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Young Master Yan

Chapter 268 - Xiang Huai's Little Idol Has Fallen (2)

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Chapter 268: Xiang Huai’s Little Idol Has Fallen (2)

For Old Master Xue’s birthday celebration, he had also sent an invitation to the old man to test the waters. He did not expect Elder Gao to actually agree to come! After the Xue family spread this news, many people came.

When men discussed the future of business, women gathered together to gossip.

Ye Li had also brought Xue Xi over early. Today was their family’s party, and the two of them could not avoid it and had been receiving guests.

When Fan Han’s parents arrived, Liu Yiqiu welcomed them with a smile.

When the surrounding people saw this, they started praising him fervently. “Fan Han is one of the most outstanding people in Bin City. His future is promising!”

“I heard that he went to the capital to join the Golden Autumn Camp. How did your family raise such a child? My G.o.d, he’s too smart! He’s been so outstanding since he was young!”


These words made the Fan family’s parents happy, and Liu Yiqiu was even happier.

After all, Fan Han was Xue Yao’s future husband!

Feeling proud, she smiled smugly at Ye Li.

Ye Li ignored her gaze and smiled gently. Someone beside her whispered, “Do you know? Actually, Fan Han’s arranged betrothal is with the Xue family’s eldest daughter, but didn’t the Xue family’s eldest daughter grow up in an orphanage? The Fan family doesn’t trust her character, so they switched to the younger daughter.”

“If that’s the case, wasn’t that a pity for the Xue family’s eldest daughter? He’s such a good fiancé candidate!”

“Fan Han is the best among our generation of children in Bin City. Be it in terms of knowledge or character, he is very good. Look at how polite he is standing beside Xue Yao!”

Everyone looked at Ye Li with sympathy.

Ye Li was still very calm.

Someone even asked Liu Yiqiu, “Why are there so many people at your banquet this year? Is it just for the old patriarch’s birthday celebration?”

Liu Yiqiu shook her head. “No, it’s just that when he heard that Qian Xin was here, the old patriarch threw caution to the wind and went to the Gao family to get Old Master Gao to make an appearance. The Old Master invited Qian Xin as a guest and planned to let Xue Xi’s boyfriend shake hands with him!”

Such matters were usually handled in a low-profile manner.

However, Liu Yiqiu not only shouted it out loud, but she also sighed. “Our old patriarch has put in a lot of effort for the sake of the eldest branch!”

News of Xue Xi’s boyfriend offending Qian Xin and wanting to apologize to him at this banquet spread like this.

Everyone looked at Xue Xi even more pitifully.

Ye Li frowned and was a little angry. She said, “Sister-in-law, some things can be said, but some things can’t.”

Liu Yiqiu pouted. “Fine. Didn’t I just accidentally say what I was thinking while feeling happy? Sister-in-law, you won’t blame me, right?”

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Ye Li: “…”

Just as the two of them were speaking, a thick voice suddenly sounded from the side. “Sister-in-law, how can you let Second Sister-in-law work so hard while you slack off here?”

The moment she said this, Xue Xi turned around and saw the person—Xue Yanmei, who was also Xue Xi’s aunt.

This was the second time Xue Xi had seen her. The first time was when she had invited Zhou Zhou to her house as a guest. She had brought her daughter, Sun Ruoruo, along.

Xue Yanmei’s skin was dark and she was also fat. She trembled as she walked in her gown, but she did not find herself ugly.

Meanwhile, Sun Ruoruo was even fatter than the last time they met. Her eyes were so small that they were almost invisible!

Xue Yanmei’s voice was loud. Everyone turned to look at her.

Ye Li’s face darkened.

Wasn’t Xue Yanmei saying that she was being lazy?

She immediately said, “I’m here to entertain guests.”

Xue Yanmei pouted and looked at Fan Han in the distance. She said casually, “Ah, I know. Do you feel uncomfortable that a rich future husband like Fan Han has become Yaoyao’s? But you have to look at how capable you are! Xue Xi grew up in an orphanage, so it’s normal that Fan Han doesn’t fancy her.”

At this point, she continued, “Also, what’s this I hear that Xue Xi found a boyfriend who is a gigolo? He even offended a very important person. Sister-in-law, even if you guys don’t help the family, don’t keep causing trouble!”

Ye Li’s face turned red.

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