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Young Master Yan

Chapter 246 - Teammate Love

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Chapter 246: Teammate Love

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However, he was the youngest among the group. The rest of the team members were all seniors. No one had ever come across such a team member who still had to go back for an examination midway.

Xiao Kai continued, “F*ck, Sister Xi, don’t take it to heart. We’re playing eSports now, and we’re lagging behind. When we win the championship, you can go back and study hard. If you can’t catch up, we’ll find a tutor for you. You’ll definitely get 100 marks!”

Xue Xi took the cake and sat on the sofa. After taking a bite, she answered, “… The full marks are 300.”

Xiao Kai sat opposite her. “Then study hard. It won’t be a problem for you to score 250!”

Old w.a.n.g: “?”

Support Li: “?”

The few of them looked at each other and glared at Xiao Kai. “When you were in school, did you ever score two hundred and fifty marks out of three hundred? And why does it sound like you’re looking down on others when you say scoring two hundred and fifty is easy?”

Xiao Kai paused and quickly changed his tone. “Sister Xi, actually, I think it’s already very impressive to score 150 marks!”

Xue Xi had recently realized that she could not always use her standards to judge others with.

For the Math Olympiad, one hundred and fifty marks was indeed impressive. Hence, she nodded. “Yes, I think so too.”

Xiao Kai: “?”

When Xiao Kai was in school, his studies were not good, but if he didn’t score full marks for the other subjects, he could at least get 80 marks. But looking at Sister Xi’s meaning, couldn’t she get 150 marks?

Hence, he lowered the standard again. “I think getting 100 marks is very impressive!”

Xue Xi: “… That is a little bad.”

Xiao Kai echoed with a smile, “Yes, that’s a little bad.”

Gao Yanchen, who had been standing by the side, twitched his lips when he saw them. How could Sister Xi not do well?

A score of 288 is normal for her, alright?

Look at these country b.u.mpkins, they don’t have any knowledge at all! How could they be as steady as him!

He coughed and shot a glance at Feng Yan. He puffed out his chest. “Brother, I’ve grown up. I’m not shy at all!”

Feng Yan: “…”

A certain someone seemed to have forgotten that when he was in Bin City International High School, he had brought the members of the Roaring Flame Society to vote for Xue Xi. After the scores were out, he’d tried to control the a.s.sessment.

After finishing the cake, it was time for the training compet.i.tion.

After five hours, the support, Li He, could not take it anymore. Hence, he and Old w.a.n.g went for treatment.

Gao Yanchen had finally entered the professional team and could finally start playing games. His hands were warm and he was having a good time playing. Hence, he said, “Brother, Sister Xi, shall we continue the third row?”

Xue Xi did not mind. She replied, “Okay.”

Coincidentally, she also needed to practice communicating and cooperating.

However, Feng Yan was a little hesitant. He moved his stiff shoulders and suddenly smiled. “You guys play first. I’ll go get busy.”

Gao Yanchen could not be bothered to manage the club’s matters. Hence, after buying it at a high price, he handed it over to Feng Yan to manage. He spent every day on the computer.

The past half a month was the happiest time of his life.

He waved. “Alright, hurry up and go back. The two of us need to train and cooperate!”

Feng Yan nodded and smiled. “Sure.”

After he left the training room, Feng Yan’s expression suddenly darkened. Cold sweat broke out on his forehead. He looked down at his hands and saw that his fingers were trembling…

The coach frowned and looked at him. “Are you alright?”

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Feng Yan lifted his eyes to glance at the coach. His cold eyes were filled with determination. “No problem.”

After the treatment was over, he went downstairs.

Just as he reached the entrance of the training room, he saw Xiao Kai sticking his head out.

Seeing him, Feng Yan paused. He walked over and patted Xiao Kai’s shoulder. “What’s wrong?”

The young shooter instantly turned around and shushed him. He pointed at Xue Xi, who was standing at the staircase answering a call, and said, “Sister Xi and the rest got their results out pretty quickly. It’s only been a few hours and the results are out. Her teacher is calling her now!”

Feng Yan: “…Oh.”

The physiotherapist had treated Support Li, Old w.a.n.g, and the top-laner earlier that night. Support Li said, “If she didn’t score well, how are you going to coax her when she cries later?”

“Why don’t we give her a bouquet?”

“How about having hotpot tonight? It’ll be more lively and her mood will become better.”

Xiao Kai thought for a moment. “Ah, Brothers, stop talking. Sister Xi is back! Look at her expression. There’s no surprise! She’s very calm. She must have done badly and is pretending to be strong, right?”

Gao Yanchen, who had just arrived: “??”

Xiao Kai racked his brains and thought, “Aiya, when Sister Xi first came to the team, I was still targeting her. Thinking about it, I’m a jerk. What should I do with such a good sister?”

Old w.a.n.g was also in a dilemma. “I’ve been single for twenty years. I’ve only come across keyboards and never touched women!”

Support Li scratched his head. “You speak as though we’ve only just met each other. No one from our team has never been in love before, right?”

While they were in a dilemma, Xue Xi had already walked over and was slightly taken aback when she saw them. “Why?”

Support Li took a step back.

Old w.a.n.g and the top-laner also took a step back.

Gao Yanchen and Feng Yan were originally late, but they were standing at the back. When the three of them retreated, Xiao Kai, who was exposed in front: “?”

Xiao Kai turned around and glared at them, then smiled at Xue Xi. “Sister Xi, Sister Xi, how did you do?”

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