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Young Master Yan

Chapter 271 - Xiang Huai's Little Idol Has Fallen (5)

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Chapter 271: Xiang Huai’s Little Idol Has Fallen (5)

Qian Zheng looked at Xue Xi and held it in for a long time before saying, “Sister Xi, your family… is sick!”

Liu Yiqiu and Xue Yao were stunned.

Qian Zheng pointed at them and started scolding them. “I’m begging you. Can you let me and Sister Xi talk quietly for a while? Don’t keep adding scenes for yourself here!”

Xue Yao was stunned. “Ms. Qian, I… I just saw my sister ignoring you…”

“She has been paying attention to me!” Qian Zheng said. “Didn’t you see her nodding and shaking her head?!”

Xue Yao: “?”

Qian Zheng naturally understood that Xue Xi did not speak much. Some people were like this, but this did not stop them from communicating. When she spoke, Xue Xi was listening to her attentively. The two of them got along very well.

Qian Zheng continued, “Can’t we just do it like this?”

Xue Yao: “!!!”

Seeing this, Liu Yiqiu was afraid that she would make things worse at the banquet. She hurriedly looked at Xue Xi and said warningly, “So it’s all a misunderstanding. Yaoyao is just too hot-tempered. She was afraid that with your personality, you won’t entertain guests well. Since Ms. Qian feels that it’s fine, then it’s fine. I hope that Ms. Qian can feel welcomed as a guest!”

These words made Qian Zheng recall that they were at a birthday banquet.

Old Master Xue was Xue Xi’s grandfather after all. If she continued to scold them, she would embarra.s.s Xue Xi.

Only then did Qian Zheng suppress her anger and sit beside Xue Xi.

Xue Yao’s face turned red from Qian Zheng’s scolding. She could not stay any longer and turned around to leave with reddened eyes.

Sun Ruoruo, on the other hand, was careless. Seeing this situation, she asked, “Ms. Qian, isn’t your brother, Qian Xin, not on good terms with Xue Xi’s gigolo? Why are you still on such good terms with her?”

Sun Ruoruo’s question was straightforward, but it also revealed everyone’s thoughts.

Qian Zheng was stunned.

Her brother and the boss did not get along?

What kind of rumor was this?!

The corners of her lips twitched. Before she knew what her boss and brother were planning, she could not expose anything. Hence, she pretended to smile deeply and said, “I don’t care about that. I only know that Sister Xi and I hit it off right from the start. She is my biological sister!”

The rest: “…”

After Xue Xi and Qian Zheng had chatted for a while, Gao Yanchen brought a few members of the Roaring Flame Society over and Xue Xi went to entertain them.

When she arrived, Gao Yanchen was playing games. He had put on his headphones and was speaking to the person on the line. “Brother.”

Feng Yan’s voice came from the other end. “Go.”

Hence, Gao Yanchen, a marksman, rushed forward. After the first round, his lips curled up slightly and his eyes jumped. “We won.”

Feng Yan: “Another round?”

Gao Yanchen looked up and saw Xue Xi walking over. He immediately said, “No. I have to read some books. Otherwise, I won’t be able to answer Sister Xi’s questions tomorrow.”

The other party paused. After a while, Feng Yan smiled. “Mhm, then study hard.”

After hanging up and leaving the game, Gao Yanchen greeted Xue Xi.

Just as he was about to say something, Xue Xi said, “I’ve already sent you the knowledge points. We’ll check them tomorrow morning.”

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Gao Yanchen: “?? Sister Xi, it’s a banquet tonight!”

Xiang Huai raised an eyebrow. Although he did not want to be separated from the little kid, he still walked over. “Uncle.”

Seeing that Old Master Xue was there, Xue Xi was afraid that Xiang Huai would be put in a spot. She thought for a while and followed him.

Just as she walked over, she heard Old Master Xue say, “Xiao Xiang, right? Qian Xin will come later. When the time comes, everyone will meet. Elder Gao will be with us as an intermediary. When the time comes, lower your head and apologize. Shake hands with Qian Xin and make peace!”

Before Xiang Huai came, he did not know that this would happen. Hence, when he heard this, he raised an eyebrow. “You called me here because of this?”

Old Master Xue nodded. “Yes.”

Xiang Huai narrowed his eyes. Before he could speak, Liu Yiqiu suddenly walked over and complained, “Dad, Xixi is too much of a troublemaker. Even when Ms. Qian spoke to her, she ignored her. Yaoyao reminded her to be more kind and even made Ms. Qian angry.”

Old Master Xue frowned and looked at Xue Xi, who was slowly walking over. He said, “Xixi, you should treat Ms. Qian better. Otherwise, if you anger her, how are we going to make peace when Qian Xin comes?”

Xiang Huai raised an eyebrow when he heard this.

It was fine that these people looked down on him, but they actually wanted the little kid to lower her head?

His expression instantly turned cold as he said, “There’s no need for that.”

Old Master Xue paused and was a little angry. “What do you mean?”

Xiang Huai had always been a proud and aloof person. He had deliberately tried to curry favor with Xue Sheng, which made Xue Sheng feel that he was easy to get close to. However, at this moment, he was filled with coldness as he said word by word, “What I mean is that you don’t have to lower your head to Qian Xin.”

He had hidden his ident.i.ty just to keep things peaceful.

It was not so the little kid would suffer with him.

Hence, it was time to erase the term “gigolo.”

Just as he said this, Xue Gui jogged over. “Qian Xin and Elder Gao are here!”

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