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Young Master Yan

Chapter 279 - Xiang Huai's Little Idol Has Fallen (13)

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Chapter 279: Xiang Huai’s Little Idol Has Fallen (13)

“Shut up!”

Old Master Xue said angrily, “Today is my birthday. Let’s go back and entertain the guests! We’ll talk about everything after the banquet is over!”

The old lady pouted.

Xue Sheng turned around and walked toward the banquet hall.

Seeing his resolute expression, Old Master Xue knew that this matter was probably final. He lowered his head in disappointment.

Xue Xi and Xiang Huai followed behind Xue Sheng. As they looked at Xue Sheng’s back, Xue Xi seemed to feel his pain and helplessness and felt a little depressed.

However, Xiang Huai suddenly turned his head and said, “Our father is really formidable.”

Xue Xi: “?”

Who is your father?!

Just as she was about to frown, she suddenly heard his next words. “The Xue family’s company is probably not worth much, so he doesn’t want his shares anymore, but he wants to take his people away. In this day and age, talents are more valuable than shares.”

Xue Xi suddenly understood.

When Xue Sheng said that he did not want the shares, she was actually feeling indignant for her father. What right did they have to force him to give up the fruits of half his life just like that?

So that’s what happened!

She glanced at Xiang Huai and realized that this person was very thoughtful when it came to judging others. He seemed to be really outstanding.

Logically speaking, such a person should be very formidable as a businessman. Why was he chased out by Qian Xin?

In front, Xue Sheng looked as though nothing had happened, but Ye Li, who was holding his hand, could feel her husband’s frustration.

Ye Li patted his hand and said, “It’s fine. Our family doesn’t lack money. I can provide for you by painting.”

Xue Sheng was stunned. His eyes, which were fine earlier, turned red.

Ye Li hurriedly comforted him softly, “You’ve taken care of me for eighteen years. It’s time for me to take care of you now. Moreover, although you don’t want the shares anymore, you still have money on hand. Our family is not poor!”

Xue Sheng smiled. “I want to build a company that belongs to our family.”

Ye Li paused and said, “Alright, I still have some money on hand. I can give it to you.”

This unconditional trust warmed Xue Sheng’s heart.

He joked, “Aren’t you afraid that I’ll lose everything?”

Ye Li pouted. “If you run out of money, we’ll eat steamed buns together. You’ve always told me about your entrepreneurship, but I’ve never experienced it with you. We can start over again.”

Xue Sheng held her hand.

He said in a low voice, “I’ll go talk to the seniors in the company.”

Ye Li: “I’ll accompany you!”

As the two of them chatted, they held hands and went to chat with the company’s old men, forgetting about Xue Xi.

Xue Xi: “…”

The corners of her lips twitched when she suddenly heard a voice. “Sister Xi!”

Turning around, he saw Little Flame and the rest walking over. When Gao Yanchen saw Xiang Huai, he coughed and shot a glance to the side.

Xiang Huai followed him and saw Gao Yanchen take out a gift box from his pocket and place it in his hand. “You didn’t prepare a gift for the old patriarch, right? This is a Buddha Bead. It’s very expensive, and the gift is just right.”

Xiang Huai: “?”

After saying that, Gao Yanchen stood up on purpose. “Only you and I know about this. Don’t worry, I won’t tell Sister Xi.”

Xiang Huai: “…”

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Gao Yanchen, who had always been quiet, could not help but say, “Don’t be embarra.s.sed to accept it. If the gift you gave was too shabby, it’d be a disgrace to Sister Xi! Do you understand?”

The guests gathered in groups of two or three.

Xue Sheng had already found a few elders and informed them that he wanted to leave. He asked if the other party was with him, and everyone expressed that they would think about it.

On Old Master Xue’s side, he also sent a message to the executives in the company, asking them to stay after the birthday banquet as he was going to announce something.

He wanted these people to force Xue Sheng to stay.

Following that, Fan Han gave him a huge gift—a very famous and expensive tea set.

Old Master Xue’s face lit up as he praised him.

The people below surrounded Liu Yiqiu and praised Fan Han. Someone even asked Ye Li, “I wonder what gift Eldest Young Mistress’s boyfriend gave him?”

Ye Li did not want to compare herself to everyone and did not have any intention of replying. She merely said calmly, “He’s just a boyfriend and has yet to be engaged. How can we ask him to prepare a gift?”

Her words brought up the topic of mockery.

When Ye Li left, the few people surrounding Liu Yiqiu could not help but say, “A gigolo probably doesn’t have money, right? Some people are afraid of being compared to others. Look at Fan Han. What an outstanding talent! He has a promising future!”

Xue Yao felt honored to be praised. She felt proud!

There was finally someone who could compare to Xue Xi!

Moreover, she had just heard from her mother that Xue Sheng had given up on the company’s shares and was going to leave with nothing? In that case, the Xue family home would be hers from now on!

She no longer needed to look at her uncle’s face!

Although the Xue family’s development was not bad, everyone would say that she was from the second branch when she was mentioned. The Xue family’s chairman was the first branch, and after they separated, their Xue family would have even less status.

She did not expect good things to come so quickly!

She had become the real Xue family’s young mistress!

She was very arrogant during this banquet.

After the banquet ended and everyone left, Old Master Xue was about to settle the company’s matters when the butler came to tell him, “Qian Xin hasn’t left yet!”

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