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Young Master Yan

Chapter 277 - Xiang Huai's Little Idol Has Fallen (11)

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Chapter 277: Xiang Huai’s Little Idol Has Fallen (11)

Xiao Song was a very resourceful person. She was good at her work and had quite a reputation in the company.

Since she said this, she must have evidence.

Xue Gui had no doubts about this!

He gulped in shock and shouted, “Secretary Xiao Song, you, you can’t do this! Let me tell you, even if you produce evidence, I, I will make you lose your job! I will spread what you did in the company and make you lose your job!”

Xiao Song lowered her eyes. She suddenly felt that she had made a huge mistake.

Xue Gui was indeed easy to control, but such a person had no bottom line. When it came to everything, he could not be compared to Xue Sheng!

For example, he actually dared to threaten her, which was not as useful as Xue Sheng’s soft tactics.

A hint of mockery flashed across her eyes, but she did not speak.

Xue Gui’s words had exposed everything.

Xiao Song looked at Xue Sheng. Seeing him sigh, she said, “I’m going now!”

Xue Sheng nodded. “Put your resignation letter on my desk tomorrow.”

After that, she bowed to Xue Sheng.

Actually, she had always felt that she had let Xue Sheng down. Now that she had finally failed, she heaved a sigh of relief.

She was grateful for Xue Sheng’s nurturing over the years.

After Xiao Song left, Xue Sheng looked at the old patriarch. “Dad, what do you think?”

Although Xue Sheng was the chairman, the old patriarch still had the final say in the company’s matters.

Xue Sheng’s eyes were resolute. “Dad, ever since I took over the company, you’ve seen everything that happened. I’m sure you know better than I do how my brother has been causing trouble for me.”

There were many old people in the company, and Old Master Xue had many informers.

Xue Sheng looked at Xue Gui. “I thought that he was just giving me something to do and spreading rumors. I didn’t expect him to actually interfere with the project! You know better than I do how important it is for the company to be able to open up the overseas market!”

Although Steve was the first foreign client they were collaborating with, he definitely had a partner overseas. If they widened this opening, they could make a living.

Everything was hard at the start, and this was the goal.

However, he did not expect Xue Gui to dare to interfere at such a crucial moment in the company’s future development.

Old Master Xue looked at Xue Gui and asked, “How do you intend to deal with him?”

Xue Sheng said, “Let him resign and be a rich and idle person at home!”

Before Old Master Xue could speak, Xue Gui shouted, “No! If I leave the company, won’t the company be in your hands in the future?! Xue Sheng, I know that you’ve long wanted to kick me away. Didn’t I just do some bad things? What’s wrong with that?! Can this little bad thing I did be worse than what you’ve done?”

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He pointed at Xiang Huai and said, “Our company can clearly develop in the country. Why must we develop overseas? It’s because he offended Qian Xin! Hence, all the other companies don’t dare to cooperate with us!

Xue Chun was Xue Gui’s son and had been studying overseas. Xue Xi had never seen him before.

The old patriarch gulped and nervously said, “Son, listen to me. Xue Chun is my grandson. I’ll only be at ease if you manage the company. Your younger brother can’t be trusted with that! However, in the future, I hope that you can hand the company to Xue Chun, but I won’t mistreat Xue Xi. Her company shares will be converted into money, or she can just bring the shares when she marries someone else and enjoy the dividends…”

Xue Sheng smiled bitterly.

He took a step back. “So, in the end, I’m just an employee?!”

No wonder. No wonder that even though the old patriarch knew that the second branch was unreliable, he did not make them leave the company. No wonder the old patriarch, who clearly did not like Old Lady Xue, still stayed in the old mansion and would not come over. Although he never said it, he actually had the same thoughts as the old lady.

He, Xue Sheng, did not have a son and would not inherit!

To the two elders, Xue Gui was the foundation!

Back then, the old lady had spoken maliciously. When he suggested splitting up, he had also been sad, but he had never been as desperate as he was now.

And now…

Old Master Xue explained, “Son, listen to me. Xue Xi is not a businessman. She will definitely have to hand it to someone else in the future. Instead of handing it to an outsider, why can’t she hand it to Xue Chun? After all, Xue Chun will have half of the company’s shares!”

Xue Sheng smiled bitterly.

He had worked hard for half his life and led his family to build the Maosheng Group. For the sake of the family’s harmony, Xue Sheng had never cared about the gains and losses, but in the end…

His daughter could only get some money, but the company was to be left in its entirety to Xue Chun?

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