Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 248 - X!!!

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Chapter 248: X!!!

The scene suddenly quietened down.

By the time everyone had returned to the waiting room, the coach had already finished negotiating with the staff. The coach stared at the top-laner and scolded, “Why are you so useless! They refused to let you fight before the compet.i.tion!”

The person in charge lowered his head in guilt. “It’s all my fault for being too impulsive.”

However, the moment he remembered that it was Tao Wei who had caused the car accident… and caused them, who were at the peak of their careers, to fall into a deep pit, the person in charge could not help but tear up.

They could have fought for another three years, or even double that. If they did not have any professional illness, they could have fought for another three years… They had won three consecutive championships, but now, their careers had been forcefully ruined.

Even Support Li and Xiao Kai did not return to their senses, let alone blame the top-laner.

Xiao Kai could not empathize with the seniors, but he also knew that he was the next candidate to be nurtured. He originally had at least two years to grow.

However, this year… he had been forcefully promoted. The result was that his mentality collapsed.

No one spoke in the training room.

The atmosphere was low.

Looking at them, the coach was speechless. If not for his ident.i.ty, he would have beaten Tao Wei up since the others were unable to vent their anger!

The coach’s eyes turned red as well. He sighed deeply and looked at Xiao Kai. “We don’t have enough people now. How can we go on stage? Xiao Kai, you…”

Xiao Kai bit his lip. “Coach, I-I only know how to play marksman!”

He had never trained as a top-laner before.

The coach then turned to look at Gao Yanchen… then looked away. Shooters were the most important position. When Xiao Kai started playing, it was originally the team’s shortcoming. Now, it was impossible for him to continue playing marksman.

He turned to look at Xue Xi… This person was omnipotent. She was originally a marksman, but after playing as a mage, she should have no problem with another role.


If Xue Xi went to play another role, what about Old w.a.n.g’s spot?!

The coach was at a loss.

The team originally lacked people, but now it was even more the case.

In the past, the XH team did not have a reserve because the five people who went on stage were the strongest. Not having a reserve, they were even hailed by the fans, saying that this showed their confidence.

However, this confidence had now become a hindrance to them.

Just as the coach was thinking this, Gao Yanchen suddenly turned to look at Xue Xi. “Sister Xi, where’s Brother Xiang?”

Gao Yanchen had played with Xiang Huai before. Seeing that his ID was “X,” he knew that he was the expert from back then. If only Xiang Huai could make up for his position…

Xue Xi paused when she heard this.

She then reacted and asked in confusion, “You want him to fill up the seat?”

Gao Yanchen nodded.

Xue Xi thought for a moment. “Sure.”

Feng Yan was stunned.

Asking General Xiang to play in an eSports compet.i.tion? Back then, after X became an Omnipotent King, every eSports club had invited him, but unfortunately, X rejected them.

He’d never played eSports.

How could he agree?

As he had this thought, Xue Xi ended the call and hung up. “He’s coming.”

Feng Yan: “??”

General Xiang, you’ve changed!

The previously cold and heartless iron-faced was actually listening to Sister Xi now?

The corners of his lips twitched.

The coach was still in doubt. “Who is it? Will it be alright?”

Before Gao Yanchen could speak, Xue Xi said, “Mhm. Although he’s a little old and doesn’t play well, the four of us will take good care of him.”

Just as the coach was about to say something, Xue Xi continued, “We can only do this now. We don’t know if anyone is on the same side as us. Only he is more reliable.”

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Gao Yanchen: “?”

Xue Xi did not think that there was anything wrong with her words and continued nodding. “However, don’t be afraid when it’s time to attack. Just charge ahead. If you die, we’ll make up for the damage.”

Feng Yan: “…”

Giving permission for General Xiang to take the lead?

That was General Xiang!!!

Who dared to speak to him in such a tone?!

He thought that Xiang Huai was going to be angry, but this person still said, “Fine, I’ll let my little kid protect me.”

Everyone: “…”

Are you joining an eSports compet.i.tion, or are you here to flirt?!

The rest of the people’s lips twitched. The coach also said helplessly, “Tell me your game ID. I’ll go tell the authorities about the change.”

Sigh, this random person looked a little unreliable. Could it be that right as they had finally reached the finals, they were still going to lose the championships by being short of hands?!

Just as he was thinking this, he saw Xiang Huai look at him and say, “X.”

The coach: “…”

Coach: “?”

He felt that he must have heard wrongly. He looked at Xiang Huai in surprise. “What?”

Xiang Huai could not be bothered with him.

Feng Yan said, “You didn’t hear wrongly. Hurry up and go!”

Coach: “!!!”

His eyes widened as he looked at Xiang Huai in disbelief. “Yes, yes!”


No wonder Feng Yan appeared so calm. So this person was actually X!!!

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