Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 240 - Five Kills!

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Chapter 240: Five Kills!

The five enemies rushed to the bottom of the crystal and brought their soldiers. If they ignored Old w.a.n.g and pushed to the tower, XH would definitely lose!

Xiao Kai collapsed on the chair dispiritedly. His eyes were red from anger.

The moment Old w.a.n.g moved aside, he thought the same. If she lost, so be it. This young lady wanted to experience the feeling of the compet.i.tion, so he’d let her experience it.

Everyone in XH did not speak. Their fingers had already left the mouse and keyboard, and they waited for the last moment.

Only Feng Yan’s eyes lit up as he looked at Xue Xi.

Xiang Huai and Gao Yanchen, who were standing, also walked behind Xue Xi.

In the CM club.

The a.s.sistant was paying attention to Old w.a.n.g’s movements. When he saw him move, he shouted, “Old w.a.n.g is moving.”

Tao Wei shot a glance and realized that Old w.a.n.g was stumbling toward them. He had been trying his best to stay where he was and did not care. “Ignore him. Doesn’t he just want to struggle while at the brink of death? Let’s just push the tower.”


As Tao Wei followed the rest to the crystal area, he said, “This training compet.i.tion is not a waste. It caused Old w.a.n.g’s state of mind to collapse. I’ve asked the hospital about his hand. He can only play for two hours a day, and his strength is not too strong. Since we attacked the middle path frequently today, his hand might end up being crippled!”

“XH is really unlucky. The new owner is so useless as to hire a woman to play marksman. Is he going to pull out a newcomer from the training camp next? Hahaha! Also, their list of reserves is no longer good…”

As they spoke, Old w.a.n.g’s character had already rushed behind them.

Tao Wei said, “You guys push it first.”

He stood on the spot and typed a line: “Brother w.a.n.g, are you here to see us push the crystal? How about I show you?”

After sending the message, she saw Old w.a.n.g’s character stop moving.

He burst out laughing. “He must be so angry that he shut up!”

Right after he said this, he saw a line of words on the public chat: “How about I perform a Five Kill for you?”

Just as Tao Wei saw this line of words, he saw the originally clumsy Mage suddenly float and charge at the five of them!

The support shouted, “Brother Wei, could it be that Old w.a.n.g is trying to use a Combo Attack?!”

Tao Wei frowned. “Don’t be afraid. The mage that Old w.a.n.g chose can only use three consecutive moves with his hand speed at his peak. At most, three of us will die. Let’s not push the tower and kill him instead. Go!”


The five of them turned their heads in unison and saw Old w.a.n.g using his ultimate move. He turned into a b.u.t.terfly and flew past them, scattering poison powder on them!

When the poison powder was released, the five people’s health points were visibly reduced.

At the XH club.

Xiao Kai shouted, “Are you crazy?! Are you going to rush up just like that? Isn’t it good to attack from the side? Do you know how to play games?”

However, as soon as he said this, he saw Old w.a.n.g’s eyes widen in disbelief as his arms trembled. “Are you planning to do a combo attack?”

Xue Xi answered, “Mhm.”

Xiao Kai looked at the battle situation and sneered. “Do you think you’re Brother w.a.n.g? Moreover, even during Brother w.a.n.g’s prime, he could only do three consecutive moves at a time. Four are very rare. Unless you manage to get five consecutive moves, you’ll still lose this round!”

Xue Xi ignored Xiao Kai.

However, Old w.a.n.g still asked, “How many have you done before?”

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Xue Xi’s hands moved quickly, but she spoke slowly and gently. She said calmly, “When I was playing this role with Sweetheart, she used it. I could only use three on my phone, but I think more can be used on the computer…”

Everyone turned to look at Xue Xi, only to see her sitting up straight and staring at the screen.

The light on the screen reflected on her face, making her look even colder.

For some unknown reason, the few people in the room shivered.

Xiao Kai also silently shut his mouth. Thinking back to the time when he was having a solo with Xue Xi, he recalled she had suddenly appeared behind him… At that time, if Xue Xi had managed to use her ultimate move, he would definitely have died. Such a beautiful counter-kill even gave him a shock.

In the end, she simply stood there, feeling as though she had walked the wrong path.

Back then, he had killed her and thought that she had appeared in the wrong direction. Now that he thought about it… perhaps she was going to kill him from the back in cold blood?

Xiao Kai was stunned. At this moment, he felt that Xue Xi’s skinny figure had gradually grown taller and taller in his eyes. However, even if he were to admit his mistake, he childishly still would not get out of the situation. He purposely looked for trouble and said, “If you can make those kills, so be it. Why did you have to announce that you’re doing a Five Kill… You made yourself sound like Tao Wei. You’re so low!”

Xue Xi ignored him.

Feng Yan said, “Because just now, if Tao Wei and the rest had ignored her and pushed the tower with all their might, we would have lost a long time ago even if Sister Xi used a combo attack. Sister Xi typed this line to successfully anger them.”

His words made Xiao Kai even more stunned.

How… how could she be so calm and come up with that in such a short period of time?!

Although Xue Xi had won a beautiful Five Kill, it still wasn’t over. Moreover, without any teammates, she could not win this round in one go.

After Tao Wei and the rest were revived, they knew that the mid-laner, the Law King, was formidable. Hence, they were much more cautious and started attacking the lower-laner.

Xiao Kai was still a child and had a very unstable mentality. After being caught for a few rounds, he exploded.

He was so angry that he slammed the keyboard and the table. Xue Xi frowned.

Tao Wei continued to type and mock on the public chat: “So what if you got the five kills? You still lost this round.”

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