Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 249 - Giving Flowers!

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Chapter 249: Giving Flowers!

The coach left feeling light-headed. As he went, he still felt that he was dreaming.

X was actually joining their XH team to play in an eSports compet.i.tion?

This was too mysterious!

Indeed, just as the coach had said, the official gave an exception to their sudden request to switch to another eSports player.

The officials looked at the XH coach with pity in their eyes. They felt that they were really unlucky this year.

Why did they have to get into a car accident?

The three-time champion had already become a celebrity team with a lot of attention. That was equivalent to being the top in the eSports scene.

Even the officials felt that it was a pity for them.

Hence, they comforted him. “It’s fine. Everything is a blessing in disguise. Don’t be afraid. Sigh, tell me, what’s the new ID you’re adding?”

The coach raised his chin slightly. “X.”

Official: “??”

The official was stunned. “What?”

The officials had been in this industry for many years. They naturally knew who X was. Because of this player’s caliber, the officials even thought that he was an AI!

An official had even asked X to hand over his ID card and even especially weakened a certain character he used. Just because he was too strong, it severely affected the balance of the POG game.

At that time, X’s att.i.tude was very strong, as if saying if I don’t give you my ident.i.ty card, are you guys going to seal my account? Then I’ll report you.

X was also a standard solo warrior. This made the POG world feel a headache. If you want to work with him, he won’t even care.

However, after X stopped playing games, the POG world started to miss him.

He did not expect XH to actually call X to play reserve!

This is too awesome!

The coach raised his chin even higher. “Yes, you didn’t hear wrongly. It’s him! Hurry up and write it. We’re going on stage soon.”

“Ah, alright, alright.”

The compet.i.tion was about to start and the few people from XH were also going on stage.

On the way up, Xue Xi did not look at the English vocabulary book anymore because they were discussing tactics. As the few of them chatted, Xue Xi listened attentively.

Xiang Huai followed behind her and suddenly took off her white baseball cap. Xue Xi’s black hair was tied into a ponytail. She was originally wearing this baseball cap, but now that he had removed it, her hair drifted behind her.

Xiang Huai put on her baseball cap.

Xue Xi paused and turned to look at him.

Xiang Huai smiled. “You look younger like this.”

Xue Xi: “…”

When they reached the compet.i.tion stage, there was a segment where they greeted everyone.

The CM team was the first to go on stage. After Tao Wei said those vicious words, he walked past XH and glanced at Xiang Huai. Then, he laughed and said in a volume that even XH could hear, “Are all eSports players chosen based on their looks? Why haven’t I seen this new reserve before? He looks so good. Are they planning to nurture him into a celebrity? But in the eSports scene, if he doesn’t have the capability, he won’t be able to attract girlfriend fans.”

Everyone turned to look at him in anger.

Tao Wei sneered and left.

Due to the fact that they could not get on the list for this compet.i.tion and that there were new players, everyone did not think highly of XH. Hence, when XH went on stage, the fans who were off the stage were very worried.

Xue Xi specially looked below the stage and realized that Ye Li was sitting in the VIP area. When Ye Li saw her, she even waved her two light sticks and greeted her.

Xue Xi also smiled at her. When she smiled, she realized that she was wearing a mask and her mother could not see her.

After the few of them bowed, they walked to the eSports table and sat down.

CM Fighting Team.

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Tao Wei put on his earphone and started speaking. “That newcomer is so good-looking. His skills are definitely not good.”

Xue Xi mistakenly thought that the other party was making a sacrifice, so she decided to rush up to make up for the damage. She had calculated that using Xiang Huai’s death, she could kill four people!

Xiang Huai, who had originally intended to use up their health points and escape unscathed: “??”

He was still holding a Displacement Skill in his hand. His calculations were perfect. After finishing a set of skills, he would be able to escape unscathed. However, if he left now, he would have to let the little kid take the damage from the five of them.

Xiang Huai hesitated for a moment before giving up.

He was first killed while the other four were killed by the little kid. The rest of the XH team members came over and killed the last person.

XH sacrificed Xiang Huai alone in exchange for the other party’s annihilation!

The four of them pushed the crystal, and victory was right in front of them.

Xue Xi turned to look at Xiang Huai, who had fallen to the ground. For some unknown reason, she suddenly stopped and circled around his corpse twice.

Xue Xi recalled that the chatterbox had once said that special effects could be bought in the game.

In any case, the other three going ahead would be enough. They would definitely win this round. Hence, she simply stood on the spot and used money on the compet.i.tion ground. Beside Xiang Huai’s corpse, she offered dozens of flowers.

Everyone: “?”

One flower cost three yuan. When she was competing with Sweetheart, she could not bear to use a single flower. Now that she was giving it to Xiang Huai, she offered more than a hundred flowers in the blink of an eye.

If it were not for the crystal bag, she would have given more!

Xiang Huai: “…”

There was no doubt that XH had obtained an absolute victory in this compet.i.tion!

Amid the crowd’s cheers, the people from XH walked backstage. They wanted to touch up their appearance and receive the award later.

After he was done making himself presentable, the captain, Feng Yan, went to the front stage to accept an interview.

No one knew what he had said, but there was a sudden burst of noise outside. The entire venue was in a mess.

Xue Xi and Gao Yanchen looked at each other and hurriedly returned to the front stage, only to see…

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