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Young Master Yan

Chapter 245 - Mock Exam~

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Chapter 245: Mock Exam~

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From Bin City International High School, there were only two people who came to the Golden Autumn Camp. Fan Han and Xue Xi.

Previously, Xue Xi, Xiang Huai, and Li Xuekai had always been together. Although Fan Han was good in mathematics, he was still a little inferior to them.

He could only watch her silently. He steeled his heart and did his best to answer the questions, wanting to catch up to her.

This girl, who used to be her fiancée, was getting further and further away from him.

But she actually stopped cla.s.s midway and went to play eSports?

What the h.e.l.l was this?

Fan Han felt that it was a waste of her talent in mathematics!

Xue Xi shot him a glance and did not speak.

From the time they were in Bin City, she could tell that this person had a lot of tricks up his sleeves. The two of them were clearly never close, so why did he like to meddle in other people’s business?

Xue Xi did not speak and entered the examination hall.

Zhang Xiaoxiao had long heard that she was coming back today, so she reserved a seat for her in the examination hall. When Xue Xi sat down, she pa.s.sed the notebook that she took down notes in during cla.s.s to Xue Xi. “G.o.ddese, here!”

Xue Xi took it. “Thank you.”

Just as she was about to take a look, Li Xuekai’s voice came from behind. “Is eSports fun?”

Xue Xi turned around and realized that Li Xuekai was standing behind her. His slender body was bending slightly and he was smiling.

Xue Xi nodded. “Not bad.”

Li Xuekai said, “Mhm. Let’s work hard for this examination. Let’s see who will get first.”

Xue Xi: “… Sure.”

When Mr. Wei entered with the test papers, he was relieved to see Xue Xi. He then looked at the test papers in his hand and said, “There’s an additional question for today’s examination. Once the examinee finishes the other questions, he or she can also take a look.”

After saying that, he specifically looked at Xue Xi.

This was the rarest Mathematical Olympiad question he had encountered in recent years. He had brought it over to show Xue Xi his authority.

Mr. Wei really worried for her.

As long as Xue Xi could not get full marks in the exam, he could scold her. “You can clearly do better!”

He could then ask her to withdraw from that eSports compet.i.tion and come back to prepare for the Math Olympiad examination.

What kind of game is a student supposed to be playing? Learning is the most important, alright?!

Mr. Wei’s opinions were more conservative. With this thought in mind, he distributed the questions, a long examination commenced.

Mr. Wei paced around the cla.s.s and eventually stood behind Xue Xi, unable to move.

Looking at this girl, he only pitied her.

Xue Xi was a good seedling that their Math Olympiad team had found this year. It was such a waste for her not to focus on her exams and play games instead.

This year’s International Mathematical Olympiad was still waiting for her so she could return with a gold medal!

He could not help but look at Xue Xi’s exercise questions. She must have played games for half a month, right?


Xue Xi’s speed of doing questions was as fast as ever. There were some simple questions that she could answer without even calculating.

If it was a little more complicated, she would have been slower by half a beat. However, after someone had finished a quarter-page question, she had already flipped the pages.

Mr. Wei was stunned.

He was very familiar with these questions, so he naturally knew that the answers Xue Xi had just written were correct!

She had only taken a few glances at the previous questions last night and the following questions before she had an idea.

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In an hour’s time, she had completed three hours worth of Mathematical Olympiad questions.

Mr. Wei: “…”

The Academic G.o.ddess and the curve wrecker walked out of the examination hall together. The two people standing beside each other left an unforgettable back view for everyone in the cla.s.sroom.

Zhang Xiaoxiao took a look and could not help but cup her chin. She was distracted as she thought, “This pair is really too easy to ship! Uh, how can I be infatuated at such a crucial moment?”

After leaving the cla.s.sroom, Li Xuekai sent Xue Xi out. When he reached the school gate, he saw a mini-van outside.

Xiang Huai was lazily leaning on the car.

He lowered his head slightly to look at his phone. He looked a little cold and exuded an aura that prevented people from entering. However, he seemed to have heard footsteps. Before the two of them could get close, he suddenly looked up.

When he saw Xue Xi, a faint smile appeared on the man’s face, as though a glacier had melted.

Xue Xi’s misty eyes lit up slightly as she looked at Li Xuekai. “I’ll leave first.”

Li Xuekai: “… Okay.”

Seeing Xue Xi get into the car, Li Xuekai turned around and left.

The two of them arrived at the battle arena. The moment they entered, they saw Xiao Kai looking at them sneakily. The child had a weird look and appeared a little cautious.

He looked at Xue Xi’s expression for a while before asking carefully, “Sister Xi, how did you do?”

Xue Xi: “… Not bad.”

Xiao Kai, the support, Li, Shang Lu, and Old w.a.n.g looked at each other. Immediately, the four of them coughed and comforted, “It’s alright, Sister Xi. It doesn’t matter if we don’t do well once! We can just do well next time!”

Xiao Kai also nodded. “Yes, look. We even bought you cake to celebrate… No, you’ll be in a better mood after eating the cake!”

There were not many people with high academic qualifications in the industry. Moreover, Sister Xi had been practicing with them all day long in order to improve her cooperation. Hence, she did not have enough time to study.

Xiao Kai was a little worried. If she did not do well, would Sister Xi cry?

He was the worst at coaxing girls!

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