Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 263 - Look, These Are Her Worthless Stones!

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Chapter 263: Look, These Are Her Worthless Stones!

Qian Zheng paused and wanted to look again, but the girl had turned around and she could not see them clearly.

She felt that she must have seen wrongly.

Which girl could string a few gems together to become a bracelet?

She came to this banquet because she wanted to know who her brother had given the box of gems to. She did not know if she could meet that person today.

She retracted her gaze and continued to observe her surroundings.

It had been a long time since she had seen Xia Yiyi, and the young lady was still very obedient. Xue Xi looked at her, and her heart softened when she saw her kind smile.

She reached out and started chatting with Xia Yiyi. “What have you been doing recently?”

Xia Yiyi also used sign language to chat. “I wrote a score. Can you help me take a look later?”

Xue Xi: “Okay.”

After the two of them finished speaking, Xia Yiyi grabbed Xue Xi and wanted to take her to the side.

When Mrs. Xia saw this, she felt relieved and said to Ye Li, “Let the two of them play. You can also chat with me.”

Ye Li hoped that her daughter could make more friends. She nodded and told Xue Xi, “Go play!”

Hence, Xue Xi followed Xia Yiyi to a corner.

There was a banquet at home today and it was not appropriate for the two of them to play the piano. Hence, the two of them sat in a corner. Xia Yiyi placed her hand on the coffee table and pressed the keys as though she was playing the piano. She wanted Xue Xi to give her some pointers.

Xue Xi looked at it seriously and the corresponding notes rang in her mind.

Xia Yiyi was indeed very talented at composition. Unfortunately, she could not hear anything. As Xue Xi thought this, she pointed out two of her mistakes.

Xia Yiyi widened her eyes in realization and looked exceptionally adorable.

Xue Xi asked, “Where’s your master?”

Xia Yiyi had been learning the piano from the pianist, Zhou Zhou. When she heard this, Xia Yiyi replied, “Master has something on and will be returning to the capital first.”

Xue Xi nodded.

Both of them were relatively quiet. Xue Xi did not like to speak much either. They used their hands to speak slowly and comfortably.

In the distance, Qian Zheng frowned when she saw this.

Xia Yiyi did not know how to speak. She had been mocked and teased since she was young. When Xia Yiyi went to the capital to seek treatment when she was young, she even stayed at their house, so she defended Xia Yiyi all the time.

Seeing that she was looking over, Li Hanlei hurriedly said, “Sigh, Ms. Xia is also quite pitiful. She’s usually a little lonely and doesn’t play with us. This Xue Xi relied on Ms. Xia’s deafness and used her favorite piano to trick her. She actually coaxed Ms. Xia to treat her so well.”

Her words made Qian Zheng tense up.

Xia Yiyi was innocent. Could she have been cheated?

She carefully sized them up and realized that the two of them were indeed discussing a piano music score. However, Xia Yiyi could not hear them, so she relied on her memory of how the keys sound on the piano. Could Ms. Xue understand just by speaking to her?

Who was she fooling?

Wasn’t she just bullying Xia Yiyi, who could not hear anything, by lying to her?!

Moreover, this noisy girl beside her said that Ms. Xue was a vain person, so Xia Yiyi must not be led astray by her.

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She stood up instantly and shouted, “Xia Yiyi! Why are you playing there alone? Come and play with us!”

Qian Zheng did not fancy her flattery and sneered. “Do you even know how to play bridge?”

Li Hanlei instantly became quiet.

Bridge was a very troublesome poker game. She had learned it before, but she did not master it. She smiled awkwardly. “How about I chat with you guys instead?”

Qian Zheng became even more impatient. “Do you understand Yiyi’s language? Why would you want to chat with us?”

Li Hanlei bit her lip in anger.

This Qian Zheng is too arrogant!

However, she did not dare to offend Qian Zheng, so she could only turn to look at Xue Xi. “Can you sit further away? It’s so crowded!”

Xue Xi: “?”

Relying on Qian Zheng’s backing, Li Hanlei became very domineering. “Didn’t you see that Ms. Qian wants to chat with Ms. Xia? Why are you so shameless as to insist on staying here? She doesn’t even want to talk to you, alright?”

Her voice was a little loud, causing everyone to look over.

Li Hanlei had lost her face just now. Now that Xue Xi was in a worse state than her, she felt more comfortable. Hence, she continued shouting, “Also, did you see the ruby on Ms. Li’s neck? That’s called a gem. It’s not like the box of stones you brought to the school. You even lied to us that they’re gems. Tsk, tsk. You’re so ignorant. How can you casually take out such huge gems? Even the Gao family can’t take those out!”

The people around looked over, making Xia Yiyi even more anxious. She wanted to say something, but Qian Zheng pressed her hand down and said in a low voice, “If she ends up losing face, she won’t pester you anymore!”

Xia Yiyi: It’s clearly the other girl who is pestering Sister Xi!

Xue Xi’s eyes turned cold as the aura around her gradually froze.

This Li Hanlei is too evil.

Before she could figure out how to target Li Hanlei, Li Hanlei suddenly noticed the bracelet on her hand. She pointed at her and shouted, “Look, these are her stones!”

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