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Young Master Yan

Chapter 258 - Gao Yanchen's Choice

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Chapter 258: Gao Yanchen’s Choice

Gao Yanchen lowered his head and smiled bitterly. “Sister Xi, in the eyes of the adults, will we never grow old?”

Xue Xi paused and did not speak.

Gao Yanchen took a deep breath and slowly said, “Grandpa said that it’s not time for me to know.”

He recalled that he had wanted to have a good chat with his grandfather when he returned home, but he did not expect to see his grandfather sitting on the sofa.

He hunched his back and seemed to have aged a lot, but he still tried his best to straighten his back.

They chatted for a long time this afternoon.

Grandpa had also told him a lot.

In the beginning, his grandfather had said that after his parents pa.s.sed away, his heart ached for Gao Yanchen.

In the end, Grandpa said, “In my life, I only have one wish. That is, I hope that you can live well. There are some things that I’m willing to hide for you when you were young, but right now, you’re still not able to find out for yourself. You don’t have the ability to.”

Gao Yanchen retorted, “Grandpa, I’ve grown up.”

Grandpa Gao sighed. “Do you not want me to send your father off before I close my eyes?”

Gao Yanchen could feel his grandfather’s fatigue and understood his feelings, but—

Gao Yanchen did not want to spend the rest of his life in a daze. He was only 18 years old this year. Was he going to spend the rest of his life in Bin City as though he was going to retire?

He said, “Grandpa, I want to choose my own life.”

Grandpa Gao looked at him for a while before saying, “Why don’t we make a bet?”

Gao Yanchen asked, “What?”

Grandpa Gao said, “You have had no patience since you were in primary school. No matter which industry you are in, you have not built anything. I can’t have faith in your abilities. If you can prove to me that you have the capability, I’ll tell you the truth.”

Gao Yanchen immediately said, “How do I prove it?”

Grandpa Gao said, “There are still six months before the college entrance examination. If you get into Huaxia University or Huazhong University, I’ll tell you the truth.”

Gao Yanchen wanted to say, “How is this possible?”

He had been wandering for 18 years. In this last half of the year, even if he did not eat or drink, he would not be able to get into Huaxia University that many people dream of!

However, Grandpa said, “Learning is a student’s job, and it is also the easiest thing in this world. When you enter society, you will realize that work and life are much more complicated than learning. If you don’t even have the ability to learn, why would I believe that you have the ability to face your parents’ difficulties?”

Grandpa Gao said earnestly, “Your parents were so outstanding back then. They died tragically and did not even have a complete corpse. If you’re not as outstanding as your parents, how can I trust you to go out and adventure? If you can’t get into Huaxia, you can stay in Bin City and never go anywhere in your life.”

Gao Yanchen knew that his grandpa always kept his word.

He even said, “I know. You’ve sought out that little girl to help you ask about this. I can put my words here. These are confidential doc.u.ments. Without my permission, no one will tell you the truth.”

Once Grandpa Gao reached a conclusion, he would not change his mind because of his bargain. Moreover, Sister Xi’s police officer was already very close to them and did not dare to tell the truth. It seemed that Grandpa Gao was right.

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Gao Yanchen had only one choice.

Old Master Xue did not speak.

Xue Sheng took a deep breath. “Dad, tell my brother to not go overboard. Otherwise, I won’t show any mercy!”

After he hung up, Xue Sheng’s expression turned solemn.

The company was a family business and there was such a problem. Every shareholder had to have their own company to be at ease. The second son’s people always made trouble and annoyed him, but he could not really chase them out.

After hanging up, he thought for a moment and looked at Xue Xi. “Xixi, I’ll send you to school.”

Xue Xi: “… Oh.”

Xue Sheng sent Xue Xi to the provision store, but the car did not leave and stopped not far away.

In the provision store.

Qian Sanjin was still diligently arranging breakfast. When the three of them were eating, Qian Xin asked, “Sister-in-law, that problem…”

Xue Xi took a bite of the bun and replied, “Oh, I still have to wait. I’m currently reading and studying relevant knowledge points. There are some things I’ve never come across before.”

Hearing this, the flame in Qian Sanjin’s heart extinguished.

When he saw how resolute his boss was, he really thought that his sister-in-law could calculate it. Now that he looked at it, he was indeed thinking too much!

Qian Xin smiled. “It’s fine even if you can’t calculate it.”

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