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Young Master Yan

Chapter 272 - Xiang Huai's Little Idol Has Fallen (6)

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Chapter 272: Xiang Huai’s Little Idol Has Fallen (6)

When Old Master Xue heard this, he suddenly stood up and was about to walk to the door. After taking two steps, he turned around and saw Xue Sheng and Xiang Huai following him. Thinking of what Xiang Huai had just said, Old Master Xue coughed and said to Xue Sheng, “Take Xiao Xiang and settle some other matters first. I’ll go welcome Elder Gao and Qian Xin!”

Looking at Xiang Huai, he saw that it was impossible for him to lower his head to Qian Xin. He did not want the two of them to fight!

Xue Sheng had the same thoughts.

When Xiang Huai said that he did not need to lower his head, the coldness around him gave Xue Sheng a shock. Hence, when he heard Old Master Xue’s words, he immediately said, “Okay.”

He was also worried that the consequences would be serious if he angered Qian Xin.

Xue Gui shot them a glance and said, “By the way, Brother, didn’t you say that the company is discussing an overseas project? I just saw Steve and the rest coming. Do you want to go entertain them and have a chat? Didn’t you say that they were going to sign the contract tonight?”

Xue Sheng nodded.

Xue Gui was also working in the company. Their small group had actually been quite difficult recently because the manufacturing industry was getting into more and more difficulty.

Xue Sheng had opened up an overseas channel and planned to export the products they produced. This was also the best project in the company of late.

It was also Xue Sheng’s first project after he took over. It could provide fresh blood to the company.

For Old Master Xue’s birthday banquet, he’d handed the other party an invitation.

Hence, when he heard Xue Gui’s words, Xue Sheng nodded. “Mhm. I’ll go entertain Steve first.”

Old Master Xue brought Xue Gui out to welcome Elder Gao and Qian Xin to the VIP room to rest.

Someone like Qian Xin would definitely not want to meet many unimportant people.

Before Old Master Xue left, he whispered to Xue Sheng, “Persuade him well. Don’t let good things become bad!”

Xue Sheng nodded.

On the other side, after parting with Old Master Xue, Xue Sheng could not help but say to Xiang Huai, “Young people are so arrogant. Didn’t you also say that you have no grudges with Qian Xin?”

Xiang Huai said calmly, “I’m me. Xixi is Xixi. I can’t let her lower her head.”

These words had hit the nail on the head. When the old patriarch had asked Xue Xi to lower her head to Ms. Qian, Xue Sheng too had been unwilling!

He nodded. “Alright, we’ll talk later. I’m going to meet an Italian guest. You guys can come with me!”

Xue Xi also nodded.

Xue Sheng wanted to bring his daughter and future son-in-law to see the world. After all, his daughter only knew how to study every day and had never seen how to do business.

After saying that, he made a call.

After a while, a woman in her thirties walked over. “Mr. Xue!”

Xue Sheng nodded and introduced her to Xue Xi. “This is my secretary. She is proficient in eight languages and is also the translator for our project, Xiao Song.”

The person named Xiao Song was average-looking, but she had a good figure. She politely nodded at Xue Xi. “h.e.l.lo, Ms. Xue.”

Xue Xi also nodded at her.

The four of them took two steps to the side and a butler walked over. “Sir, Mr. Steve has been invited to the guest room.”

Xue Sheng nodded.

Just as they were about to enter, Xiao Song’s phone suddenly rang.

She smiled apologetically at Xue Sheng and walked to the side to answer the call.

Xue Xi’s ears had always been sensitive, so even though Xiao Song was far away, she still heard her say in a low voice, “CEO Xue.”

CEO Xue?

Xue Xi paused and her footsteps became lighter.

She wanted to listen to what she had to say in detail, but Xiao Song took a few steps back and could no longer be heard.

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Xue Sheng did not mind, but Xiang Huai narrowed his eyes and suddenly asked, “What do you want to drink?”

Since Xue Xi could not understand, Xiao Song explained, “They said that they’ll stay with Old Master Xue for his birthday first.”

Xue Sheng smiled and pointed at the sofa. “Yes.”

Xiao Song’s Italian was very fluent. The two of them sat on the sofa. After exchanging a few pleasantries, the Italian cut to the chase. “Mr. Xue, may I ask if you guys can bear part of the delivery fee since it’s a little too expensive?”

Xiao Song translated this sentence.

Xue Sheng instantly smiled. “Our Chinese express delivery industry is very developed. The transport fee is very cheap. You don’t have to worry about this. Our company will take care of it!”

He then turned to look at Xiao Song.

Xiao Song smiled and looked at the two Italian people confidently. She slowly said, “CEO Xue said that our products have already surpa.s.sed the lowest price. I’m afraid that you guys will have to bear all the expenses and not share a portion.”

The moment she said this, the two Italian people looked at each other and communicated in Italian. “But the transport fee is too expensive. We can’t afford it.”

“Yes. If that’s the case, we can’t earn money from this business.”

“Oh my G.o.d, I thought that CEO Xue was a generous person. Looks like we can have no profit with this business.”

When the two of them said this, a smug look appeared in Xiao Song’s eyes.

Xiang Huai narrowed his eyes.

In the end, Steve stood up. “Sorry, I’m afraid this condition won’t do.”

Seeing how polite he was, Xue Sheng also smiled. He extended his hand and looked at Xiao Song, waiting for her explanation. “Mr. Xue, Mr. Steve said that they still have to reconsider.”

Thinking about it again, it meant that this business might not succeed.

Xue Sheng hurriedly asked humbly, “Mr. Steve, may I ask where the problem is?”

Xiao Song translated to the two Italian people: “Then, let’s look forward to our next cooperation!”

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