Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 281 - Slap in the Face!

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Chapter 281: Slap in the Face!

The entire banquet hall fell silent.

Everyone seemed to have paused and stopped what they were doing.

Xue Sheng stood rooted to the ground in shock, feeling that he had heard wrongly.

Beside him, Gao Yanchen had already stood up and was about to walk over. He thought that if Qian Xin made things difficult for Xiang Huai, he would have to step forward!

The old man could not possibly just watch him offend Qian Xin and would be forced to help Xiang Huai.

Helping Xiang Huai meant helping Sister Xi.

Even so, he had an impatient expression on his face and felt that the boyfriend Sister Xi had found was really troublesome. It was fine if he did not have the ability, but he even offended people everywhere.

Forget it. Who asked Sister Xi to like him?

This impatience froze on his face. His eyes were filled with shock and disbelief.

Liu Yiqiu and Xue Yao widened their eyes and looked at them in disbelief.

Initially, Fan Han had stolen the limelight tonight and the two of them were very satisfied. They felt that they had surpa.s.sed the eldest branch, but now… did Qian Xin and Elder Gao greet the wrong person?

Not only them, but Xue Gui also had this suspicion.

Even the old patriarch had not returned to his senses…

The first to react was Xue Xi.

The moment Qian Xin appeared upstairs, she’d turned to look.

At that time, she was still thinking that she had to protect her boyfriend when he got into trouble. After all, he had been treating her well during this period of time.

However, when she turned around and saw Qian Xin, she was stunned. It was only when Qian Xin had gone downstairs and walked toward them that she suddenly realized—San Jin was that Qian Xin?!

This meant that Xiang Huai and Qian Xin did not fall out at all!

In the provision store, San Jin’s att.i.tude toward Xiang Huai was very respectful. He looked like a subordinate—so who exactly was Xiang Huai?!

Xue Xi was stunned when she heard the word “boss.” She asked in surprise, “Boss?”

Xiang Huai, who was playing with his phone with his head lowered, slowly lifted his head when he heard Qian Xin and Elder Gao’s greeting.

His figure was slender and he looked exceptionally imposing as he sat on the sofa. He’d been the center of attention since earlier, but now, his aura was completely released.

A n.o.ble aura belonging to a superior spread out.

Ignoring Qian Xin and Elder Gao, he first looked at Xue Xi and smiled. “Little kid, are you very shocked?”

Xue Xi: “…”

“You, you, who exactly are you?” Xue Gui asked the doubts in everyone’s hearts and looked at Elder Gao.

Qian Xin might be fake, but Elder Gao was real!

The Gao family was the wealthiest family in Bin City. At this moment, even Elder Gao was standing in front of Xiang Huai…

Xiang Huai did not answer this question, but Qian Xin automatically stood up and said in a northeastern accent, “You don’t know? Are you deaf? Didn’t you hear me call him boss?”

Xue Gui: “?”

However, Elder Gao slowly said, “This is Mr. Xiang, the founder of the G.o.d of Fortune Corporation. However, he rarely manages things. Now, he has given the G.o.d of Fortune Corporation to Qian Xin and has retreated to the back.”


The founder of the G.o.d of Fortune Corporation??

Everyone present gulped and looked at Xiang Huai in disbelief!

He looked like he was only in his twenties. The G.o.d of Fortune Corporation had risen to prominence a few years ago. He had businesses all over the country, but no one knew what they were. They were all relatively private.

Take Bin City for example—all the Gao family’s a.s.sets belonged to the G.o.d of Fortune Corporation.

It might belong to the Gao family now, but once Qian Xin needed money, the Gao family would take out all their cash without hesitation!

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The Gao family was just a huge city in Huaxia. There were countless enterprises in the entire country that belonged to the G.o.d of Fortune Corporation!

Xue Sheng said, “We’ll talk about the new company tomorrow… Let’s go back first.”

Xue Sheng had been about to slow down when his son-in-law, who had been derided for having a lowly career, suddenly became unreachable. He had yet to recover from his shock!

He should have been angry and furious. He should have chided Xiang Huai for lying to them, but at the same time, he felt fortunate. If it were not for Xiang Huai, he would not have been able to see the true colors of Old Master Xue and the Xue family!

At this moment, Xue Sheng had mixed feelings!

While everyone was waiting for Xiang Huai’s actions, he took the initiative to take a step back and make way for Xue Sheng. He even gestured for him to walk in front.

After Xue Sheng walked over in a daze, Ye Li followed behind him. Xiang Huai and Xue Xi then walked over. Behind them, Qian Xin and Elder Gao followed.

After leaving the banquet and reaching the parking lot, Xue Sheng would occasionally turn around and see the most impressive person in Bin City, Elder Gao, behind him. He suddenly felt a sense of vanity and his resentment toward his son-in-law disappeared.

Old Master Xue did not dare to stop them and could only watch them leave in a daze.

When the fleet of cars disappeared from the Xue family’s house, the Xue family’s phone rang.

Stunned, Liu Yiqiu walked over to answer the call. Opposite her was Fan Han’s mother.

At the end of the banquet, in order to show off, Liu Yiqiu had especially told Mrs. Fan that Xue Sheng was about to step down and that the entire company’s shares would be given to their family.

Mrs. Fan was very concerned about this matter and asked, “Did the meeting go smoothly? Has Xue Sheng really resigned?”

Liu Yiqiu said in a daze, “He resigned.”

“That’s good!”

Mrs. Fan congratulated them by saying, “Congratulations! Now that the main family is gone, Xue Xi’s gigolo can forget about offending Qian Xin! Going forward, the Xue family will prosper!”

Liu Yiqiu: “…”

“You guys have finally gotten rid of this burden. You don’t know, but rumors have been spreading recently. Many people have asked about our family and said that they’re concerned about your situation. I was originally worried, but now, I can rest a.s.sured and prepare for Fan Han and Yaoyao’s engagement banquet!”

After saying this, Mrs. Fan asked nosily, “By the way, when we left, Qian Xin was still around. How did he deal with that gigolo?”

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