Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 261 - Gem Bracelet~

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Chapter 261: Gem Bracelet~

“I didn’t bring it.”

Ever since San Jin had said that that box of stones could be worth tens of millions, Xue Xi had not been so careless as to bring the stones with her and left them at home.

However, she did not know how to explain this box of expensive stones to Ye Li, so she did not tell the family for the time being.

When Zhou Zhen heard this, he was a little disappointed. However, when he heard Xue Xi talking about the stones, he recalled the day when her gems fell to the ground. Everyone said that they were gems, but Xue Xi only calmly said that they were just a few stones and did not seem to be showing off.


The box of stones that Xue Xi dropped did not appear on purpose. Instead, it was the students in the cla.s.s who accidentally pushed her desk that made the box fall to the ground.

When he connected these matters, Zhou Zhen came to a conclusion. He said to the cla.s.s, “Regardless of whether that box of gems is real or fake, the G.o.ddess of Studying did not show off. Let’s not spread any rumors in our cla.s.s, understand?!”

Although most of the students in the cla.s.s came from wealthy families, their upbringing was better. They nodded when they heard this.

On the other hand, Li Hanlei sneered and said to Xue Yao, “That’s really unfortunate. Yaoyao, you just took out a gem and she brought a box of gems to the school. It’s obvious that she wants to suppress you in every aspect. Such a person is simply not worthy of being your sister!”

Xue Yao lowered her eyes and did not speak. However, she put on the ruby ring that she took off that day.

When the old lady returned home last night, she said that it was just a box of stones and that Xue Yao must have seen wrongly.

Only then did she realize that they were definitely fake.

How could her uncle have a box of gems in his house?

Although Zhou Zhen wanted everyone to stop mentioning it, this matter spread too quickly. In this information age, if anything happened, the entire school would know.

During the lesson, Xue Xi fans jumped ship. The male students beside her ran over and shouted at her, “Stones or gems? You’re so silly that you can’t tell!”

The female cla.s.smate became even more gossipy. “The G.o.ddess of Studying is indeed good, but she can’t be perfect. She has everything. It’s already impressive that she’s good-looking, but she must also have money. She won’t let anyone else stand out!”

“No, even gems can be fake. Could the studies be fake too?”

“She did the questions so quickly during the examination. It can’t be that she cheated, right?”

“… Anyway, we should stay away from such a person. Someone who can make a scene in the school can’t possibly be good.”

“I don’t know the truth, but there can’t be smoke if there’s no fire. Since there are such rumors, who knows if some people really did it on purpose?”

Xue Xi did not mind. On the other hand, the members of Cla.s.s Eight’s Roaring Flame Society waved their fists, and Flame Number One said, “Why are you making everything your business? Didn’t your mother teach you to speak less behind others’ back?”

The rest of the students pouted and ran away.

The few members gathered beside Xue Xi and Gao Yanchen said, “I’ve finished reading all the things you arranged last night. You can speed me up.”

Xue Xi was a little speechless when she heard this.

The a.s.signment she gave Little Flame last night was a little heavy, but he actually finished reading it?

Looking at his expression again, she saw there were clearly dark circles under his eyes. She could not help but ask, “You didn’t sleep?”

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Gao Yanchen stubbornly said, “No, I slept.”

Ye Li said, “It’s Madam Xia’s birthday today and she called for a few of her best friends to have a gathering. Everyone wants to bring their daughters along to play with Ms. Xia. You and Xia Yiyi are also friends. It’s been a long time since you’ve seen her, so I thought I’ll bring you to play. Don’t just stay at home and read books all day.”

Xue Xi silently looked at the math textbook she had prepared today. “…”

Forget it. After I get into university, I’ll have to leave home to study. I’ll spend more time with Mom at home for the next half a year.

She nodded.

Ye Li took out a red dress for her and made her change into it. She then took out a gem bracelet and pa.s.sed it to Xue Xi as though she was presenting a treasure. “Xixi, look. Are you surprised?”

Xue Xi was stunned when she saw the bracelet. “Isn’t this…?”

Ye Li smiled. “Yes, it’s made from the box of stones that you placed in your room. When I cleaned your room today, I thought that those stones were quite good-looking. Moreover, these five red stones looked exactly the same. I took a string and tied them together for you. They look good, right? This dress is too compatible with this bracelet!”

Xue Xi: “?”

She silently looked at the gems on Ye Li’s hands and twitched her lips. In the end, she did not say that they were not stones.

Anyway, San Jin gave them to her just for fun. She’d just wear them!

A red gem was worth millions. These five… Emmm…

Xue Xi, who was wearing a red dress and a ruby bracelet, followed Ye Li to the Xia household.

Meanwhile, at the Xia family’s banquet.

Someone was discussing softly. “Did you hear? My daughter said that the daughter that the Xue family found from the orphanage dug a few stones out of nowhere and brought them to the school. She even pretended that they were gems. Are children nowadays so immature and vain?”

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