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Young Master Yan

Chapter 280 - Falling! Falling!

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Chapter 280: Falling! Falling!

Old Master Xue was stunned and hurriedly asked, “Is he busy? Or is he waiting for someone to apologize?”

The butler said, “No, he seems to be discussing something with Elder Gao. He’s in the mood to talk, so he hasn’t left yet. Elder Gao even said that we don’t need to worry about them.”

How could he not worry!

However, he still had to settle these matters at home.

Qian Xin and Elder Gao were people they could not afford to offend. Old Master Xue decided to listen to them and get down to business first.

There were a lot of people left behind. The meeting room upstairs was not big enough, so they decided to stay in the hall downstairs and everyone sat down on the sofa.

Over the years, there had been more than twenty executives and shareholders in the Maosheng Group.

Old Master Xue held on to hope and asked, “Son, are you sure you want to announce it?”

He did not want Xue Sheng to leave.

Be it in terms of abilities or feelings, this was his first son. He had kinship with Xue Sheng. Who did not love their own child?

However, in the face of benefits, some things could be abandoned.

His thinking was too conservative. He only wanted the Maosheng Group to be surnamed Xue and not be married off with Xue Xi…

Xue Sheng did not wait for him to speak and said, “I’ve decided to step down from the position of chairman and let Xue Gui take over.”

The executives and directors looked at him in disbelief.

The men were chatting. Ye Li brought Xue Xi, Liu Yiqiu, and Xue Yao while the four of them served the remaining women.

The old patriarch’s voice was a little loud, so they heard it.

The ladies did not know anything and started congratulating Liu Yiqiu. Some of them looked at Ye Li with pity.

It was fine if the son-in-law she found was inferior to Liu Yiqiu’s son-in-law, but now, her husband was not even the chairman. How pitiful.

Xue Yao’s eyes darted around and she sighed. “Sister, look at this. If you just let your boyfriend apologize to Qian Xin, wouldn’t it be fine after they shake hands and make peace? Now, Uncle has resigned because of this!”

Her words made Xue Xi feel unfilial.

This also made everyone think that Xue Sheng had been dismissed because no one dared to speak.

Xue Xi could not be bothered with her. She turned to look at Xiang Huai, only to see him lazily playing with his phone.

Xiang Huai was chatting on his phone.

Qian Xin: “Boss, can I go downstairs now?”

X: “Wait a while more.”

Qian Xin: “… Okay.”

Seeing that he did as he pleased and did not seem to have any intention of apologizing, Xue Yao pouted and said, “Sister, look at him. He’s so thick-skinned and sloppy. Those who don’t know might think that he’s a hooligan!”

After saying that, she suddenly realized. “Right, he’s the boss of a provision store!”

A provision store owner, a hooligan…

These two words were completely belittling Xiang Huai.

Xue Yanmei, who had also stayed behind, said, “Xue Xi, although this gigolo is good-looking, why is he always causing trouble for the family? Your eyesight is too poor. If you want to find someone, you should find someone like Fan Han! What’s the use of finding someone who’s pretty much a decorative vase?!”

Unfortunately, Xue Xi acted as though she did not hear them and also picked up her phone to play.

Seeing her att.i.tude, Xue Yao pouted.

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Old Master Xue and Xue Sheng briefly explained the situation. In the end, Xue Sheng said to those people, “This is the situation now. I’ve decided to leave the company and start a new business. Hence, those who want to follow me can stand up.”

Old Master Xue felt that he had gone overboard and chided him.

Xue Gui said, “Dad, I’m just speaking the truth! He can either make his son-in-law lick Qian Xin like a dog, or he’ll be in trouble! Am I wrong?!”

The moment he said this, the door upstairs suddenly opened and Elder Gao’s voice sounded. “Mr. Qian, go ahead first!”

The people downstairs instantly stood up and looked at the second floor.

Qian Xin was wearing an official suit. The burly man said in a northeastern accent, “That fruit was delicious just now. Old Gao, send me some!”

Elder Gao smiled. “No problem!”

The two of them chatted as they went downstairs.

Old Master Xue hurriedly welcomed him and shouted, “Elder Gao, Mr. Qian…”

The two of them did not look at him. Instead, they walked toward Xiang Huai, who was casually sitting beside Xue Xi.

Old Master Xue panicked. He looked at Xue Sheng and saw the same worry in his eyes.

Only Xue Gui was gloating. He even said to Xue Sheng and the shareholders, “Do you see that? He rushed over the moment he came downstairs. How big is this conflict?! Let me tell you, even if you regret it now, it’s too late! Leave! Follow your boss!”

The few elders did not hesitate.

Xue Sheng strode toward Xiang Huai.

He had to protect his daughter and son-in-law!


Just as he walked over and was about to say something, he saw Qian Xin and Elder Gao suddenly stand up and bow to Xiang Huai. “Boss.”



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