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Young Master Yan

Chapter 267 - Xiang Huai's Little Idol Has Fallen (1)

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Chapter 267: Xiang Huai’s Little Idol Has Fallen (1)

He had not quite arrived yet, but that familiar northeastern accent…

Qian Zheng turned around and saw Qian Xin walking over casually. When he saw her, he paused.

Qian Zheng widened her eyes in shock. Just as she was about to call him “Brother,” Qian Xin suddenly turned around and shrank back.

Qian Zheng’s words were stuck in her throat.

What is my brother doing?!

Why is he here?

No wonder she could not find him after coming to Bin City! Who could find this small provision store?

Just as she was thinking this, Xue Xi pointed at Xiang Huai and said, “This is my boyfriend.”

Qian Zheng: “…”

She felt that her brain could no longer process it.

She coughed and slowly turned to look at the person behind the counter. Although she had only seen his brother and this person’s photo at home, she still recognized him at a glance. This was her brother’s boss!

Who could tell her why her brother’s boss opened a provision store here?

However, she finally understood now!

No wonder his brother gave Xue Xi gems. It turned out that it was not to woo his girlfriend, but to please the boss!

In the blink of an eye, Qian Zheng thought of this and turned to look at Xue Xi. She did not seem to know anything about Xiang Huai and immediately shut her mouth.

Her brother had always been mysterious when he did things, and the boss’s whereabouts were unpredictable.

Sometimes, when they were working outside, her brother would not acknowledge her when they met. She was already used to it.

Hence, she decided to speak less and make fewer mistakes!

She smiled and looked at Xue Xi, commenting, “So handsome!”

Xue Xi: “…”

Qian Zheng, who had just been persuading her to break up with her boyfriend, seemed to have become a different person. She said in a sweet tone, “Sister Xi, I think you and your boyfriend are simply too compatible! The two of you are a match made in heaven! With such looks, you will be letting the down if you don’t get together!”

After saying this, Qian Zheng sneaked out. “Well, since I’ve seen your boyfriend, I’ll leave first~”

After Qian Zheng disappeared from the provision store, Qian Xin returned from the backyard and took the breakfast. The three of them ate together.

After eating, Xiang Huai held his face with one hand and looked at her. “Little kid, look. Even an outsider thinks that we’re compatible.”

Xue Xi paused and replied, “Oh.”

Xiang Huai was already used to her coldness and slowly said, “I also think that we’re a match made in heaven.”

Xue Xi: “…”

She could not be bothered with him and stood up to leave. Before she could leave, Xiang Huai suddenly called her, “Little kid.”

Xue Xi turned around.

Xiang Huai, who was dressed in black, suddenly smiled. “Let me ask you a question.”

Xue Xi: “Speak.”

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Xiang Huai: “If you’re negative two and I’m negative five, then what do we add up to?”

Xue Yao made herself presentable and went downstairs.

Just as she arrived downstairs, she saw Fan Han standing there in a formal suit. Everyone around him was praising him, saying things like he was “a talent” and had “future prospects.”

Xue Yao was satisfied.

No matter what, Xue Xi would never be able to surpa.s.s her in terms of her fiancé.

With this thought in mind, she felt more at ease. With a smile on her face, she slowly went downstairs and walked to Fan Han’s side.

When the two of them stood together, everyone praised them.

Fan Han had just returned from the capital and did not understand what had happened. He asked, “Why is this year’s birthday banquet so grand?”

Xue Yao lowered her head and smiled. “It’s all because Xue Xi’s gigolo offended Qian Xin. My grandfather wanted to use this chance to make that gigolo apologize and let this matter pa.s.s.”

On the other side.

Old Master Xue was also following Xue Sheng, who had already come over and was helping to entertain guests. He said, “This is a rare opportunity. It wasn’t easy for me to get Elder Gao to come forward and invite Qian Xin to our house. A family like ours can’t have much business with the Qian family, but the Qian family is in the business world and it’s not advisable to offend them. Just have that gigolo lower his head! If only for the sake of our Maosheng Group!”

Xue Sheng thought about it carefully.

As an elder, he naturally did not want Xiang Huai to suffer.

However, his rationality told him that it was better to let bygones be bygones than to remain enemies. When he asked Xiang Huai about it, he did not say that he had any deep enmity with Qian Xin and only said that their ideals were incompatible.

Since that’s the case, why don’t they take this chance to reconcile?

However, the thought of having Xiang Huai lower his head, apologize, and suck up to Qian Xin made him feel a little uncomfortable.


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