Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 254 - Your Enemy Is Here

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Chapter 254: Your Enemy Is Here

Xue Xi paused. She did not know if it was worth anything.

Just as she was feeling conflicted, a voice sounded. “Take it. He must have lost it again.”

Xiang Huai walked in from the backyard. He must have just taken a shower. His hair was still a little wet and he was drenched.

Thinking that this person had the habit of waking up early to train, Xue Xi did not mind.

Upon hearing Xiang Huai’s words, San Jin hurriedly said, “Sister-in-law, accept it. It’s not worth much, just a few broken stones!”

So they were just stones.

Xue Xi knew that some gems were very valuable, but there were also some stones that looked similar to gems. These stones were red and green, and there were transparent things that were similar to stones.

She accepted the box.

Just as she put it away, she heard a soft sound. She looked down and realized that the ring that San Jin was just wearing had actually fallen to the ground.

Xue Xi pointed at the ground. “Your ring…”

San Jin took a look and hurriedly lowered his head to pick it up. “Aiya, why did it drop again? Luckily you saw it, Sister-in-law. Otherwise, I would have lost money again! Sigh!”

Xue Xi: “…”

What did he mean?

Could it be that this person often lost money?

The corners of Xue Xi’s lips twitched.

San Jin turned to look at Xue Xi. “Sister-in-law, do you want to earn money?”

Xue Xi: “?”

Just as San Jin was about to say something, Xiang Huai walked over and inserted himself between him and Xue Xi. He then pointed at the table beside him and said, “Eat.”

San Jin obediently took the breakfast from Xue Xi’s hands and went to lay it out.

Xiang Huai said, “He’s very good at doing business and is also very lucky. He’s very good at earning money, but he has a unique trait.”

Xue Xi asked in confusion, “What?”

Xiang Huai: “… His fingers are too big so it’s easy for him to lose money.”

Xue Xi: “?”

After San Jin finished preparing breakfast, he said in northeastern Mandarin, “Sister-in-law, I’m a careless person. For example, if it weren’t for you, my ring would have fallen again! Sigh!”

After Xue Xi sat down, San Jin said, “Eh? Where’s the ring I just picked up?”

Xue Xi: “?”

She looked at San Jin’s hand. The ring was indeed gone.

This time, she did not even know where it was. It was simply undetected!

However, San Jin was used to it and sighed. “Forget it. I’ll get another one next time.”

He did not go out. Anyway, it was in this room.

Xue Xi said, “Let’s look for it later.”

San Jin shook his head. “It’s useless. It’s hard to find what I lost! Let’s eat! It’s not much anyway.”

Xue Xi nodded and sat down for breakfast.

San Jin’s manner of eating was also very rough, like that of a rough man. He ate one bun at a time and smacked his lips as he ate. “This breakfast is really delicious. No wonder Boss doesn’t want to go back. He stays here to eat and drink!”

Xiang Huai shot him a glance and San Jin shut his mouth.

Xue Xi glanced at Xiang Huai.

Go back… to where?

She suddenly realized that she had never understood Xiang Huai. For example, where was this person’s home? And were his parents still alive?

This person was really mysterious. The two of them had clearly been in contact for more than four months, but she actually knew nothing about Xiang Huai.

After dinner, San Jin asked Xue Xi, “Sister-in-law, what do you like? I’ll buy it for you.”

He sounded like a nouveau riche.

Xue Xi thought for a moment and said, “Queen’s study guide.”

San Jin: “?”

“Huanggang Worksheets.”

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Xiang Huai ignored him and asked calmly, “When are you leaving?”

“I’m not leaving!” Qian Sanjin acted shamelessly. “When you first founded the G.o.d of Fortune Corporation, you said that you’ll come back to manage it when you’re free. Now that you have nothing to do, you can go earn money!”

Xiang Huai shot him a cold glance. “Who said that I’m free?”

Qian Sanjin: “Aren’t you on leave? And it’s for half a year!”

Xiang Huai: “Yes.”

“Then aren’t you just being idle?”

“I’m not idle. I’m very busy.”

“Busy with what?”

Xiang Huai: “Chasing a girlfriend.”

Qian Sanjin: “…”

After a month, Xue Xi returned to school. Just as she entered the school, she saw many students looking at her.

She did not mind. When she entered the cla.s.sroom, she saw Xue Yao walking over. “Xue Xi, why isn’t Fan Han back yet?”

Xue Xi: “?”

She had finished her examination yesterday morning and returned in the afternoon. The rest still had a conclusion. Wasn’t it normal for them to not return?

She shot Xue Yao a glance and replied, “I don’t know.”

Xue Yao looked at her cold expression and said angrily, “How can you not know? Weren’t you going to the exam with them?”

Xue Xi could not be bothered with her. She returned to her seat and sat down. She instinctively looked forward. The seat belonging to the chatterbox was still empty.

The chatterbox would be doing the art examination in half a month. She would definitely not be able to come back for the time being.

She hoped that the chatterbox would study hard and pa.s.s.

When it was time for cla.s.s, she took notes seriously and planned to wait for the chatterbox to come back so she could tutor her.

During the lesson, Gao Yanchen arrived and the two of them went to the side. Gao Yanchen said, “Sister Xi, I went back last night and forced my grandpa to tell me about me…”

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