Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 253 - Hello Sister-in-law, I'm San Jin!

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Chapter 253: h.e.l.lo Sister-in-law, I’m San Jin!

For some reason, Xue Xi felt that Xiang Huai did not need her father’s protection.

Everyone said that Xiang Huai had fallen out with Qian Xin and Lu Chao and left the G.o.d of Fortune Group. However, Xue Xi, who was eating with the two of them, knew Lu Chao’s att.i.tude toward Xiang Huai very well.

Xiang Huai could do whatever he wanted with Lu Chao and was rude.

Lu Chao did not have any complaints. He seemed a little afraid of him, and because he was afraid of him, he was very polite to him.

Hence, Xiang Huai’s relationship with Qian Xin should not be as bad as everyone had imagined.

Just as she was about to speak, Old Lady Xue said again, “Son, think it through carefully! It’s not enough to use the entire Maosheng Group to fight with Qian Xin! Are you going to bring your family to bankruptcy?”

Before Xue Sheng could speak, Ye Li said, “Mom, if you think that Xue Sheng managing the company is a risk, then sell your shares to our family!”

Old Lady Xue paused. “What did you say?”

Ye Li stared at her. The woman who had earned a lot of money was rich and generous. She said, “Since you’re afraid of being implicated, go back and discuss with your second son. See how much your shares are worth and sell them to our family! In this way, we won’t implicate you even if we fall out with Qian Xin!”

Xue Sheng’s eyes lit up when he heard Ye Li’s words.

In the past two months, the company had made dividends. Coupled with Ye Li’s sale of the paintings, their family might really be able to buy Xue Gui and Old Lady Xue’s shares.

If he bought it back…

Xue Sheng thought about how Xue Gui’s people would always go against him. Without them, the company would become even better!

Ye Li had suffered. She had just earned money and wanted to compensate him.

However, he and Ye Li were a family and could not be separated. In order to make this family feel more comfortable, this could be considered as them trying to have a clearer relationship with the Xue family!

Xue Sheng nodded. “I think it’s fine.”

Unexpectedly, Old Lady Xue pointed at Ye Li angrily. “Alright, you have ill intentions. You’re determined to destroy our Xue family! Not only have we split up, but we must also split up our company? Xue Sheng, look at how well you’ve married!”

Xue Sheng was stunned.

What was his mother thinking? Why did she feel that Ye Li was harming him?

Xue Sheng could not understand Old Lady Xue’s thoughts.

He frowned and said, “Mom, why don’t you go back and ask Dad what he wants? Or should I call Dad and ask him to fetch you home?”

Old Lady Xue sneered. “Why do you think I am here? Qian Xin is coming to Bin City. How else can I know about this? How can I know who Qian Xin is?! This is your father’s intention!”

Xue Sheng’s pupils shrank.

Ye Li also tensed up.

Old Lady Xue sneered. “Anyway, I’ve already sent the message. Either you give the chairman position to your brother, or your family will replace that gigolo!”

After saying that, she stood up. “I’ll leave first. Son, consider it carefully!”

Even after she left the living room, Xue Sheng did not return to his senses.

Old Master Xue had always doted on him. He had always felt that the only reasonable person in the Xue family was Old Master Xue, but how could he…

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Just as Xue Sheng was thinking this, Song Wenman said, “Don’t let your thoughts go astray. Your father’s intention is to make you keep a distance from Xiao Xiang. If you’re doubtful, go make a phone call. Don’t let anyone pa.s.s a message between you and the old patriarch.”

She lifted the curtain and subconsciously looked at the counter when she entered. She saw that there was an unfamiliar man sitting at the place Xiang Huai usually sat.

The man looked rougher and had a thick gold necklace around his neck. He had a very expensive watch on his wrist and a gem ring the size of a pigeon’s egg on his finger. He was on the phone and sounded like he was from the northeast. “… Yes, that bed is too uncomfortable. Where are you? Get a custom-made mattress for Boss and send it over!”

“Also, the water here is actually ordinary mineral water. Bring a few buckets of mountain spring water over. Also, this provision store is too small! Get a few people, go to the side to discuss the store and expand it.”

“There’s also a plaque. Lu Chao is too perfunctory when it comes to work. Let’s change it to something else…”

Just as he said this, he heard someone coming. He said, “Wait a while. I have someone here.”

When he lifted his head and saw Xue Xi, he sized her up from head to toe before landing on the breakfast in her hands.

This person instantly stood up. “Sister-in-law?”

Xue Xi: “?”

After this person called her sister-in-law, he directly said to the other end of the line, “I still have other matters to attend to here. I’ll hang up first. We’ve already agreed that you don’t have to mess around with me. Give me the most expensive things here! Buy whatever is expensive!”

After hanging up, this person rushed over. “Sister-in-law, I’m San Jin[1]!”

After saying that, he fished out a box from his pocket and pa.s.sed it to her. “Sister-in-law, this is my greeting gift to you!”

Xue Xi lowered her head and saw San Jin open the box. There were actually more than ten different colored gems inside.

Xue Xi: “…”

[1] Translates to “three golds”

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