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Chapter 256 - Mathematical Modeling

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Chapter 256: Mathematical Modeling

The entire cla.s.sroom fell silent.

Li Hanlei looked at the gems on the ground. There were about ten to twenty of them. All of them were bigger and more colorful than the one Xue Xi was holding. This box was probably worth tens of millions, right?

Could they be real?

This was what the students thought.

Although they were all children from reputable families in Bin City, none of them could casually take a box of gems with them.

However, looking at those gems, they saw they were all crystal clear and shining under the sun. It did not seem like they were fake. Or rather, even if they were fake, they were still valuable.

Everyone gulped and Zhou Zhen said, “G.o.ddess, you, you, your box of gems is very valuable, right?”

Xue Xi shook her head. “It’s just a box of stones.”

Everyone: “…”

Everyone turned to look at Xue Yao’s fingers. That 50-point-percent gem suddenly appeared so small that it was not enough…

Xue Yao silently hid her hand in the drawer and removed her ring. She felt her cheeks turn red.

At the same time, she was also furious. Where did this Xue Xi get so many gems from? Moreover, she purposely poked it out when Xue Yao took out the ring to embarra.s.s her, right?!

Xue Xi ignored their thoughts and lowered her head as she spoke. She picked up the gems and placed them in the box.

She then looked at the ring in her hand and thought of returning it to the provision store after school.

After packing and sitting down, she picked up her phone and sent Jing Fei a WeChat message. Ever since Jing Fei handled the case last time, the two of them had added each other on WeChat so that they could contact each other.

Learning: “I wonder if you can use your system to investigate a car accident from six years ago?”

After sending this message, she thought about it again. Jing Fei was introduced to her by her teacher, Omnipotent Boss. Back then, it was Omnipotent Boss who asked Jing Fei to handle things for her at the examination hall, so Xue Xi sent him another message: “I want Jing Fei to help me investigate something. Will there be a problem?”

After she’d sent the two messages, Omnipotent Boss replied: “Use him as you please.”

Xue Xi: “…”

This word “use” was very unique.

But while Omnipotent Boss immediately replied, Jing Fei did not.

Xue Xi put her phone into her pocket.

After the last period, she took out her phone and realized that Jing Fei had sent her a message ten minutes ago. “No problem. Send the name over, but I’m on a flight right now. The signal is not good. I need to wait.”

So he was on a plane. No wonder the reply was a little slow.

Xue Xi sent him Little Flame’s parents’ names and put down her phone.

Jing Fei said that he had to wait for a while and slow down. However, after one period, a message was sent again: “Sister Xi, the information on these two people is encrypted. Ordinary police can’t access them.”

Xue Xi replied as she walked out: “Oh.”

Just as she was about to say that it was fine even if he could not find out, Jing Fei seemed to not want to wait for her message. He immediately replied: “But who am I? What can be considered difficult for me? Hehe, I have opened the secret files, but the things involved are too important. I can’t say it. I’m too afraid of Boss. If he doesn’t agree, I won’t dare to say it.”

Xue Xi: “?”

By “Boss,” he should be referring to Omnipotent Boss, right?

Why was Omnipotent Boss’s approval needed for her to know about the deaths of Little Flame’s parents?

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Thinking about this, Xue Xi realized she did not seem to know what Omnipotent Boss did. She only knew that the moguls in the group were all very afraid of him.

After replying, Xue Xi silently heaved a sigh of relief. She suddenly felt that it was not that unacceptable for Omnipotent Boss to tell Grandpa Gao.

Actually, no matter what it was, like if the parents had the opposite opinions, if they could calm down and have a good chat, some things could be discussed.

Xue Xi looked at the time again. It was only 12:15 PM.

There was still an hour before cla.s.s started. If she returned to the cla.s.sroom now, she would only be doing her own questions. However, the papers that the teacher had given her today were basically finished that morning…

Xue Xi turned around and walked out. She moved the ring in her hand, intending to return it to San Jin…

At this moment, in the provision store.

Qian Xin was staring at the piece of paper in his hand and had a headache. He would look up at Xiang Huai from time to time and could not help but shout, “Boss~”

The last syllable sounded cutesy, but with the northeastern accent and his stocky figure, it did not seem compatible at all.

Xiang Huai shot him a cold glance.

Qian Xin chuckled. “Boss, I’m not the only one in our G.o.d of Fortune Group. If we can’t handle this algorithm, we won’t be able to do our new research and development. Look, I’ve already found a few professors and they can’t even calculate it for me. Just help me!”

Xiang Huai sneered. “I’m not a mathematician.”

Qian Xin continued, “But you’re good at mathematics. Look, Country M’s technology is so much ahead of ours. I’m just anxious. Help me calculate it. It’s just a mathematical model. If you help me settle it, I’ll definitely not bother you in the future!”

Just as Xiang Huai was about to say something, his eyes flickered. He suddenly sat up and looked at the Buddhist scriptures in his hand.

At this moment, the curtains of the provision store were lifted. Xue Xi walked in. The moment she entered, she threw the ring to San Jin and looked at the stack of numbers in his hand.

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