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Young Master Yan

Chapter 244 - You Will Die If You Show Your Face

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Chapter 244: You Will Die If You Show Your Face

Gao Yanchen stared blankly at Feng Yan and recalled that he had just spoken to his grandfather…

Gao Yanchen could not help but recall that since he was young, his grandfather had never liked him showing up on the Internet. The Gao family had so many a.s.sets, and his grandfather had never shown any intention of letting him inherit them.

Grandpa had never forced him to study and never made him partic.i.p.ate in all kinds of compet.i.tions. With his grandpa, it had always been “you should just play around happily.” Back then, when he wanted to enter an eSports club, Grandpa had never let him…

There was also one time when he was discovered by a scout, who asked if he wanted to enter the entertainment industry. His grandfather had also chased that scout away.

Bin City was filled with rumors of his arrogance, but there was no picture of him on the internet.

Grandpa had always said that he just had to live happily.

At that time, he felt that his grandfather doted on him the most. It was because his parents were in a car accident and his grandfather only had one kin left. Hence, his life and happiness were more important than anything else.

As for Feng Yan…

At this moment, he suddenly recalled that five years ago, when he and Feng Yan did not yet have a name in the POG game, they had rushed to the top of the national server. After becoming the Demon King and the Little Demon, he wanted to enter the eSports scene and make a name for himself.

Feng Yan agreed and was happy.

The two of them set up a team together. Just as they were about to start their journey, Feng Yan suddenly said that he was still young and excluded him.

Feng Yan used his trust and reliance back then to push him away personally, making him hate Feng Yan for five years!

It turned out that it was because of this!

Gao Yanchen’s large eyes were filled with shock and surprise. He stared at Feng Yan in disbelief and mumbled, “Why?”

Why would he die if he exposed his face?

Feng Yan clenched his jaw and smiled bitterly. “The reason is that I won’t tell you the truth.”

He wanted to tell him that he could not show his face in front of the public. Otherwise, he would die. This matter was simple, but what about after that? Why? This was the reason why he brought him into a desperate situation and shifted his life path!

At least!

Feng Yan could not decide Gao Yanchen’s life.

Gao Yanchen’s eyes turned red.

He had always been a local tyrant in Bin City. He was the leader of the Roaring Flame Society and protected its members. However, at this moment, he realized that he was actually the one being protected!

He rubbed his head, turned around, and punched the wall fiercely. He then turned to look at Feng Yan. “Brother, tell me why? I’m already 18 years old!”

Feng Yan stared at him.

Five years ago, Xiao Chen was still a little radish.

He was a young man when he was 13 years old. Now that he had grown up, he was almost taller than him.

Feng Yan lowered his eyes and suddenly changed the topic. “Do you want to partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion?”

Gao Yanchen paused and nodded. “Of course.”

Since they had already spoken, Feng Yan no longer needed to hide anything. “Sure, but I request you to wear a mask and a baseball cap. You’re not allowed to show your face.”

Gao Yanchen nodded with reddened eyes.

Feng Yan stared at him for a while, then patted his shoulder. “Good luck.”

Gao Yanchen looked at Feng Yan and said stubbornly, “Tell me the reason after we win the fourth championship cup.”

Feng Yan was stunned.

Gao Yanchen smiled. “Brother, you know me well.”

Because he knew that he could not tolerate grit in his eyes, Feng Yan had held it in for five years and did not say anything about the eSports problem that could be resolved as long as he covered his face up.

Because he knew that if he said it, Gao Yanchen would ask for the whole story.

But now, it was still exposed.

If he did not say it, Gao Yanchen might do something even more crazy…

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While Feng Yan was thinking, Gao Yanchen raised an eyebrow and said, “If you don’t tell me, I’ll start a live-stream.”

While she was waiting, Xue Xi opened the math paper and answered a question.

Seeing this, everyone: “…”

Xiao Kai gulped. “Sister Xi, are you sitting for the monthly examination soon?”

“No,” Xue Xi replied blandly. “The Math Olympiad is about to begin.”

Xiao Kai was stunned. “What?”

What the h.e.l.l? Mathematical Olympiad?

Usually, those who played eSports would take a break or withdraw from school midway. This was the first time he had seen someone studying while playing games!

Xue Xi rarely died in games. After all, her sense of positioning was very good.


Occasionally, when it came to team battles, she would sell it more deeply. After dying, she could immediately do a few multiple-choice questions during the thirty seconds before she was revived.

Xiao Kai: “…”

For some unknown reason, seeing Sister Xi working so hard on her questions made him suddenly want to go back to school and study hard!

A victory comeback on the internet made XH’s depressed and disappointed fans feel hope again.

Following that, XH did not disappoint the fans!

The XH had been injected with fresh blood. XH, Loneliness and XH, Learn had performed exceptionally well. They directly entered the finals from the dense group compet.i.tion!

Each group would produce two teams to enter the top four, followed by the national finals.

That day, Xue Xi requested for leave from Feng Yan and returned to the Golden Autumn Camp to take part in the examination.

Just as she arrived at the Golden Autumn Camp, she saw Fan Han rush over. His expression was solemn. “Xue Xi, how can you not be serious about the Math Olympiad? Studying is like going against the current. If you don’t actively advance, you will retreat. Let’s see how many marks you will get in this examination!”

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