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Young Master Yan

Chapter 265 - Who Is Your Brother?

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Chapter 265: Who Is Your Brother?

When she said this, Qian Zheng finally returned to her senses.

She stared at Xue Xi in confusion. Why did Brother give the gem to this girl?

While she was thinking, Xia Yiyi had already frantically waved her hands. It had been a long time since she had spoken, and she had already tried her best by uttering that single word earlier.

Seeing Xia Yiyi’s expression, Mrs. Xia knew that Qian Zheng did not like Xue Xi.

She frowned.

She could not afford to offend the Qian family. Moreover, Qian Zheng was Qian Xin’s most beloved younger sister, but she could not let her friend’s daughter be humiliated!

Moreover, Xue Xi had once helped Xia Yiyi.

After these two thoughts flashed across her mind, Mrs. Xia decided to protect Xue Xi.

When Mrs. Li heard Li Hanlei’s words, she instantly understood that it was Qian Zheng’s idea to make things difficult for Xue Xi.

No wonder she shouted and kicked up a fuss at such a banquet and ignored her objection.

However, last time, when everyone said that Mrs. Xue’s painting was not good, she clearly felt that Mrs. Xue’s knowledge was extraordinary, but she did not speak up for her. Later, she was embarra.s.sed to interact with her, but she did not expect Mrs. Xue to not mind at all…

Mrs. Li also made a judgment. She could not let others slander the Xue family like last time, especially since she had brought this person over.

Hence, Mrs. Li was the first to speak. “It’s just a quarrel between children. What right and wrong is there? However, you’re not allowed to make a fuss in public. Look at Ms. Xue and look at what you look like. Shut up immediately!”

Li Hanlei did not expect that Mrs. Li would actually target her after she’d just mentioned Qian Zheng. She knew that Mrs. Li was unhappy with her.

If she wanted Mrs. Li to bring her out again, she would definitely not agree to it. Hence, Li Hanlei hurriedly looked at Qian Zheng. She had to suck up to her!

She hurriedly said, “Ms. Qian!”

Before Qian Zheng could speak, Mrs. Xia, who was afraid that she would say something nasty, hurriedly took a step forward and said, “Alright, let’s stop fooling around. Children naturally quarrel…”

She shot Qian Zheng a look, wanting her to look at herself and not make things difficult for Xue Xi.

However, Qian Zheng suddenly said, “I saw everything clearly!”

Mrs. Xia frowned and her heart jumped!

Qian Zheng was indeed willful and relentless!

Li Hanlei heaved a sigh of relief. “Yes, it’s her fault. Someone like her should not have attended the banquet!”

Qian Zheng frowned. “I think so too. Why is there such a person in Bin City? She’s so talkative that she’s ruining other people’s first impression of others. Moreover, her fawning look is almost written all over her face. She’s simply the worst!”

Li Hanlei continued, “So, chase her out!”

Qian Zheng looked at Mrs. Xia. “Yes, Auntie, chase her out!”

Mrs. Xia panicked. “Qian Zheng!”

Just as she said this, she suddenly realized that something was amiss. Was Qian Zheng referring to Li Hanlei?

Just as Li Hanlei was looking at Xue Xi smugly, she saw Mrs. Li’s face turn red. She nodded. “Yes, I brought her here. It’s too embarra.s.sing for me so I’ll take her away now! Mrs. Xia, let’s talk next time!”

Li Hanlei: “?”

She was shocked and anxious. “Aunt, you can’t take me away. I still have to play with Ms. Qian… Ms. Qian… You, you…”

She then realized that the person Qian Zheng was pointing at was actually her.

She said in disbelief, “Are you chasing me away?”

Qian Zheng nodded. “If I don’t chase you away, should I let you stay here and continue to wreak havoc with my relationship with Sister Xue? Before I even met Sister Xue, you gossiped that she took a box of stones and pretended that they were gems…”

At this point, she took a step forward and pointed at the string on Xue Xi’s wrist. “These are clearly rubies!”

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Li Hanlei was stunned. “Ruby? How is that possible?!”

Hence, everyone changed the topic.

Mrs. Li looked at Li Hanlei. “When I brought you out, I said that you can do anything, but you can’t be a long-tongued woman. I think you’ve forgotten the Li family’s rules!”

Li Hanlei was stunned and did not understand the change in Qian Zheng’s att.i.tude.

However, she understood one thing: Xue Xi’s gems were real?!

At this moment, Qian Zheng said, “What else was she saying all this while? She said that Sister Xue purposely approached Ms. Xia while harboring ill intentions. She said she wants to please her…”

The moment she said this, Xia Yiyi panicked. She could only look at Mrs. Xia for help.

Mrs. Xia hurriedly said, “It’s because Ms. Xue granted us a huge favor, that’s why Yiyi likes her so much. Yiyi especially likes to play with Ms. Xue, but it’s a pity that Ms. Xue is too busy in school and hasn’t seen her in a long time. It’s only because of this meeting that Yiyi is so excited.”

Seeing her mother speak her mind and clean Sister Xi’s name, Xia Yiyi heaved a sigh of relief and hurriedly nodded.

Qian Zheng purposely said this and walked to Xue Xi’s side. She held her arm affectionately. “Sister Xue, I heard someone else’s words about you, and that’s why I didn’t get to know you and misunderstood you. I hope you can forgive me and not be angry with me!”

Xue Xi: “…”

She was not good at being so close to others. She wanted to push Qian Zheng away, but Qian Zheng stuck to her like a dog skin ointment.

Moreover, she had never seen someone like Qian Zheng. How could she apologize so easily? It did not seem… annoying.

Just as she was thinking this, she saw Qian Zheng whispering, “Sister Xue, aren’t you being too low-profile? If I didn’t recognize the gem, I wouldn’t even have known that you knew my brother.”

After saying that, she widened her eyes that were filled with gossip. She blinked and asked, “Sister Xue, what’s your relationship with my brother?”

When Qian Xin came to Bin City, he’d brought a box of gems. She stole one and her brother thought that he had lost it.

Xue Xi paused and instinctively asked, “Who is your brother?”

Could it be San Jin who’s in the provision store?

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