Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 25

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Chapter 25: A Big Shot Came to Bin City


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The provision shop fell silent at this.

Half a beat later: “Pfft.”

Xiang Huai burst out laughing again. He bent down, lowering his head to her level. Staring at the girl’s pristine, fair skin, he purposely moved closer before saying, “Little kid, what do you think?”

Right after performing this amorous flirting, he waited for the girl to blush in embarra.s.sment and shyness, but unexpectedly—

Xue Xi blinked her large eyes with a lost expression. She ignored the man’s breath by her ears and pondered this somberly.

As though she was a studious student seeking help from her teacher, she answered, “The stages of a relationship should be confession, then holding hands, followed by kissing, hugging, and finally…”

At this point, she turned to look at him in astonishment.

Xiang Huai: “?”

Her dark irises seemed to constrict as her misty eyes colored with incomprehension. While her face remained stoic, she was actually thinking inside that if Xiang Huai dared to request her to sleep with him, she would immediately serve him a dish of army boxing!

The two were in such close proximity to each other that their breaths mingled.

Under her glare, Xiang Huai retracted his gaze and stuffed his hands into his pocket. He then slowly stood back up and said in an exasperated tone, “Don’t worry. Go to school.”

Don’t worry about what?

Xue Xi silently rebuked inside. Still, she picked up her bag and decided to proceed with caution. At least, she did not feel repulsed by the notion of holding hands for now.

She did not notice a certain person’s ears being dyed in a deep red…

Lu Chao had already hidden in the corner, trying to reduce his presence as lowly as possible.

As the person who had witnessed his boss trying but failing at flirting, he wondered, Am I going to be silenced?

The moment Xue Xi stepped into the cla.s.sroom, she already saw her cla.s.smates pointing fingers at her. The words “keeping a toyboy” entered her ears.

When she turned her head over, the few people gossiping promptly shut their mouths.

Someone even said softly, “Hurry and stop talking. What will we do if we offend her and the Roaring Flame Society comes for us?”


This was the first time Xue Xi found those few Flames to be useful. At least, they allowed her ears to remain much cleaner.

After six periods were over, she had started packing up to move to the Olympiad extra when the Flames from the Roaring Flame Society came over again. Gao Yanchen crossed his arms and stood at the side while Flame Number One sat on Qin Shuang’s seat to speak.

“Sister Xi, are you going to cla.s.s again?”

When she did not answer, he continued, “Are you going to request us to stay here, revise, and do our homework?”

Xue Xi: “Yes.”

Flame Number One instantly revealed a slack expression. “Huh? Brother Chen, what should we do?!”

Gao Yanchen was also dumbstruck. Do homework? He did not like the idea at all, but when he saw the girl’s calm expression, he quickly responded, “She is the boss now, so listen to her!”

This resulted in a series of groans from the Flames as they all dejectedly walked out.

“And here I wanted to go watch a movie!”

“Me too. I wanted to go play basketball!”

Gao Yanchen kicked the few complaining. “I’ll check your homework tomorrow. We must fulfill the Boss’s orders.”

“…Brother Chen, does copying homework work?”

“What do you think?”

The few people left just as quickly as they arrived. Xue Xi watched them disappear at the entrance and could only swallow the words “no need” that she had yet to utter.

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She was stupefied.

He could not help but mockingly think to himself, Her results for the Mathematical Olympiad are indeed very terrible. That must be why Old Liu gave her such foundational questions, right?

The Math Star Compet.i.tion is this week, so I must definitely score better than she does and show her what true abilities really are!

The two periods for the Mathematics Olympiad flew by in the blink of an eye.

Xue Xi did not leave immediately. When she finished the last question and looked up, she found that everyone else had already left.

She packed up her books and returned to her cla.s.sroom to retrieve her bag.

Along the way, she kept thinking about the last question and whether she had utilized anything out of the scope of the syllabus. Like this, she dazedly walked into the cla.s.sroom.

Just as she entered, she was almost knocked backward by a girl who was rushing out.

She looked up and fleetingly saw the girl’s eyes. The girl glared hatefully at her, then quickly left.

Was that Qin Shuang?

She was confused but had a feeling that it was not her…

After Xue Xi and Xue Yao had returned home and were having dinner, Old Master Xue picked up a call. When he returned, his expression had turned solemn as he spoke to Xue Sheng. “I know why Elder Gao is not accepting any gifts now.”

Xue Sheng hurriedly inquired, “Why?”

The old patriarch sat down and pondered for a while before saying, “I received some internal news that a big shot has arrived at Bin City!”

Old Lady Xue was very curious. “What kind of big shot?”

The old patriarch shook his head. “I don’t know his exact ident.i.ty, but Elder Gao is very polite to him, so he is definitely not an ordinary person. On our side, we shouldn’t stand out too much for the time being.”

“Yes,” Xue Sheng acknowledged, then continued asking, “Dad, do you know this person’s name? If we happen to meet him, we should take care to not accidentally offend him.”

The old man nodded. “I was just about to speak on this. Next time, if anyone hears this person’s name, remember to not offend him.”

Right after he said this, Xue Xi put her chopsticks down and looked at him with a serious look.

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