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Young Master Yan

Chapter 247 - The Truth!

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Chapter 247: The Truth!

Xue Xi calmly replied, “Not bad.”

Xiao Kai: “…”

He opened his mouth and wanted to ask how many marks she had scored, but he was wary of Xue Xi’s face and did not dare to ask. Just as he was in a dilemma, Gao Yanchen asked, “How many marks?”

Xue Xi: “310.”

She had also correctly answered the additional question, so the total score was 300 plus 10 points. However, this was a little awkward, so she simply said 310 points.

Xiao Kai: “??”

Sister Xi’s results were indeed not good. Otherwise, why did she forget that the full marks were 300?

This random nonsense was already too much!

Xiao Kai said, “The full marks…”

Before he could finish speaking, Support Li tugged and glared at him. “Sister Xi is just making up a score. What are you doing, still trying to clarify?! Do you not want to give Sister Xi face?!”

Xiao Kai instantly understood what Support Li was saying, so he immediately shut his mouth and praised, “Not bad, not bad. This score is not bad!”

Gao Yanchen’s lips twitched when he saw how the drama queens were behaving. “Sister Xi, isn’t the full marks 300?”

Xue Xi: “Oh, I answered the additional question correctly and got 10 points added.”

After saying that, she walked toward the training room.

Gao Yanchen peered at the shocked faces of his teammates and followed her in proudly.

Feng Yan: … It’s Xue Xi who scored full marks. Why are you being so arrogant?

Soon, they reached the finals.

After this period of practice, Xue Xi slowly understood what team spirit was. Among the team, Xiao Kai was a happy one and had a bad temper. However, because he was a child, his words always made others laugh.

Support Li was more focused.

The top-laner was relatively quiet and did not like to speak much.

There was no need to mention Gao Yanchen and Feng Yan. Xue Xi was more familiar with them, and this was the first time Xue Xi experienced how it felt to trust her teammates in the game.

Old w.a.n.g did not follow them. With his arm, he could no longer play. He stayed in the team only because he wanted to take care of everyone’s emotions.

Xiao Kai, on the other hand, had to follow the coach’s instructions to watch the scene and acc.u.mulate experience from the others’ battle.

The group compet.i.tion was held in small venues and there were fewer people. The coach was initially worried that Xue Xi would be nervous, but he later realized that it was fine.

However, today was different. This was a ten-thousand-man field. It was held in the gymnasium, and one could see a patch of people in the huge area.

The coach looked worriedly at the two newbies. He thought that this was Xue Xi and Gao Yanchen’s first time being in such a huge place. Just as he was about to comfort them, he saw—

Xue Xi was silently reading the English vocabulary book as she followed them. She did not waste any time studying while walking.

Gao Yanchen was even less nervous. His arrogant red hair was covered by a black baseball cap. He was wearing a mask, so it was hard to tell what he looked like. His slanted eyes were filled with uninhibitedness, and he exuded a love and antic.i.p.ation for the battlefield. Everything about him spoke the words: “Why aren’t you starting the compet.i.tion yet? I can’t wait to get at CM.”

The coach: “…”

Alright, he was worrying too much. That’s true. How could two people like them know what it meant to be nervous?

They entered the lounge.

Xue Xi picked up her phone and took a look. She realized that Ye Li had sent a message: “Xixi, I’m already sitting in the VIP seat with Xiang Huai. I’ll watch your exciting performance later!”

Ye Li knew that today was the grand finals and she had to rush over no matter what. Hence, Xiang Huai automatically went to the airport to fetch her and brought her to the venue.

Xue Xi’s eyes turned gentle as she replied: “Okay.”

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Just as she was about to send it out, she paused and added: “Okay. Thank you, Mom.”

When she was reading the words, she saw Gao Yanchen speak to Feng Yan. “Brother, after the compet.i.tion is over, you should tell me the truth!”


Xue Xi blinked. What truth?

She looked up in confusion and saw that Feng Yan was silent.

Just as she was about to say something, a shout came from the washroom outside.

Thinking that the top-laner had just gone to the washroom, the few of them hurriedly stood up and walked out. They saw the top-laner’s face turning red while the CM team’s Tao Wei’s face had turned green.

A staff walked over and looked at the top-laner. “eSports players can’t hit people. No matter the reason, you’re not allowed to play today!”

The staff directly banned the top-laner from playing. The coach followed the staff to speak up for hin. Feng Yan walked over to the top-laner and asked, “What happened?”

While others were not paying attention, the top-laner had been rushed by Tao Wei, and he threw a punch at him!

However, he was pulled away again.

The top-laner shouted angrily, “Captain, they did it on purpose!”


Supporting Li was also furious!

The professional players and staff of XH turned to look at Tao Wei in anger. Everyone was itching to make a move, as though they were going to rush forward at any moment!

At this moment, Feng Yan revealed Tao Wei’s scheme in one sentence. “He purposely did it before the compet.i.tion so that everyone will act up and the compet.i.tion will be canceled. That way, CM will be able to clinch the championship!”

His words made everyone calm down.

Although they were still angry, the compet.i.tion came first!

The top-laner also came to his senses and was stunned. “But I’m banned from competing. How are you guys going to fight?!”

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