Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 276 - Xiang Huai's Little Idol Has Fallen (10)

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Chapter 276: Xiang Huai’s Little Idol Has Fallen (10)

Everyone present was stunned and looked at him in disbelief.

Xiao Song’s pupils constricted and her face turned as pale as a sheet.

As Xiang Huai spoke, he took a step forward and walked up to the two Italian people. He started a simple conversation with them. “I’m sorry. My girlfriend stopped you because something has changed.”

Steve was stunned and replied, “What changed?”

Xiang Huai smiled. He placed one hand in his pocket and casually adjusted his tie with his other hand. The tall man was taller than the two Italian men. His voice was slightly magnetic and exuded an indescribable aristocratic aura. “May I ask if you guys are unwilling to cooperate because of the shipping fee?”

Steve paused and nodded. “Of course. To us, the shipping fee is an unacceptable sum.”

Xiang Huai smiled. “Then if CEO Xue is willing to bear the shipping fee, will you agree?”

Steve nodded. “Yes!”

After stabilizing the two of them, Xiang Huai turned to look at Xue Sheng and slowly said, “Uncle, Steve said that this collaboration did not succeed because you were unwilling to bear the shipping fee. To them, the shipping fee is a huge expense.”

Xue Sheng was stunned when he heard this. “But I was saying that the shipping fee will be borne by the Maosheng Group!”

Xiang Huai shot a glance at Xiao Song and finally turned to look at Xue Xi. There was a look of admiration on her face. He did not speak and stood beside Xue Xi.

His meaning was clear. He supported Xue Xi’s words.

Who was Xue Sheng? He quickly understood what Xiang Huai meant and was stunned. He suddenly turned to look at Xiao Song. “You…”

When Xiao Song saw this, her eyes darted around and she hurriedly said, “That’s not it, CEO Xue. There’s definitely no problem with my translation. What I said just now was that our company will bear the transport fees!”

Just as she said this, a recording was played one after another.

Everyone turned their heads in unison and saw Xue Xi and Xiang Huai take out their phones at the same time and play the recordings.

The two of them were also stunned. Xiang Huai quickly pressed the pause b.u.t.ton, leaving only Xue Xi’s phone playing the recording from the negotiation.

As the two of them looked at each other, Xiang Huai asked in a low voice, “You recorded it too?”

A glint flashed across Xue Xi’s misty eyes and she said proudly, “Of course.”

Seeing that she was a little smug, Xiang Huai chuckled.

Xue Xi imitated him and said, “So you know how to speak Italian.”

Xiang Huai: “Of course. I don’t only know how to date.”

Xue Xi: “…”

Would he never let her forget that?!

However, on careful thought, Xiang Huai knew how to play games, do math questions, and speak Italian. He was indeed not ordinary.

Just as she was letting her imagination run wild, the recording on her phone ended.

Xue Xi put away her phone and looked at Xiao Song indifferently. “If you still insist that I’ve wronged you, can we find someone else who knows Italian to help translate it?”

What else was there to translate?

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Xiao Song knew that she had been exposed. She bit her lip and sneered. “Yes, this is indeed my mistake. The translation is wrong. CEO Xue, let me leave now.”

Old Master Xue widened his eyes and looked at him in disbelief.

Xue Gui immediately shouted, “Don’t slander me!”

Liu Yiqiu also hurriedly shouted, “Yes, when you opened your mouth, do you mean that it’s this CEO Xue? Then I can still say that you’re slandering him! Mom, you must not believe her. She’s here to tear apart their brotherly relationship!”

After saying that, she turned to look at Xue Xi and Xue Sheng. “And you guys. This might just be a scene you staged!”

Old Lady Xue was biased toward her second son for no reason. She immediately shouted, “Son, why are you listening to such a person? Don’t tell me you really intend to use this matter to force your younger brother away?”

Xue Sheng looked at this scene and smiled.

When Xue Gui was being aggressive just now, why did none of them speak up for him?

The old lady always said that he only had his immediate family in his heart and no one else…

However, when he was in trouble, the only ones standing behind him were Xue Xi and Ye Li!

He looked at Old Master Xue. “Dad, what do you think?”

The old man’s eyes flickered as he continued to mediate. “There is no evidence for this matter. Son, since we have already figured out Mr. Steve’s matter and the contract can be negotiated, let’s forget about it… This Xiao Song betrayed you first, and now she is biting Xue Gui. She is not a good person. We can’t trust her completely!”

Xue Gui nodded. “Yes, Dad, Big Brother. You have to believe me. How can I harm the company?”

Old Lady Xue scolded Xiao Song, “You’re a bad person. In ancient times, it was always emphasized that a woman should not marry a second husband, but you’re a fence sitter! Boss, you should send this person to jail!”

The moment she said this, Xiao Song sneered. “CEO Xue, do you think I don’t have any evidence?”

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