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Young Master Yan

Chapter 241 - The Reason for Not Letting Gao Yanchen Join!

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Chapter 241: The Reason for Not Letting Gao Yanchen Join!

Xiao Kai’s eyes were red as he cried in anger. “Wuwuwu, Captain, I’m sorry. I’m the one who dragged everyone down.”

He was young and ignorant.

Although the situation was still manageable, the rest of the XH team members were all injured. With just him to take up the role, the pressure on them increased and it was easy for them to break down.

This was the issue of an XH marksman.

Xiao Kai still needed to grow, at least for the next season.

Feng Yan clenched his jaw and said, “It’s fine. It’s not your fault.”

His voice was warm and comforting.

However, the top lane and support’s skills were not as good as those of the old ones. There were only him and Xue Xi. Xue Xi had just joined and did not know how to fight in a team battle. Under such circ.u.mstances, this training compet.i.tion was truly very difficult.

“Be careful!”

Xue Xi suddenly said, “The middle lane has disappeared.”

The top commenter said, “The top lane is still there, but the jungler has also disappeared.”

The moment they said this, they all realized something. They all turned to look at Xiao Kai, who had just been revived. Indeed, three members from the other team had gathered at the bottom lane and took Xiao Kai’s head again.

He pushed the keyboard and took a deep breath.

Feng Yan sighed. “Xiao Kai, calm down.”

Xiao Kai’s voice was filled with sobs, and his tears blurred his eyes. “Captain, it’s me who’s useless. I clearly could have escaped if I had used a big move just now, but when I saw them, I panicked.”

Tao Wei was still typing on the public chat: “Captain Feng, your little shooter has a bad att.i.tude! He looks like a quail when he sees me.”

Xiao Kai was furious.

When the three of them came to catch him again, his teammates helped him to retreat, but he refused to listen and rushed forward!

Xiao Kai had completely fallen. There was no way for them to play this round.

Feng Yan sighed.

Tao Wei was still nagging: “It’s not bad that you guys can last until now. This middle lane isn’t bad. Are you new? It’s a pity that your marksmen have short-circuited. Tsk, isn’t there a new shooter? Why don’t you let the newcomer go on?”

Right after he said this, Gao Yanchen walked over and patted Xiao Kai’s shoulder. “Get out of the way. I’ll do it.”

Xiao Kai was stunned.

He looked at the new owner and then at Feng Yan.

Gao Yanchen also looked at Feng Yan.

Feng Yan stared at the screen for 30 seconds. Just as Xiao Kai was about to revive, he said, “Let him go.”

Xiao Kai stood up.

Gao Yanchen sat down.

The moment he sat down, the arrogance between his brows had disappeared. His entire being was restrained, and his red hair seemed to have dimmed a little. He became more composed as he controlled the shooter to move down.

The three of them came to catch him again.

Gao Yanchen’s skillful moves made the three of them miss a chance, but Gao Yanchen did not leave. Instead, he moved forward again.

Xiao Kai exclaimed, “You’re seeking death!”

However, just as he finished speaking, Feng Yan appeared from the gra.s.s beside him!

The coordination between the jungler and the shooter was exactly in sync. The control and damage dealt had hit 100%!

In the 2v3 group match, Gao Yanchen and Feng Yan had directly taken away three people!

This was what cooperation looked like!

This was how a team battle should be!

This was the famous Demon King and the Little Demon King who dominated the battlefield back then!

Combined with the two demons was the mid-laner. Xue Xi had perfectly covered them from the damage. Even if Li He’s top-laner was lacking, it would not affect the overall situation!

The entire battlefield was instantly reversed!

Xue Xi fought happily!

Although she could not cooperate well, after seeing Little Flame and playing the game, she also understood what it meant to complement each other seamlessly!

The battlefield was getting more and more chaotic.

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The last group battle was about to start.

XH was not decrepit.

XH Glory was still the same!

However, just as the four of them reached the crystal, a message suddenly came from the computer: The CM team has already logged off.

Everyone: “?”

At this moment, the coach’s phone rang. After he picked up the call, the other party said something. After hanging up, the coach shouted angrily, “CM is too shameless! They actually said that they went offline?! They’ve blacked out!”

Everyone: “…”

Without a power outage, they could even use such a lousy excuse!

The whole country was paying attention to this training compet.i.tion. Everyone in the eSports scene was waiting for the results.

Tao Wei also posted on Weibo:

Tao Wei Official: “In the middle of the game, we suddenly had a power outage. We can only meet on the battlefield!”

Everyone was shocked by this Weibo post.

Although this excuse was glaring, the CM was a sure win. There were also comments below:

“CM did not want XH to lose too badly, so they did it on purpose, right? That was too loving.”

Although the other party was shameless, the training room was relaxed. They only felt that their future was bright and even Xiao Kai had a rare smile on his face.

Xiao Kai apologized to Xue Xi. “Sister Xi, you’ll be my boss from now on. I’ll definitely listen to you and never belittle girls again!”

Xue Xi smiled and was about to say something when she noticed Gao Yanchen and Feng Yan walking out.

Xiao Kai, Support Li, and Old w.a.n.g were all very confused. “Let the owner join and we will definitely win!”

Xue Xi shot a glance at Xiang Huai, stood up, excused herself, and left.

Just as she stepped out, she heard Gao Yanchen and Feng Yan quarreling.

Gao Yanchen: “I’m the only one who can cooperate with you! Brother, did you see Old w.a.n.g and Li’s expression? I’m their hope! How can you be so heartless?! Why will you not let me go and play?!”

Feng Yan seemed to be agitated by today’s events. Looking at Gao Yanchen, he slowly said, “Alright, if you want to know, I’ll tell you the reason today!”

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