Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 285 - Severing Relationship!

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Chapter 285: Severing Relationship!

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Everyone else had different expressions.

Xue Sheng and Ye Li exchanged glances and felt a little nervous.

Xiang Huai had left after revealing his ident.i.ty yesterday. They did not know what his att.i.tude was. They were not worried that Xiang Huai would really break up, but they were just afraid that Xue Xi would be sad.

Old Lady Xue, Old Master Xue, and the rest carefully shut their mouths, afraid that they would anger Xiang Huai.

Liu Yiqiu also looked at Xue Xi in disappointment.

She had originally intended to make the Xue family gain some glory while they were in a relationship, but Xue Xi was actually so direct? If she angered Mr. Xiang… the consequences would be unimaginable!

Just as everyone was thinking this, Xue Xi replied, “Oh.” Her att.i.tude was cold, just like before. Ye Li and Xue Sheng, who knew her and Xiang Huai, did not feel anything, but the rest were shocked.

Wouldn’t Mr. Xiang be angry with her being so cold?

However, following that, she heard Xiang Huai’s smiling voice. “You’re calling at this time. Don’t tell me you’re not coming to accompany me for breakfast?”

Everyone: “?”

Why did he sound like he was acting cute?

Xue Xi turned on the speaker so that Mrs. Li could hear Xiang Huai’s voice. Afraid that he would say something inappropriate, Xue Xi said, “There’s something going on here.”

Xiang Huai straightened his tone. “What is it?”

Xue Xi’s words were very simple. “Can you sell your tea to the Li family?”

Everyone: “?”

So direct?!

At least lay the groundwork and say that the Li family was in a difficult position. Mrs. Li came to beg her and she had no choice but to help ask such a question.

She was indeed a child!

As everyone thought this, Mrs. Li became even more anxious. She was afraid that Xiang Huai would be angry and despise Xue Xi for interfering in his business. She anxiously took a step forward and was about to say something to her phone when she heard the other party say, “Sure. I’ll send Qian Xin to discuss it immediately.”

Mrs. Li: “?”

She widened her eyes and looked at Xue Xi’s phone in disbelief. She did not give any reason and it was… decided just like that?

Their whole family had broken their legs from running around and could not even speak to the G.o.d of Fortune Corporation. Yet Xue Xi had settled it with just a simple sentence?

She looked at Xue Xi in shock and saw the young lady say, “Oh, alright. I’ll hang up.”

Her att.i.tude, along with her tone, was cold.

Xiang Huai’s aggrieved voice came from the phone. “Little kid, are you going to just throw me away after using me? You have no conscience.”

Mrs. Li: “…”

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Everyone: “…”

She looked at the time. It was still early for cla.s.s, so she simply stood there and looked at Old Lady Xue.

Old Lady Xue was old and could not put down her pride. Liu Yiqiu said, “Xixi, I didn’t expect Mr. Xiang to think so highly of you. This is really your blessing.”

Xue Xi ignored her.

Liu Yiqiu smiled again and said, “Big Brother, Sister-in-law, we’re here today to apologize. We did something wrong yesterday! We’re all family, so how can we split up? Moreover, the company was painstakingly built by Big Brother, so we can’t let him leave. How can our Xue Gui know how to do business? The Xue family can’t do without Big Brother. Big Brother, when are you coming back to work?”

Xue Sheng frowned. “I’ve already stepped down from the position of chairman. Why should I still go to work?”

Xue Gui knew when to yield and when to stand tall. He knelt down with a bang. “Brother, I was wrong. I was blinded by greed and fought for your position. I really can’t manage the company. You’d better come back. Our parents can’t bear for you to leave!”

Xue Sheng seemed to be moved. “Are you really unable to manage the company?”

Xue Gui’s face lit up. “Yes, I really can’t! Brother, I must give you the position of chairman!”

Ye Li’s heart tightened, afraid that Xue Sheng would be soft-hearted.

She really did not want to return to that house. Just as she was worrying, she heard Xue Sheng say, “Then you can find a professional manager to help you manage the company. In the future, you can just stay at home and wait for the shareholders’ dividends. When Xue Chun comes back in the future, if he has the ability to manage the company, he can take over.”

The moment he said this, Old Lady Xue immediately patted the sofa. “Son, what do you mean? What are you putting on airs for? Yes, I and your brother forced your hand too much yesterday. Are you going to make your mother and father kneel down and kowtow to you in apology before you come back?!”

After saying this, she started crying. “I know that you’ve hooked up with the G.o.d of Fortune Corporation. You’re rich and don’t care about your poor relatives. Do you want to leave us behind and fly alone? Let me tell you, that’s impossible! No matter what, I’m still your mother! Fine, if you don’t want to forgive your parents, your father and I will kneel down to you!”

Just as she was about to stand up, she heard a bang.

The old lady was shocked. She looked ahead in disbelief and saw—

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