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Young Master Yan

Chapter 255 - Little Flame's Investigation of the Truth

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Chapter 255: Little Flame’s Investigation of the Truth

Xue Xi paused and instinctively asked, “And?”

Gao Yanchen said, “And he didn’t say anything.”

Xue Xi: “…”

Gao Yanchen frowned. “The old man is very stubborn. If he doesn’t want to speak, no one can question him.”

Little Flame specially ran over to say these words to her. Xue Xi thought about it and asked, “Do you have any clues?”

As expected, Little Flame nodded. His red hair was still as arrogant as ever. “I’ve thought about it carefully. Our Gao family has always been kind to others. We’ve been in Bin City for so many years, and we’ve always helped our neighbors and other businesses. My grandfather is also very unambitious and never expands his family business. There are no compet.i.tors in the business world, so his insistence on keeping me safe is…”

Gao Yanchen frowned.

He used to live a carefree life. No matter what his grandfather taught him, he would always be happy. Things like compet.i.tions were not required for him to learn. If he wanted to play games, he would play games. If he wanted to, he would play. He would do whatever he wanted.

Hence, even now, he did not have any connections or ability to investigate anything.

However, he still knew about the Gao family’s a.s.sets. Hence, he had asked the butler about their enemies yesterday.

Gao Yanchen clenched his jaw. “After thinking about it, I suddenly remembered that when I was young, my grandfather did not indulge me like this. Although he loved me since I was young, he still had a limit. The old man even forced me to practice martial arts when I was young. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know martial arts now.”

At this point, he suddenly realized that his martial arts skills could not even last five moves in front of Xue Xi.

He choked and looked up to see that Xue Xi had no intention of mocking him. He then continued, “But the old man really started indulging me after my parents pa.s.sed away.

“I always thought that my grandpa felt that I was pitiful. But now that I think about it, the old man’s actions are indeed suspicious.”

He narrowed his eyes.

The two of them were talking under a tree beside the field. The leaves were yellow and the branches swayed. Gao Yanchen seemed to have entered his memories. His expression was a little distant. “Then I thought of my parents’ car accident.”

To Gao Yanchen, his parents were actually an elusive thing.

Because he’d rarely spent time with his parents when he was young.

His parents seemed to have been very busy at work. When they were not at home, the old man accompanied him.

Occasionally, when his parents returned, his mother would hug him and say that he was sorry they did not have time to accompany him. Meanwhile, his father would check on his homework solemnly.

Even so, he still had a vague impression of his parents. Without the photos at home, he basically could not recall their faces.

He did not know what his parents were busy with. At that time, their family background was not as good as it was now. The Gao family only had one business and their family was still living in a three-story villa.

One day, Grandpa suddenly returned home and told him that his parents had died in a car accident. He was only twelve years old.

He only saw his parents’ ashes and did not even see their corpses.

At that time, he had secretly checked online. There were many people in the world who died in car accidents every day.

Hence, he had never suspected anything.

Until yesterday—

Gao Yanchen slowly said, “Sister Xi, I suspect that this has something to do with the cause of my parents’ death. However, six years have pa.s.sed since this incident and it’s hard to find out. Moreover, my parents were in a car accident back then and they were in the capital. I don’t have many connections there.”

After saying that, he said, “I remember that you know a police officer named Jing Fei. The police system should be unified in the country. Can you ask him to help me ask about my parents?”

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Xue Xi nodded solemnly. “Okay.”

Li Hanlei shouted in envy, “Wow, three-carat. If it’s more pure, it’ll cost millions, right? Your mother will definitely keep it for you as dowry!”

Xue Yao did not speak.

Everyone looked at her in envy.

At this moment, Xue Xi walked in.

Seeing her, Li Hanlei shouted, “Actually, your family is still as rich as your mother’s. Unlike some people who don’t have money in their family, they look very shabby…”

After not seeing her for a month, Li Hanlei had already forgotten about the fear that Xue Xi had brought. Her mouth started to become cheap again.

Xue Xi knew that Li Hanlei was talking about her, but she felt bored. Hence, she walked to her seat. After taking two steps, she suddenly heard a voice behind her. “Xue Xi, there’s a ring on your pants!”

Xue Xi: “?”

She turned around and realized that the ring San Jin had lost today was actually hanging on her pants.

The corners of her lips twitched. She finally understood what Xiang Huai meant when he said that he often missed money!

She bent down and picked up the ring.

Everyone’s gaze landed on her hand.

Li Hanlei looked at the ruby that was reflecting light. It was the size of a pigeon egg and looked like it was five carats…

At this moment, a boy ran around in the cla.s.s and accidentally b.u.mped into Xue Xi’s table.

The box of gems that San Jin gave her today fell to the ground and scattered.

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