Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 264 - Heart of Flame?

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Chapter 264: Heart of Flame?

Li Hanlei shouted as she grabbed her hand and raised it to show everyone.

Xue Xi suddenly stood up.

She was not used to physical contact, especially when the person was someone she hated. Her expression turned cold as she said, “Try touching me again.”

Li Hanlei suddenly recalled that before Xue Xi went to the Golden Autumn Camp, she had beaten Xue Yao and her up in the school’s washroom…

At this moment, the girl’s eyes were still calm, but they were exactly the same as that day in the washroom.

Her hand froze in mid-air and she dared not take another step forward.

However, she did not believe that Xue Xi would dare to make a move in front of so many people. Hence, even though she did not touch her, she still chattered, “Isn’t it just a few stones? I think that she also strung them together by herself. What’s there to be nervous about? No one is even allowed to touch it. How petty!”

When she heard this, Qian Zheng’s gaze landed on Xue Xi’s wrist again.

The five red gems reflected the light inside them. They were tied together by a black string bracelet, so they did not lose their original colors. Instead, they looked exceptionally good.


Her pupils shrank as she stood up.

In what world are those just stones?!

Not far away, Mrs. Xia, Mrs. Li, and Ye Li were also discussing the topic. Ye Li had a mild personality and was not good at socializing. However, her att.i.tude was neither humble nor overbearing.

Hence, Mrs. Xia and Mrs. Li, who had interacted with Ye Li before, felt that she was not bad and liked to chat with her.

At this moment, Mrs. Xia was speaking to Mrs. Li. “The ruby on your ring is pretty good.”

Mrs. Li raised it and showed it to Mrs. Xia. “Red gems are too hard to buy. Compared to other colors, they’re more expensive. However, I love red, so I’ve been collecting red gems from everywhere. This one was bought by chance many years ago. It’s nothing. I think the pendant that Ms. Qian brought today is really good!”

Mrs. Xia smiled. “You have good taste. That pendant is indeed not bad. However, I heard that the Qian family has a better one.”

Mrs. Li’s eyes lit up. “I know what it is!”

She continued, “Is it the Heart of Flame that was auctioned in M Country five years ago? I heard that it was bought at a high price by the Qian family! I’ve always wanted such a gem that can be used as a family heirloom. Unfortunately, I don’t have this blessing and haven’t even seen it before. Have you seen it before?”

Mrs. Xia smiled. “No. When I was a guest at the Qian family, I mentioned this gem. However, the Madam of the Qian family said that Qian Xin does not allow them to touch that gem. He said that he would give it to a distinguished person in the future!”

Ye Li could not interrupt this topic.

After saying that, Mrs. Xia turned to look at Ye Li and included her in the chat. “You sell paintings for so much money now, so you should also buy some jewelry for yourself. These can all be appreciated and can be considered a woman’s trump card. For example, your family heirlooms can be pa.s.sed to Xue Xi in the future!”

Ye Li’s eyes lit up.

After her paintings could suddenly be sold at a high price, the painting she had sent to her friend had instantly sold for a few million yuan.

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Now, her bank card had tens of millions of yuan in it. Every time she saw what good jewelry Xue Yao had, she would want to buy a set for Xue Xi. Hence, she said, “If you guys attend any more jewelry auctions in the future, call me over to take a look and broaden my horizons. To be honest, I don’t even know what gems and stones look like. What’s the difference?”

A mute suddenly spoke. Everyone was stunned.

Mrs. Xia knew that Xia Yiyi was anxious.

Xia Yiyi’s throat was actually fine. It was just that when something happened to her ears, she gradually stopped speaking. Now, she was actually forced to this extent.

Mrs. Xia hurriedly held her shoulders and saw Xia Yiyi glaring at Li Hanlei angrily.

Li Hanlei was shocked by her speech and shrank her shoulders guiltily.

Among the wealthy ladies who had just looked over, someone also said, “It’s clearly you who’s being aggressive to Ms. Xue and even pushing all the blame to Ms. Xue… You insist that Ms. Xue’s bracelet is made from just stones…”

When she said this, Mrs. Li’s gaze suddenly turned sharp.

Li Hanlei jumped in shock and shouted in panic, “They were originally just loose stones. She brought this box of stones to the cla.s.sroom and even lied to us that they’re gems! If she lied, shouldn’t others tell her off?!”

Mrs. Li chided Li Hanlei, “Shut up!”

Mrs. Li and Mrs. Xia then turned to look at Xue Xi’s wrist.

Immediately, Mrs. Li widened her eyes in shock when she saw one of the five gems. Why does this look like that Heart of Flame?!

While Mrs. Li was in shock, Li Hanlei looked at Qian Zheng. “Ms. Qian, she was the one who was rude earlier. Hurry up and say something!”

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