Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 266 - Break Through

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Chapter 266: Break Through

Xue Xi was stunned, and Qian Zheng even more so. “You don’t know my brother? Then why would he give you gems?”

Xue Xi reacted. “Are you talking about San Jin?”

Qian Xin, who was far away at the provision store, sneezed. He did not know that his little vest had almost fallen off.

San Jin was Qian Xin’s nickname. Seeing that she even knew her brother’s nickname, Qian Zheng was even more certain that their relationship was not ordinary.

Qian Zheng had a good relationship with her brother. After sizing up Xue Xi again, she could not help but make a judgment in her heart.

Could it be that Brother is interested in Ms. Xue and intends to marry her, which means she’ll be my sister-in-law?

Ms. Xue was indeed good-looking and had a good temperament. Since she was pleasing to the eye, she felt that Xue Xi was completely different from people like Li Hanlei from Bin City.

Qian Zheng was very satisfied with this sister-in-law!

Hence, before Mrs. Li left with Li Hanlei, she told Mrs. Li, “Your daughter doesn’t manage things well!”

Mrs. Li understood Qian Zheng’s intentions and immediately said, “Don’t worry. When I bring her home, I’ll definitely tell her parents to discipline her well!”

After the two of them left, Qian Zheng turned to look at Xue Xi. Despite how she was casually wearing gems worth tens or even hundreds of millions, she was neither servile nor overbearing. It was as though she was more satisfied with just a few stones.

She and Xia Yiyi sat on either side of Xue Xi and discussed warmly.

Xia Yiyi reached out and signed something.

Since Qian Zheng could not understand, Xue Xi could only help translate. “What are you doing in Bin City?”

The moment she said this, Qian Zheng smiled. “If it were someone else, I would definitely not tell the truth. However, if it’s you two, I’ll just say it. Actually, I came here this time to see someone.”

Xia Yiyi paused and Xue Xi spoke up for her. “Who?”

Qian Zheng chuckled. “My brother’s boss!”

Xia Yiyi: “?”

Xia Yiyi tilted her head in confusion and did not speak. Qian Zheng could tell what she meant: Qian Xin had always been the boss of the G.o.d of Fortune Corporation, so how could he have a boss?

Qian Zheng smiled and said, “Actually, the G.o.d of Fortune Corporation doesn’t belong to my brother alone. It was built by his boss. My brother is only in charge of it. It is said that his boss is very mysterious. Most importantly, he is very handsome! However, he is very elusive. Everyone who has seen him said that they have never seen anyone more handsome than him. I have only seen his photos in the past. This time, I must visit him personally!”

Xia Yiyi pursed her lips and smiled. She signed to Xue Xi, “She just likes good-looking people.”

It seemed she was one of those who liked people based on appearances.

Of course, this was also the reason why Qian Zheng liked Xue Xi the first time she met her. Xue Xi was simply too beautiful!


Xia Yiyi then signed something at Qian Zheng and Xue Xi translated, “I think the most handsome person I’ve ever seen is…”

Xue Xi paused and coughed before saying slowly, “She thinks that my boyfriend is the most handsome person she’s ever seen.”

Qian Zheng: “? ”

Qian Zheng widened her eyes and her beautiful face lit up. “You have a boyfriend?”

Xue Xi nodded.

Qian Zheng: “…”

No wonder his brother did not bring her home for them to see. A shame because based on their family’s inborn character, they would definitely be very satisfied with Xue Xi!

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So it was because Xue Xi had a boyfriend that her brother had yet to catch her!

He had never belittled Xiang Huai. However, he felt that he had reached a low point and was in a bad mood. Hence, he came to Bin City to open a provision store to relax.

Since that was the case, he had to help Xiang Huai even more.

The next day, Xue Xi woke up and went downstairs. Just as she was about to go out with her breakfast, someone outside announced themselves as guests.

Qian Zheng walked in energetically. “Sister Xi, bring me to school!”

Xue Xi: “? ”

Qian Zheng chuckled. “I won’t make trouble. I just want to see what your boyfriend looks like!”

Xue Xi would definitely not agree.

However, Qian Zheng kept pestering her and even said that if Xue Xi did not agree, she would not let her go to school. In the end, Xue Xi told her, “After you see him, go back and rest.”

Qian Zheng raised two fingers and swore, “Fine, I promise I won’t cause trouble!”

The two of them got into the car and arrived outside the provision store. On the way to the provision store, Qian Zheng continued, “Sister Xi, you’re so good-looking. How can you randomly find someone? Is your boyfriend worthy of you?”

Xue Xi did not reply.

Qian Zheng continued brainwashing her. “Sister Xi, I heard that this guy is a pretty boy you’re ‘maintaining.’ Such a person definitely doesn’t have any abilities. He’s too much! I want you to look for someone better. Hehe, do you want to consider breaking up with him?”

After she said this, the two of them lifted the curtains and walked in.

When she saw the person inside, Qian Zheng was stunned.

Why did the man sitting behind the counter look so familiar? Moreover, as she and Xue Xi entered, a familiar figure walked in from the back door. “Sister Xi is here?”

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