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Young Master Yan

Chapter 273 - Xiang Huai's Little Idol Has Fallen (7)

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Chapter 273: Xiang Huai’s Little Idol Has Fallen (7)

The two Italian people shrugged and pretended to be helpless. In the end, they said, “Okay, goodbye.”

Xiao Song translated for Xue Sheng. “Mr. Xue, they don’t seem to be willing to tell us the reason. They only said that we’ll talk next time.”

Chat again next time?

Xue Sheng was even more stunned!

Were they not doing business with them anymore?

How did it suddenly become like this?

One had to know that when Xue Sheng was discussing this project, someone in the company had raised objections and said that it was impossible to achieve.

Xue Sheng felt that if he did not take a gamble, who would know the results?

He was just waiting to use this project to slap the faces of those who flaunted their seniority in the company! They were clearly fine a few days ago and had already discussed the price. Today, they could sign the contract, so how could they collapse just like that?

His eyes widened as he watched the two of them walk out.

He did not know how to explain due to the language barrier, so he said to Xiao Song, “Xiao Song, quickly send them off and ask them why!”

Xiao Song nodded. “Okay.”

Seeing Xiao Song chase after the two Italian people, Xiang Huai suddenly said, “I’ll follow them too.”

Xue Sheng nodded anxiously.

After Xiang Huai and Xiao Song had left, Xue Xi comforted Xue Sheng. “Dad, this deal hasn’t been settled yet. There’s still another deal. Don’t be anxious.”

Xue Sheng shot a glance at Xue Xi. His daughter did not know how difficult it was for him to manage the entire company. His brother’s men and the old patriarch’s men were all inside, so it would not be good for him to be a generous layman the moment he took over. He had to make some real earnings in order to convince those people.

However, if even the fat meat that was about to reach his mouth flew away, what else could he do?

Xue Sheng frowned.

Xue Xi quietly followed behind Xiang Huai. The two of them followed Xiao Song and accompanied the two Italian people to the parking lot.

Xiao Song invited him in Italian. “Even if you can’t get a deal, you can stay for a drink.”

The two Italian people shook their heads. “No need. Our time is very precious. We originally thought that CEO Xue was a generous person, but we didn’t expect him to be so stingy in terms of transportation fees!”

Xiao Song sighed. “CEO Xue is also considering the cost.”

The two Italian people looked at each other. “Is it that impossible?”

Xiao Song shook her head.

The two sighed.

When the Italian people started walking toward the parking lot, Xiao Song turned around and walked toward the banquet venue. The moment she turned her head, the lights in the brightly lit and noisy banquet hall shone on her face through the window, making her smile look so strange.

There was a problem.

Xue Xi’s pupils constricted. Her instincts told her that this Xiao Song must have been bribed. When she called, that “CEO Xue”… was it referring to Xue Gui?

At this moment, the two Italian people drove and were about to leave.

If they were to leave just like that, this deal would definitely be canceled. Although Xue Xi did not know much about this, she could tell from Xue Sheng’s eyes that this deal was very important.

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Without thinking, she rushed to the front of the two Italians’ car!

When Xue Xi heard this, she lowered her eyes and said in an affirmative tone, “There’s a problem with your translation.”

Xiao Song was stunned and panicked.

However, she calmed down very quickly and said, “Missy, what do you mean? Do you think I’m causing trouble? I’ve been with CEO Xue for six years and he trusts me very much! Moreover, I’m proficient in eight languages and there have never been any problems. If you suspect me, you can go look for your father! Otherwise, I’ll call him now and get him to come over.”

After saying that, Xiao Song’s eyes turned red. She picked up her phone and was about to call Xue Sheng to scare Xue Xi.

However, when she turned around, she saw Xue Xi looking at her calmly.

Xiao Song panicked.

At this moment, a voice sounded. “What are you guys doing here?”

It was Xue Gui.

Xiao Song heaved a sigh of relief and shouted aggrievedly, “CEO Xue, you have to help me! Missy wronged me!”

Xue Gui walked over and chided Xue Xi as though she was an elder. “Xue Xi, don’t mess around here. Hurry up and leave. How can you be like this? You won’t let anyone leave if you can’t settle the business? You’re simply embarra.s.sing our Xue family!”

Before Xue Xi could speak, Xue Sheng helped Old Master Xue over.

The business deal was not settled, and Xue Sheng’s heart felt a little heavy. He had originally wanted to chase after them to ask for the reason, but he did not expect to into Old Master Xue, who had just sent Qian Xin and Elder Gao to the VIP room.

The old patriarch was also very concerned about the company’s matters. When he heard this, he hurriedly followed over, wanting to see what was going on.

Now that the guests had arrived and even Qian Xin, who was the most important, was here, there were no outsiders in the parking lot for the time being.

Xue Gui was currently scolding Xue Xi. “No wonder your aunt said that you’re rude and that you’re too careless when doing things. Even if you grew up in an orphanage, you should not be the kind of person who does things like this! If the collaboration doesn’t work out, you’ll detain the guests? Is this a business strategy that Big Brother taught you?!”

When Xue Sheng walked over, Xue Gui still acted high and mighty. He even started reprimanding his elder brother. “Big Brother, it’s not that I want to criticize you, but you’re spoiling the child too much! If this continues, she’ll simply be lawless! If I were you, I would lock her up at home and whip her ruthlessly!”

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