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Young Master Yan

Chapter 242 - XH Cannot Accept This Appointment

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Chapter 242: XH Cannot Accept This Appointment

Just like how Feng Yan understood Gao Yanchen the best, Gao Yanchen also understood him the best.

Before Xue Xi came, he had already stabbed Feng Yan’s heart with every word. “Have you seen Old w.a.n.g? Even if he has to sacrifice his arm, he still wants to win this round.

“Did you see Support Li? By the end, his forehead was already dripping. This means that his wound was hurting too!

“There’s also the others, as well as the marksman who is still in the hospital. When he heard that the owner has changed, he especially called me to ask me to find the best marksman to make up for his loss. He wants to win even just one round.

“Brother, you’re not the only one who owns XH. Everyone is desperately trying to win, and the only chance you have to win is if I joined. Right now, Old w.a.n.g in the middle lane can’t take it anymore. Let Sister Xi take the lead. Only I can make up for the marksman position!

“I know that you might really be rejecting me for my own good, but are those people not your teammates?

“Have you ever thought about their feelings?

“Besides, have you ever thought about my feelings? All my life, I’ve only ever wished to fight alongside you!”

Gao Yanchen raised one finger. “Just one month. In this one month, we will win the group compet.i.tion, clinch the finals, and clinch the four consecutive championships that belong to you! After that, I promise to listen to you and never enter the eSports scene again!”

Agitated by all this, Feng Yan then blurted out that he’d tell him the truth.

However, the moment he said this, he regretted it.

As expected, Gao Yanchen’s eyes lit up. He stepped forward and looked at him threateningly. “Alright, speak.”

Feng Yan: “…”

He rubbed his aching temples. He did not expect to fall into the trap of the wolf cub that he had watched grow up.

However, he had already said this. Moreover, Gao Yanchen already had half a foot in the eSports scene… He had thought that following his betrayal back then, the child would go on as though he hated the 18 generations of his ancestors and would never want to have any more contact with him in his life. Unexpectedly, he actually bought the entire club five years later.

Feng Yan lowered his eyes and slowly said, “The reason is…”

Xue Xi p.r.i.c.ked up her ears.

Although she knew that listening from a corner was not good, her instincts told her that there was definitely something going on between Little Flame and playing games. It would be good if she listened.

Unfortunately, the moment Feng Yan said this, the coach suddenly rushed out. “Captain Feng, something happened!”

Feng Yan paused and turned around to see the coach looking nervous.

He glanced at Gao Yanchen and the two of them turned around and entered the room.

Feng Yan frowned and said calmly, “What’s wrong?”

The coach shot him a glance as though he was afraid that he would get angry. He stuttered, “Didn’t Tao Wei send a Weibo message just now?”

Feng Yan paused and picked up his phone to open Tao Wei’s Weibo.

He saw that there were more than a thousand comments under the Weibo post that he had just uploaded as an excuse.

“Could it be that XH lost terribly, so the CM gave them an excuse?”

“Hahaha, I seriously suspect that there are XH fans in CM. Otherwise, why would there be a blackout at this juncture?”

“Could XH not even afford to lose in a training compet.i.tion? Wasn’t their group’s spirit the same? They could only shed blood and sweat, but they could not cry and would never admit defeat? Indeed, they definitely said that when they kept winning before!”

“What even is the comment above?”

“To explain to the commenter above, back when XH fought against CM, there was one time when CM was beaten too badly and directly admitted defeat in the compet.i.tion. A fan from XH came to scold CM and said that he would rather die than kneel down! Just say it if CM can’t afford to lose!”

The winner would naturally say such beautiful words. Now that it was their turn to lose, they would naturally have a mental breakdown. It would be hard for them to admit defeat, right?

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Most importantly, these views were so crooked that Tao Wei even chose a reply.

“Haha, this is the biggest joke I’ve heard this year!”

“I heard that the compet.i.tion tonight was fought by the original team. With their line-up, how can they win? Are they relying on Feng Yan to show off? Or should they rely on Xiao Kai to cry and be poor? Hahaha~”

“Who doesn’t know how to speak casually? I can also say that when the CM is pushing the XH crystal, the CM’s power went out!”

The mockery on the internet fell to one side. After all, everyone knew about the situation in XH this year.

Meanwhile, the CM had been improving by the day and had yet to lose!

Even the fans of XH could not believe it. Their team was about to win and everyone felt aggrieved.

The coach said, “Tao Wei’s attack is too much. We can’t clarify it yet. It’s too unfair!”

Xiao Kai sat on the other side and stared at the storm on the internet. He clenched his fists in anger.

He silently lifted his head to look at the captain who was looking at Weibo. He then switched on the video he had secretly recorded when Gao Yanchen sat down.

Inside was an exciting episode.

These cooperations could not be released. There was a confidentiality agreement when it came to training compet.i.tions.


In the end, after the other party’s team was wiped out, the four of them rushed to push the crystal, but he intercepted it alone.

He secretly logged into Weibo and uploaded the video.

Even if he was fired by the captain, he could not stand this anger!

XH cannot be wronged!

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