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Young Master Yan

Chapter 270 - Xiang Huai's Little Idol Has Fallen (4)

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Chapter 270: Xiang Huai’s Little Idol Has Fallen (4)

Displeasure flashed across Liu Yiqiu’s eyes.

Why did Xue Yao bring Qian Zheng here?

However, she still said on the surface, “Look, Yaoyao brought Ms. Qian over. Sister-in-law, that’s Ms. Qian. Have Xixi cater to her so that she can speak to Qian Xin later!”

Xue Xi: “?”

This person had a cold expression on her face, so how could she curry favor with the guest? It was already good enough for her to say something! It would be even better if Xue Xi could offend Qian Zheng and get Qian Zheng to scold her in public.

This way, the Fan family would definitely think that Xue Yao was formidable.

Liu Yiqiu felt smug about her idea.

Ye Li frowned.

Both she and Xue Sheng were a little unwilling to let Xiang Huai apologize, let alone their precious daughter, Xue Xi. Ye Li was just about to take Xue Xi and leave in displeasure when she saw that Qian Zheng had already spotted Xue Xi. Her eyes lit up and she pounced over. “Sister Xi! So you’re here. I’ve been looking for you!”

Her warm att.i.tude and ingratiating tone stunned everyone present.

Only then did Ye Li realize that Qian Zheng was Qian Xin’s sister!

A few days ago at Mrs. Xia’s banquet, she had witnessed how Qian Zheng acted in front of her daughter. How would interacting with her be as hard as Liu Yiqiu had said?

Seeing this, Liu Yiqiu: “?”

She was instantly shocked and looked at Xue Yao in disbelief.

Xue Yao also frowned.

She was originally having a good chat with Qian Zheng, but this person seemed to have seen something and insisted on coming over. From the looks of it, could it be because of Xue Xi?

The way she held Xue Xi’s arm did not seem like they did not know each other. They were clearly very good friends!

Xue Yao’s expression changed instantly.

In the distance, everyone who was staring at Qian Zheng had a change in expression.

Especially Mrs. Fan.

She was extremely shocked and had widened her eyes. She felt that she must have seen wrongly.

The Xue family’s Xue Xi who did not even greet anyone and had poor interpersonal relationships actually had such a good relationship with Qian Zheng?

Just now, when Xue Yao and Qian Zheng were together, it was obvious that Xue Yao was trying to get into Qian Zheng’s good books. Qian Zheng was very polite, but at this moment, when Xue Xi was with Qian Zheng, it was Qian Zheng who took the initiative to speak. Xue Xi’s expression was cold and she would occasionally reply.

How… How is this possible?!

“Sister Xi, this cousin of yours is so annoying. She kept speaking into my ear, causing me to be unable to look for you around the entire venue! She even said that her piano skills are at level ten. I told her that when I was in primary school, my piano skills were already at level ten. Her expression changed instantly. It was really fun! Hahaha, Sister Xi, if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t even have bothered to brush her off. She wanted to please me, but she didn’t flatter me. She even pretended to be aloof. Who is she putting on a show for?!”

Xue Xi: “…”

If she remembered correctly, she seemed to have said that Li Hanlei was too flattering that night at Mrs. Xia’s banquet.

So, did she like being flattered or not?

How hard to please.

However, Qian Zheng did not think that she was hard to please. As long as the person was good-looking, she would be satisfied no matter what they did! If anything was to blame, it would be that Xue Yao was not beautiful enough!

Seeing that the two of them were already together and were starting to whisper, Liu Yiqiu shot Xue Yao a look.

Xue Yao hurriedly went forward and said, “Ms. Qian, I’ll bring you to the backyard garden to take a look!”

When Qian Zheng heard this, she looked at Xue Xi.

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She really did not want to bother with Xue Yao, but she felt that if she ignored her, Sister Xi would lose face. Hence, she said, “Sister Xi, are you going?”

Xue Yao looked as though she was defending Qian Zheng. “Ms. Qian, don’t be angry. This is just my sister’s personality. She grew up in an orphanage and doesn’t care about others.”

Qian Zheng: “?”

She suddenly felt that she might have been wrong.

She had originally given Xue Yao some face on Sister Xi’s account.

However, at this moment, she realized that Sister Xi and Xue Yao did not seem to have a good relationship.

Especially at this moment, Xue Yao’s voice was a little loud as she stood up to criticize Xue Xi. Everyone looked over as though Xue Xi had offended her.

Xue Yao did it on purpose.

Given Ms. Qian’s cold and arrogant personality, she would definitely not be willing to be below others. Since Xue Xi was ignoring her, Ms. Qian couldn’t possibly feel that it was nothing.

However, if this matter was not resolved, Ms. Qian would lose face and would definitely be furious!

Everyone was paying attention to the commotion here. When they heard Xue Yao say this, Mrs. Fan, who was far away, heaved a sigh of relief. She knew it. With Xue Xi’s personality, how could she make Ms. Qian like her?

Especially since Qian Xin and Xue Xi’s boyfriends were enemies, it was even more impossible for Ms. Qian to play with Xue Xi.

Now that she thought about it, perhaps Ms. Qian was speaking to Xue Xi to humiliate her!

Mrs. Fan looked as though she was waiting for a good show.

Ye Li and Liu Yiqiu also noticed Xue Yao’s shout. Liu Yiqiu quickly walked over and said, “What’s wrong? Xixi, quickly apologize to Ms. Qian!”

She then turned to look at Qian Zheng and said, “Xixi grew up outside our family and doesn’t know proper etiquette. What did she do wrong? Don’t be angry, Ms. Qian. I’ll get her to apologize to you properly!”

Xue Xi was in the wrong?

Qian Zheng: “?”

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