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Chapter 286 - The Sky Is Cold and the Company Can Fall Down

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Chapter 286: The Sky Is Cold and the Company Can Fall Down

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Xue Xi placed the breakfast on the table loudly.

Her expression was calm and her eyes were still indifferent. She looked cold and arrogant.

This action of hers made everyone in the room look over. In the past, Xue Xi would keep her mouth shut even if she wanted to speak.

However, everyone was paying attention to her today, so they gave her a chance to speak. She slowly asked, “Can the company not go on without my father?”

For some unknown reason, the old lady was shocked by her.

She kept feeling that this heartless granddaughter of hers seemed to have suddenly become formidable. She was so frightened that she did not dare to speak.

However, Liu Yiqiu said carefully, “Yes, we can’t do without Big Brother in the company. We’re here to invite him back…”

“My father doesn’t want to go back, but you guys said that the company can’t do without him. Since that’s the case, I have a solution.” When Xue Xi spoke, no one dared to interrupt, and they finally let her speak for a long time at home.

Liu Yiqiu’s eyes lit up as she looked at the old patriarch. He nodded, and Liu Yiqiu asked, “What solution?”

Xue Xi looked at the weather outside. As the cold wind had begun to blow, the leaves were turning yellow. She slowly said, “The weather is cold. The company can close down now.”

Everyone: “…”

This overbearing CEO’s words!

Liu Yiqiu jumped in shock and shrieked, “Y-You’re threatening us?”

Xue Xi looked at her coldly. “It’s not a threat. Aren’t I just solving the problem?”

Her calm tone made the old patriarch’s hands tremble.

He looked at Xue Xi and saw that this obedient and sensible granddaughter, who rarely spoke, was so cold that she did not seem human. The old patriarch’s heart skipped a beat.

Although the Xue family’s company was huge, it was not worth mentioning in front of the G.o.d of Fortune Group.

If the other party moved his pinky, their company would not be able to continue operating.

What Xue Xi meant was that if they continued to force Xue Sheng, the company would close down, right? This granddaughter of his was too ruthless!

He looked at Xue Sheng and saw his son standing there expressionlessly, as though he agreed with Xue Xi’s words.

The old patriarch sighed deeply.

He knew that he had hurt his elder son’s heart yesterday and there was no way he could get him back!

The old patriarch was really frightened by Xue Xi’s words. He hurriedly stood up. “Son, I’m only here today to express my family’s att.i.tude. If you want to come back, you can come back anytime. If you don’t want to go home… There is still an old sack of bones like me at home, so the company doesn’t need to close down. Alright, we’re all family. Don’t make things so ugly. Son, is your new company going to operate in the same industry? We can all help!”

This was an admission of defeat!

Xue Sheng lowered his eyes. “I’ll consider it.”

“Alright, then, we’ll go back first!”

After saying that, Old Master Xue stood up and led Xue Gui and Liu Yiqiu out.

The three of them were well-behaved. Only the old lady was cursing as she walked. “Isn’t she just relying on Mr. Xiang’s love? Who does she think she is?! When Mr. Xiang gets tired of her, I’ll see how she can still boast around! By then, even if she cries and begs us, we won’t care! Shoes…”

Her words had always been nasty. In the past, Xue Xi and Ye Li had ignored her. Now that Xue Xi had shot her a cold glance, the old lady was so frightened that she shut her mouth and quickened her pace.

Soon, the room became quiet.

Ye Li praised, “Xixi, it’s fortunate that you’re here today. Otherwise, these people would not have been dismissed so easily! However, it turns out that my Xixi knows how to threaten others too, huh?”

Xue Xi was at a loss. “I was just talking about a solution. Since they don’t know how to manage it, we’ll sell the company and split the money. That should be enough for them to spend, right?”

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Ye Li: “?”

Xiang Huai: “?”


Unlike Lu Chao, who was already used to it, Qian Xin spat out a mouthful of soy milk.

Sister-in-law, aren’t you being too straightforward?!

He then turned to look at his boss, who was clearly already used to it. He did not give up and continued to ask, “Then what does the amus.e.m.e.nt park have?”

Qian Xin: “…”

Boss is taking advantage of Sister-in-law!

However, his sister-in-law was unromantic and looked at him. “A ferris wheel?”

Xiang Huai: “?”

Qian Xin: “?”

After answering Xiang Huai’s two baffling questions, Xue Xi looked at Xiang Huai in confusion. She then took out a stack of A4 papers from her bag and pa.s.sed it to Qian Xin. “Your math questions from last time.”

Qian Xin was stunned. “Huh?”

He took the papers in a daze and saw Xue Xi walking out of the provision store and going to school without looking back.

After she left, Qian Xin looked at his hand in shock. “Sister-in-law really did it? It must be fake, right?”

Xiang Huai said, “You can’t give her a single cent less.”

The corners of Qian Xin’s lips twitched as he came to a realization. “You just want to spend money on Sister-in-law, right? That’s why you came up with an excuse. Fine, I’ll pretend as if Sister-in-law had really calculated it…”

As he spoke, he opened the papers and his expression suddenly turned serious.

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