

Xiang Huai continued reading the Buddhist scriptures. “The answer is in your hands.”

Qian Xin: “?”

He looked at the papers in his hands and could not help but laugh. “Boss, stop teasing me. How can this be the answer?”

Xiang Huai shot him a glance and did not speak.

Qian Xin gritted his teeth and said in a northeastern accent, “Boss, that’s not right of you. You can’t just do it without putting in any effort! How can a high school student like Sister-in-law solve a question that even a university professor can’t solve? Don’t joke with me!”

Xiang Huai continued ignoring him.

Qian Xin could only say, “Alright, I’ll send these photos to the company and show them to those mathematicians. However, Boss, let’s talk about it. If it’s not right, you have to give me the correct answer.”

Xiang Huai continued to remain silent.

Qian Xin picked up his phone and took a photo before sending it to the company.

After sending it, he turned to look at Xiang Huai and walked over to pester him. “Boss, when you left, you said that you would come back to manage the company when you’re free. Since you have nothing to do now, why don’t you help me manage it for a few days?”

Xiang Huai: “Not free.”

Qian Xin: “Why aren’t you free? You’re very free now!”

Xiang Huai’s face tensed up when he heard this. He frowned and slowly said, “My vacation is ending soon.”

This sentence made Qian Xin shut his mouth.

Although he wanted his boss to manage the organization, money was not worth mentioning when it came to what his boss should do as General Xiang!

He looked at Xiang Huai, who seemed to be thinking about something, and asked solemnly, “Boss, what are you thinking?”

Someone of his caliber must be thinking of something big!

However, he did not expect Xiang Huai to sigh. “I’m thinking of a way to bring the little kid home. Or should I work in Bin City?”

Qian Xin: “?”

Xiang Huai frowned and sighed again.

Half a year from now, the little kid would definitely go to the capital.

After not seeing her for half a year, it was fine if he went crazy. But with the little kid’s heartless personality, wouldn’t she forget him?

It was very difficult.

Xue Xi, who did not know anything about Xiang Huai, had just reached the school gate when she saw a slender figure standing sneakily at the entrance.

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That person was wearing a baseball cap and a mask, covering himself tightly.

Qin Shuang was in high spirits. “I pa.s.sed! I’m just waiting for the college entrance examination in June to see the results of the cultural cla.s.s! Hehe~”

Just as Xue Xi was about to say something to her, a sharp female voice sounded from afar. “Qin Shuang, you’re done for!”

The two of them turned around and saw a girl in the cla.s.s raising her phone and saying, “You’ve fallen out of love! You’ve been cheated on! Your husband has a girlfriend!”

Xue Xi: “?”

Xue Xi suddenly turned around and looked at Qin Shuang. Her eyes flickered. “You… What nonsense are you spouting?”

The girl was paying attention to the entertainment industry, so she hurriedly said, “I’m not spouting nonsense. It’s true. Your husband and his girlfriend are cohabiting! They were photographed! The girl didn’t show her face, but the man is indeed your husband! Ah ah ah, he even admitted it! He said that his girlfriend is still young and won’t be announced for the time being!”

Xue Xi: “?”

Qin Shuang’s face turned red.

She covered her face and sat in her seat. “It’s fine if it’s announced, he should just announce it!”

The girl was indignant. “Aren’t you sad? Aren’t you sad?! That’s your first love, your idol, your star, your brother, and your husband!”

Qin Shuang: “…”

Before Qin Shuang could say anything, Xue Yao suddenly said, “Isn’t it just a celebrity announcing their relationship? What does it have to do with her?”

Ever since Xue Xi’s boyfriend’s ident.i.ty was exposed, Xue Yao had always felt erratic. She mocked, “It can’t be that just because someone found a good boyfriend, all the people around her will also be successful, right? Even if Cen Bai doesn’t have a girlfriend, he couldn’t possibly fancy someone like her, right?”

Just as she said this, Cen Bai suddenly stood at the door and shouted, “Erm, excuse me. I’m looking for Qin Shuang.”

He smiled. “You left your book in my car.”

Qin Shuang: “?”

Xue Xi: “?”

Everyone: “?”

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