Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 251 - General Xiang's Little Kid Cannot Be Stopped!

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Chapter 251: General Xiang’s Little Kid Cannot Be Stopped!

Xue Xi, who was hiding in the distance, was a little anxious for the first time.

Why didn’t Little Flame ask? Why did he hide it?

However, it was useless for her to be anxious. Gao Yanchen did not speak at all. After saying a few inconsequential words to Feng Yan, the two of them walked backstage.

They did not care much about the interview panel at the front.

Without Feng Yan, the interview became meaningless.

Gao Yanchen and Xue Xi, who would be exposed, could definitely not accept an interview. That left Support Li, the top-laner, and Old w.a.n.g, as well as the retirement ceremony of the marksman who was still in the hospital.

When the support, Li He, mentioned the past, tears welled up in his eyes.

The atmosphere was extremely tragic.

However, this was the result every eSports player had to face in the end.

Support Li’s voice trembled. “I, Support Li, will go on in spirit. The spirit of eSports is eternal!”

The atmosphere at the scene reached its climax. Xue Xi stood in the crowd and saw so many people waving their light sticks as they shouted, “XH is immortal forever!”

She, who had always been cold, was a little touched.

As she looked down, she suddenly felt a darkness beside her.

Turning around, she saw Xiang Huai standing beside her and playing with his phone.

Xue Xi took a look. “What are you looking at?”

Xiang Huai pa.s.sed the phone to her. “Here, look at our couple thread.”

Xue Xi: “?”

She took the phone and saw that there was actually a topic on Weibo that said, “I’m leveling up every day.” When she opened it, she realized that the first thread was:

“The full name of this CP poster is: Study hard and level up on a daily basis. Since the topic can’t be pa.s.sed, I’ll take the last half. Let me explain, this is Learn and X’s CP!

“Although we don’t know who X is, because the first letter in Xiang is X, we used Xiang~ Let everyone know that Learn is the new Law King of XH while X is the man who dominated the gaming world back then. Back then, he said that he would definitely not play eSports. Now that the truth is out, what made our X return to the gaming world? Is it a love for eSports? No, it’s because of love!

“Everyone, please take a look! During the compet.i.tion, did the cap on X look familiar?! That’s right, it’s the cap that Learn wore during the compet.i.tion! And today’s Learn did not wear a hat!”


Everyone had transformed into Sherlock Holmes and looked for sweet clues in the details.

Xue Xi’s lips twitched as she looked at the posts.


She looked at Xiang Huai in confusion. “Are you very good at gaming? They seem to know X.”

Xiang Huai finally heaved a sigh of relief. The little kid must have discovered his strength again, right? He smiled. “I’m alright. I’ve taken over a few national servers before. I don’t only know how to date.”

Xue Xi: “…”

This person must have heard her complaining to the chatterbox!

After everything was settled, the retired Support Li and top-laner returned to the backstage. At that moment, CM had yet to leave. Tao Wei saw them and said in an annoying manner, “If you guys leave, the championship for next year will definitely be ours!”

Support Li and the top-laner exchanged glances. Both of them looked at Tao Wei at the same time. They moved their wrists and slowly walked toward him.

Tao Wei exclaimed, “What are you doing?!”

Support Li said, “Hitting someone.”

Tao Wei: “If you guys. .h.i.t me, you’ll be banned from competing!”

After saying this, he suddenly realized that something was amiss. They had already been banned from competing!

Following that, there were only screams left!

The finals ended. The next day, Xue Xi also left the reluctant eSports club to take part in the examination.

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That’s right. Today was the National Olympic Compet.i.tion’s CMO examination!

Feng Yan: “…”

The rest: “…”

If she asked to, Qin Shuang would probably be frightened out of her wits.

The few of them did not speak further, but when Qin Shuang silently heaved a sigh of relief, Xue Xi and Gao Yanchen exchanged glances.

After eating, the few of them prepared to take the nanny van and go home.

Feng Yan sent them off while sending Qin Shuang to school.

Feng Yan would settle in the capital in the future. When he sent them off, he smiled at Gao Yanchen. “Xiao Chen, I’ll wait for you in the capital.”

Gao Yanchen nodded.

The car soon reached the highway. Seeing that the capital was getting farther and farther away and Bin City was getting closer, Xue Xi suddenly missed their three-story villa.

She had been away for a month and did not know how her family was doing.

Only then did she realize that unknowingly, she had already treated the place where her parents were as home.

When they reached Bin City, the sky was already dark.

The nanny van sent the few of them back to the Xue family’s villa before sending Xiang Huai back to the provision store. Seeing that they were about to arrive, Xue Xi put down the English vocabulary book in her hand and asked Gao Yanchen, “Why didn’t you ask Feng Yan?”

Gao Yanchen looked into the distance. “He won’t tell me even if I asked.”

Xue Xi paused.

Gao Yanchen sat up straight. “Sister Xi, after this, I’m going to investigate what exactly happened. Will you help me?”

Xue Xi nodded. “Okay.”

The few of them got out of the car and pushed their luggage in. When they entered, they saw that the living room was lit up, as though it was guiding them in the dark. It made one feel warm.

Just as Xue Xi and Ye Li entered, they heard Old Lady Xue’s voice coming from the room. “Son, you have to give up the position of chairman to Xue Gui! Because Qian Xin is here! Your son-in-law offended Qian Xin and was chased out of the company by Qian Xin. This is something that the whole Bin City knows!”

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