Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 250 - Brother, Thank You

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Chapter 250: Brother, Thank You

The interview seat was on one side of the stage. There were no seats below, so people stood there and watched, most of whom were XH fans.

At this moment, these fans, male or female, all had red eyes. They looked at Feng Yan and were speechless.

The male fans’ eyes turned sour and they kept a straight face while the female fans covered their mouths and were crying.

Xue Xi paused and did not know what had happened.

Gao Yanchen looked at Feng Yan.

The host seemed to be shocked by Feng Yan’s words. He asked, “What did you say?”

Feng Yan was still as elegant as before. A good-looking man would always have an advantage. His voice was still warm and mellow as he slowly said, “I said, the five people in XH are going to retire from today.”

Gao Yanchen, who was about to walk over, paused in his tracks when he heard this. He looked at him in disbelief.

Gao Yanchen widened his eyes.

A fan below shouted, “Great Demon King, don’t you want us anymore?!”

The host also asked, “So, including you?”

Feng Yan nodded. “Yes.”

He lowered his eyes and raised the trophy in his hand. “I’m lucky. I retired at the peak of Glory. I’m luckier than Old w.a.n.g and the marksman.”

Both of them were forced to retire.

The fans below shouted, “No, Demon, you’re not allowed to retire!”

The host also asked, “Are you going to retire because your comrades have already retired?”

Feng Yan shook his head. “No, it’s for my personal reason.”

The fans below instantly shouted, “What personal reasons? Why? Demon King, we love you so much. How can you not want us?!”

Feng Yan lowered his eyes. He took the microphone from the host and looked ahead. “Five years ago, on the first of February, the XH team was formed. I became one of them.”

At this point, he looked at Gao Yanchen through the sea of people.

“Three years ago today, I took my first championship cup, and this year, I’ve won four consecutive championships. But actually, I don’t really love eSports. All these years, what some of the anti-fans said about me are true. I didn’t put in any effort.”

The moment he said this, the fans widened their eyes in shock.

Feng Yan calmly said, “I’ve let you guys down.”

The fans started crying. Someone even shouted, “No, we just like your nonchalance. Since we like your nonchalance, you should win four more consecutive championships!”

Feng Yan was the Great Demon King in the industry.

If some liked him, there would definitely be others who were his professional anti-fans.

Someone made a video clip of Feng Yan where some things were pointed out. Feng Yan could clearly do better at times, but it could be felt that he did not use his full strength.

Now, everyone understood.

It turned out that he did not like this line of work.

The host was also stunned. This was the first time that a professional gamer had said that he did not like this industry. He asked, “Then why did you enter this industry?”

Feng Yan smiled. “To help my younger brother fulfill his dream.”

He looked at Gao Yanchen and raised the trophy in his hand. “Five years ago, I angered him and deliberately threw him away. I wanted to use four trophies to exchange for his forgiveness.”

The moment he said this, Gao Yanchen’s eyes turned red.

He clenched his fists and looked at Feng Yan in shock.

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Yes, yes…

Gao Yanchen covered his eyes, hiding the moisture inside.

“Xiao Chen.”

Feng Yan’s words suddenly came from behind.

Gao Yanchen hurriedly wiped the tears from his eyes and slowly stood up. He slowly turned around and saw the four medals in his hands.

The trophy was taken back every year. Only the medals were his, and they’re also the symbol of his glory.

Feng Yan placed the medals in his hands. “Your four consecutive championships.”

Gao Yanchen could no longer hold it in and tears fell without warning!

Feng Yan became nervous and said in a panic, “Xiao Chen, I’m sorry.”

Gao Yanchen hurriedly said, “I’m the one who let you down!”

Why was he such a jerk? He misunderstood his brother’s good intentions.

As it concerned someone’s life, Feng Yan’s concealment was indeed very important!

Gao Yanchen received the four medals and gripped them tightly.

The medals had been held by Feng Yan. When it reached his palm, it was still warm, but it felt as though it had been ironed to his heart.

Gao Yanchen slowly clenched his fists and slowly said, “Thank you, Brother.”

Feng Yan rubbed his head and smiled. “There’s no need for thanks between us.”

Gao Yanchen nodded. “What will you do when you stop playing eSports?”

Feng Yan lowered his eyes and said, “I originally intended to leave immediately, but the new members in the team are not up to scratch yet. There are still more than three months of training before the next season. I plan to be a coach in the team and nurture the new members.”

After saying this, he continued, “After all, you invested in the club. We can’t lose money, right?”

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