Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 262 - Banquet

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Chapter 262: Banquet

Only Bin City International High School knew about this. Most of the other ladies who came to Mrs. Xia’s house did not know if it was true.

Upon hearing this, Mrs. Li, who was in the crowd, could not help but say, “No way? I’ve interacted with Mrs. Xue a few times. She doesn’t seem like that kind of person.”

Someone asked, “You have interacted with Mrs. Xue before?”

Mrs. Li nodded. “Yes, we attended an art exhibition together. Didn’t I tell you guys before? It turns out that Mrs. Xue is a true master. Xu Fang was afraid that Mrs. Xue’s abilities would be too outstanding and surpa.s.s hers, so she even caused trouble for her. In the end, Recluse himself came and helped Mrs. Xue clear her name. Now, Mrs. Xue is the president of Bin City’s Art a.s.sociation!”

“He’s a master in the field! Her upbringing must be good.”

In this world, most people respected intellectuals. If the national art people praised them, they would be respected.

However, there were also people who said, “Don’t you know you mustn’t judge a book by its cover? Some people are indeed only at the 8th tier, but their morals are also not worthy. Xu Fang was also a big shot in the national art world, but that didn’t make her morals good. How can we really tell?!”

“Besides, even though Mrs. Xue is a good person, this daughter who was found in only an orphanage is not necessarily a good person. After all, she has been outside for 18 years!”

“That’s right. Why did Bin City International School only spread rumors about her? There must be a problem.”

Mrs. Li thought of Xue Xi and shook her head. “I don’t think Ms. Xue is such a person…”

“How did you know?”

“That’s right. My daughter swears she’s not!”

Mrs. Xia had walked over and heard their words. She immediately said unhappily, “Don’t comment on things you don’t know. Weren’t you taught this?”

Everyone instantly shut their mouths.

As madams of wealthy families, they all still had basic manners. It was just that they were usually too free, so they would always gossip behind other people’s back.

Everyone smiled and nodded at Mrs. Xia.

Mrs. Xia turned to the side and a sixteen-year-old girl walked out from behind her. She was wearing an imperious red dress and was exceptionally beautiful.

Mrs. Xia smiled and said, “This is Ms. Qian! Her name is Zheng, and she came to my banquet to play. Young ladies from the various families, why don’t you mingle with her for a while?”

To be introduced so grandly by Mrs. Xia, this Ms. Qian must have an extraordinary background.

Everyone recalled that Qian Xin had recently come to Bin City and instantly looked at Ms. Qian with suspicion. Someone asked softly, “Mrs. Xia, she and the Qian family…”

Mrs. Xia nodded.

Qian Zheng was Qian Xin’s younger sister.

This time, she followed Qian Xin to Bin City. Qian Xin had some connections with the Xia family. He had something to do in Bin City, so he’d asked the Xias to take care of Qian Zheng.

Mrs. Xia actually had a headache. After all, this Ms. Qian Zheng had a bad temper and was hard to please. At this moment, she raised her chin slightly and looked a little arrogant.

However, when they heard that she was Qian Xin’s younger sister and that she came from the capital, everyone instantly became energetic.

All the wealthy ladies gathered around, but they could not go overboard. They could only instruct their daughters to maintain a good relationship with Qian Zheng.

Li Hanlei was the one who came to Mrs. Xia’s banquet today. She was Mrs. Li’s niece as Li Hanlei’s father was cousins with her husband, but the two families were separated in terms of business. Li Hanlei’s family could not compare to Mrs. Li’s family, so she had been sucking up to Mrs. Li.

At this moment, Mrs. Li’s eyes lit up as she looked at Qian Zheng. Li Hanlei knew that she had to seize this opportunity to please Qian Zheng. There would definitely be benefits.

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She walked over warmly. Because she was two years older than Qian Zheng, she shouted, “Sister Qian, is the gem on your neck real? It’s so transparent. It’s so beautiful!”

Qian Zheng immediately looked over and saw an extremely gentle-looking woman wearing a cheongsam walking in. Beside her was a beautiful girl in a red dress.

Qian Zheng paused.

She could not help but glance at Xue Xi.

This kind of appearance was rare even among the daughters of wealthy families in the capital. She had exquisite features, which were even more beautiful when combined.

Qian Zheng asked curiously, “Who is that?”

Li Hanlei said maliciously, “Ms. Qian, stay away from her.”

Qian Zheng was stunned. “What’s wrong?”

Li Hanlei said, “She is the eldest daughter of the Xue family. She grew up in an orphanage and was found back by her family. This person is especially vain. Just a few days ago in cla.s.s, her cousin brought a gem ring. She was indignant and took out a box of stones, then lied to us that they were gems.”

Qian Zheng was stunned. “A box?”

Li Hanlei nodded. “Yes. It’s a box. At a rough glance, there are nearly twenty gems inside. By the way, all of them are the same size as the one on your neck. We were all stunned at first. Who could be so rich? Later, her grandma said that those were just rocks and that they were fake! Everyone then understood.”

Qian Zheng’s face turned cold. “There’s no one in Bin City who can just take out a box of gems!”

Such a huge gem was actually so good-looking. It could be sold at a high price of tens of millions. It was enough to be a family heirloom!

She despised people who would puff themselves up at their own cost the most. She pouted and intended to not even look at Xue Xi.

At this moment, she suddenly spotted a red gem bracelet on Xue Xi’s wrist???

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