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Young Master Yan

Chapter 259 - Let Qian Xin and Xiang Huai Talk Peace?

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Chapter 259: Let Qian Xin and Xiang Huai Talk Peace?

Xue Xi did not take his words to heart and merely replied, “Oh.”

After breakfast, Xue Xi, who was immersed in the math questions, stood up and left with her bag. When she reached the school gate, she b.u.mped into Gao Yanchen. Xue Xi pa.s.sed him the questions that she had prepared for him last night. “Since you don’t listen to cla.s.s, you can do the questions in the morning. Give me the questions during lunch. I’ll take some time to look at them in the afternoon and think of a way to tutor you during the self-study cla.s.s.”

Gao Yanchen took the paper and nodded.

Xue Xi continued, “If there’s something you don’t know, just leave it empty. Don’t write nonsense.”

The two of them separated and returned to their cla.s.srooms.

Xue Xi’s heart was filled with questions. When the teacher arrived for cla.s.s, she had already learned everything. Hence, she secretly looked for a book cover from the chatterbox’s drawer and, with it, sleeved a book she’d borrowed from the library.

She was attending the Chinese cla.s.s and was openly reading mathematics.

At noon, she and Gao Yanchen went to the canteen for lunch. A few people from the Roaring Flame Society sat beside her, and the rest of the students did not dare to come over.

Everyone was pointing at them from afar.

Some of the people who had heard things from their family said, “Is she really distancing herself from that gigolo now and getting involved with the Gao family? Seems the Xue family is afraid of Qian Xin!”

Xue Xi turned a deaf ear to this.

In the afternoon, she obtained Gao Yanchen’s questions and saw that half of the items were empty. Xue Xi’s temples were throbbing.

Little Flame’s foundation was really worse than the chatterbox’s!

After Little Chatterbox’s examination, she worked hard and made a turnaround. She really had a chance to get into the Capital Film Academy, but Little Flame…

He had only half a year, making this really a bit difficult.

However, as long as Little Flame persevered, she too would not give up.

Provision Shop

After Xue Xi, who was engrossed in doing questions, had breakfast, she left heartlessly. Xiang Huai, who was ignored by her, was already used to it.

Although the two of them had spent half a month with each other in the XH club, the little kid was only busy playing games and did not pay much attention to him.

While Qian Sanjin tidied up the table, Xiang Huai picked up his phone. He opened Weibo and typed #Everyday to do a search.

He even liked the joke segments that said that he and Xue Xi were the same person. As Qian Sanjin tidied, he glanced at Xiang Huai’s phone and realized that he had given himself a name. “Learning.”

Qian Sanjin: “…”

Boss, can you be more shameless?

Xiang Huai had nothing to do every day. After checking the joke segment, he put down his phone. At this moment, footsteps sounded from the door again.

Xiang Huai looked up and saw Xue Sheng walking in.

When Qian Sanjin arrived, he had already inquired about the interpersonal relationships in Bin City and knew that this was General Xiang’s father-in-law. He hurriedly welcomed him warmly. “Mr. Xue, please come in!”

The moment he said this, he saw his boss, who was so arrogant, stand up to welcome him personally. He even greeted obediently, “Uncle.”

Qian Sanjin: “?”

Boss, aren’t you possessed by some ghost?!

Xue Sheng glanced at Qian Sanjin and thought that he was someone Xiang Huai had invited to manage the provision store. Hence, he nodded at him before looking at Xiang Huai. “Follow me to Maosheng Group to work.”

Xiang Huai: “?”

Xue Sheng patted his shoulder. “Everyone is saying that Qian Xin will deal with you when he comes, but I don’t believe this. Xiao Xiang, if you go with me, I’ll introduce you to the public! Let them know that our Xue family will not distance ourselves from you because of Qian Xin!”

Qian Sanjin, who was standing silently at the side: “??”

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Xiang Huai also looked at Xue Sheng.

Qian Xin sighed silently.

Even the leader of the G.o.d of Fortune Corporation did not want to be a functioning human. He said that he hated earning money and that there was no meaning to it. He was begging for someone else to solve a math problem for him as he was on vacation. How could he possibly go to work?

However, just as this thought flashed across Qian Xin’s mind, he saw Xiang Huai hesitate for 0.01 seconds before obediently agreeing. “Okay.”

Qian Xin: “?”

During the self-study period, Xue Xi and Gao Yanchen applied for leave from the school.

Old Liu and the school were pleasantly surprised that Gao Yanchen had suddenly become interested in studying. Moreover, Xue Xi was already guaranteed admission to Huaxia University. In other words, there was no need for her to take the college entrance examination. Everyone felt that it was very appropriate for her to tutor him.

Xue Xi’s tutoring was very straightforward. She simply gave Gao Yanchen some knowledge points and asked him to do the questions himself.

Some things could only be understood when one was doing questions.

There was a reason why high school teachers asked them to do the questions repeatedly.

After school, Gao Yanchen brought Xue Xi’s heavy homework and left the self-study room. When Flame Number One and the rest saw that Gao Yanchen’s bag was finally filled with things, they were all shocked and stunned.

At this moment, Xue Xi had already boarded the Xue family’s car to ferry her home.

On the way, she was still reading the mathematics book she’d borrowed.

When she reached home, she thought that she would be able to deduce the questions tomorrow after she had finished reading the books. However, just as she entered, she saw Old Lady Xue sitting at home.

She had a self-righteous look on her face. “It’ll be your father’s birthday in a few days’ time. Our family will definitely have a birthday banquet. Your father and I went back to discuss it and acknowledged that Xue Xi really likes that pretty boy. It’s definitely impossible for you guys to give up on him. Since that’s the case, we’ll shamelessly ask the Gao family to invite Qian Xin over so all of us can have a peaceful life. We’ll make the pretty boy lower his head and say a few nice words so that they can reconcile.

“Look, your father and I have helped you deal with such a huge problem. I heard that you guys have an emerald gem? Just take it that I borrowed it and let me wear it on that day! We can’t possibly invite Qian Xin to our house and not have any decent jewelry to wear, right?”

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