Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 238 - Chapter 238: Brother, I’m Not a Child Anymore

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Chapter 238: Brother, I’m Not a Child Anymore

Xiao Kai looked at Xue Xi and saw that she had already changed her keyboard and was familiarizing herself with the new keyboard’s movements. Seeing her move the pink keyboard and matching mouse, Xiao Kai became even more annoyed.

They were here for a compet.i.tion, so why would they use something so feminine?

Just as he was thinking this, the door was suddenly pushed open. The coach of XH rushed in and frowned. “CM asked us to compete in the training compet.i.tion.”

The CM was the second-best team. Tao Wei clearly knew that the new shooter had entered the team today, yet he actually arranged for a training compet.i.tion at this time. He was clearly here to play with their mentality.

Feng Yan immediately said, “Just reject it.”

The coach shook his head. “He posted on Weibo. If we reject him, we’ll appear to be afraid, but if we go fight now…”

The coach looked at Xue Xi and did not harbor much hope for her.

Regardless of their abilities, everyone had their own fighting style. They had to go through training before they could go fight in a proper compet.i.tion.

A newcomer would definitely not be able to integrate with the team.

Feng Yan frowned and turned on his phone. Indeed, he saw Tao Wei posting on Weibo:

“Tao Wei Official”: “Training compet.i.tion? @XH Club.”

Below was a row of mockery:

“Do they dare? Hahaha.”

“If I’m XH, I’ll agree to it. A new shooter has just arrived and the team still needs to get used to each other. Compet.i.tions are the best way to get along, especially when going against a strong team like CM.”

“Yes, there is no reason to reject it. Accept it quickly.”

“If XH rejects them, they’ll really lose me as a fan. Such people look down on me.”

It was interesting to use the excuse that they’d lose their reputation to threaten them.

Feng Yan lowered his eyes and slowly said, “Then let’s fight.”

After saying this, he looked up and was about to speak when Xiao Kai said, “But Brother w.a.n.g needs to rest his shoulders today. We can’t fight anymore.”

The mid-laner Old w.a.n.g’s injury was the most severe among the few of them except for the marksman. In the past few compet.i.tions, he had been injured. Usually, after a match, his arm would be in so much pain that it could not be lifted.

The coach gritted his teeth in hatred. Their XH had always been on the peak. When had they ever been afraid of a training tournament? The CM team was simply too much!

He slowly said, “If we explain Old w.a.n.g’s arm problem, the flamers will say it’s an excuse and attack us again.”

After all, it was only six o’clock in the afternoon and the professional players were usually night owls.

Old w.a.n.g was a young man in his twenties. His body was slightly plump, and he rarely played physical sports. Just moving his sore arms could make a heart-wrenching pain a.s.sault him.

Old w.a.n.g gritted his teeth in pain and said, “Go ahead! I can persevere!”

Even if they lost, they had to show their spirit!

XH would never be afraid of CM!

The youths’ blood was boiling. Everyone said, “Yes, we can’t be afraid of them!”

Seeing everyone say this, Feng Yan’s deep eyes flashed across them. In the end, he said, “Mhm, let’s prepare.”

Xiao Kai immediately said to Xue Xi, “Go and practice on your own first. I’ll go today.”

In a compet.i.tion with CM, the loser could not stand a chance.

What Xiao Kai said was exactly what everyone wanted to say. Xue Xi was, after all, a newcomer. Even Feng Yan nodded. If Xue Xi were to do it now, it would easily make everyone’s minds explode.

After Feng Yan nodded, the coach went to open a room for the compet.i.tion.

Before Feng Yan walked to his seat, he saw Gao Yanchen.

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He looked down at his watch and said, “Give me two minutes.”

Although he said this, he held it in and did not move.

Feng Yan smiled and returned to his seat. The rest of his teammates looked at each other silently.

Seeing that they were starting the training compet.i.tion, Xue Xi decided to play a 1v1 mode in order to familiarize herself with the PC version.

It was just a random match.

During her match, the few others had already started the training compet.i.tion.

After playing a round, Xue Xi found the feel and got used to the computer. She then heard Xiao Kai scold, “F*ck!”

She paused and saw Gao Yanchen walking behind Old w.a.n.g.

Xue Xi thought about it and followed.

Just as he walked over, he saw Old w.a.n.g on the middle path. There were actually three people coming to catch him. Old w.a.n.g had extreme control. Although he had escaped, his arm was clearly uncomfortable. He moved.

The other party’s Tao Wei typed on the public chat. It was hard to tell if he did it on purpose or if he had set it up that not only his teammates would see it. He typed: “If we capture another two waves of the mid-laner, Old w.a.n.g’s arm will be crippled!”

Old w.a.n.g was furious and angry when he heard this. He could not hold on any longer.

Xiao Kai’s temper was the most explosive. He immediately scolded, “Tao Wei is too immoral! He clearly knows that Old w.a.n.g is injured, yet he purposely picks on him! This is too much!”

Old w.a.n.g dodged a few more waves of damage, but in the end, he did not manage to dodge anymore and was killed.

The moment the screen darkened, Old w.a.n.g’s hands trembled.

Tao Wei continued typing: “Continue, brothers, destroy their middle path!”

He typed repeatedly on the public chat on purpose.

Not only did he torture Old w.a.n.g’s body, but he also had to torture his spirit. The thought of reviving in the blood fountain made him tremble in fear.

This was too much.

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