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Young Master Yan

Chapter 243 - The Reason Is Actually... This!

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Chapter 243: The Reason Is Actually… This!

When Xiao Kai first became a recruit of XH, his Weibo fans went from 60,000 to 700,000. Though Xiao Kai became more popular, he originally had some popularity.

The moment this video was released, his fans quickly rushed over.

When they saw the video, everyone was stunned!

Hence, everyone left comments:

“Wow, is this Little Brother the new shooter in XH? Didn’t they say that the shooter is a Little Missy?”

“Little Brother is a little cool!”

“Hurry up and take a look. Are you being slapped in the face? @Tao Wei Official.”

“I’m about to cry. XH is really going to win. As long as they can win one round, I’ll be content! After so many years, I’ve watched XH grow up. My feelings for them are too deep!”

When Xiao Kai saw these comments, his eyes gradually turned red, but they were filled with fighting spirit.

Ever since he entered XH, he became the first to be promoted. Every time he lost, everyone else would accuse him of being a burden who could not cooperate with the others. These few seniors of XH were his idols, and he knew that he was not worthy of starting first.

The fans loved and hated the XH seniors deeply, but they also knew that they were injured and could not push the blame to them, so they scolded Xiao Kai.

The more he was scolded, the more he did not know how to fight. Sometimes, when he finally performed well, the seniors did not cooperate well with him.

He had been depressed recently and could not control his emotions. It was as though all the negative side of the world had been vented on him.

And now, he finally felt proud!

He was willing to give up his spot!

Feng Yan was looking at the mockery on the official Weibo page when he saw the topic suddenly change.

“What else can CM say now? All the evidence has been released!”

“Tao Wei is too disgusting. How can he say something like this?”

“What happened?”

“I went to look at Xiao Kai’s Weibo, which restored the truth!”

“Xiao Kai’s Weibo?”

Feng Yan suddenly realized something and immediately switched to Xiao Kai’s Weibo.

That Weibo post had already started to spread. There were hundreds of forwardings, hundreds of comments, and thousands of likes! Feng Yan’s pupils shrank as he abruptly opened the video.

The coach was also stunned by the direction the internet went. He looked at Xiao Kai and said, “You uploaded a video? Don’t you know that videos of the training tournament cannot be leaked?”

As the name implied, the training compet.i.tion gave the team a chance to use new tactics.

The professional team members were basically like newbies who could not use new strategies. Only by fighting against professional players could they grasp the essence of new tactics.

However, the new tactic was to be used in the official compet.i.tion. Other than to the professional players and coaches, these videos could not be spread!

Otherwise, it would be against the confidentiality principle of the training tournament.

This was the reason why Tao Wei made such a big fuss on Weibo. But now, Xiao Kai actually released it?

Xiao Kai stood up and said, “Coach, punish me. I’m willing to be punished!”

There were also official guilds in eSports compet.i.tions. In order to ensure the fairness of the game, they would punish professional players who made mistakes.

The coach hurriedly turned on his video. “Why are you being so serious with those trolls online? Isn’t it fine to clear it up when we’re in the compet.i.tion?”

Xiao Kai’s eyes were red. “But I can’t wait any longer. I can’t let the seniors continue being bashed!”

The moment he said this, the support, Old w.a.n.g, and the top-laner’s eyes turned red.

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The three of them looked at Xiao Kai and exclaimed, “Do you know that you might be fired if you do this?!”

“Who says it doesn’t matter?!”

As Feng Yan finished speaking, he stared at Xiao Kai. “From now on, whoever dares to post such videos online will be expelled!”

After saying that, he turned to look at the coach. “Contact the club’s public relations department and let them deal with the video immediately!”

After saying that, Feng Yan rushed out of the training room anxiously.

Gao Yanchen chased closely behind him and saw Feng Yan enter the room beside him and lock the door.

Gao Yanchen took a closer look and realized that the balcony beside him was connected to this room’s balcony. He rushed over and jumped over from the balcony.

He could see that Feng Yan was on the phone.

He was so anxious that he did not sense Gao Yanchen’s entry. He was so anxious that he forgot that this room was not safe either.

The call soon went through and Feng Yan said, “Grandpa Gao, there’s a very urgent situation right now. Someone in our team recorded a video and uploaded it online. He accidentally sent Xiao Chen’s image all over the country. Five minutes have pa.s.sed, but there are already more than a hundred reposts. I’ve sent someone to delete the video, but I’m afraid that someone will slip through. You’re very powerful, so please help me settle it.”

The other party said something and Feng Yan heaved a sigh of relief before hanging up.

Just as he hung up, he turned around and saw Gao Yanchen standing on the balcony, staring at him.

Feng Yan was stunned.

Gao Yanchen slowly approached him and slowly said, “So you didn’t want me to play professionally because the pros nowadays have to show their faces. Are you afraid that my face will be spread online?”

Feng Yan knew that he had heard his words and could not hide it anymore. He nodded. “Yes.”

Gao Yanchen slowly asked, word for word, “But why?”

“Because you will die.”

If his image was uploaded online, he would die?

Gao Yanchen’s pupils shrank. Why?

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