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Young Master Yan

Chapter 237 - Wanting to Let Them Retire in Glory

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Chapter 237: Wanting to Let Them Retire in Glory

Xue Xi had always been a quick learner. After studying it twice, she’d already grasped Xiao Kai’s combo.

She looked at her computer screen and moved forward.

Xue Xi seemed to have predicted Xiao Kai’s combo and dodged it perfectly.

Xiao Kai grew even angrier. “Are you hiding again? Do you intend to fight at all?”

Xiao Kai rushed forward and became more and more irritable.

Xue Xi, who was in the game, turned around and said coldly, “Fight!”

Xiao Kai had just handed in his skills and was currently in an empty slot. Xue Xi suddenly turned around and appeared behind him in a flash, startling him.

Immediately, Xue Xi shot a huge blow at his face!

Her fingers quickly typed on the keyboard a few times. Her hand speed was faster than it previously was, and her skills were more accurate than before…

She blocked Xiao Kai’s path and did not give him any chance to escape. This was a perfect counterattack!

Feng Yan narrowed his eyes as he watched.

Sister Xi’s actions reminded him of the X that dominated the gaming world back then. Just because Feng Yan was called the Demon King, it didn’t mean that he was the best. It was only that X was not interested in playing eSports. If he were to enter this profession…

Feng Yan lifted his head and shot a glance at Xiang Huai, who was casually sitting by the side and staring at Xue Xi. He then silently retracted his gaze.

At this moment, the game’s kill announcement sounded!

XH, Xiao Kai killed XH, Learn!

Feng Yan paused, thinking that he had seen wrongly.

Even Xue Xi widened her eyes in shock.

What was going on?

Why did her character in the game not move the moment she pressed the ultimate move?

Victory and defeat were usually only moments apart.

She did not manage to catch up using this ultimate move, and Xiao Kai was, after all, a professional gamer who killed her with a normal attack the moment she lost her health.

Xue Xi blinked silently, feeling a little… awkward.

It should have been her perfect moment, but now…

Only then did Feng Yan realize that it had been a long time since anyone had used the random battle station that Xue Xi was in.

Pro players all had their own keyboards and mouse. This keyboard seemed to have been outdated. Moreover, Xue Xi’s hand speed was so fast that the keyboard did not react in time…

Xiao Kai had made the kill with a move of his wrist. He looked at Xue Xi and laughed proudly. “You could have still survived if you charged into your own tower, but you suddenly appeared behind me. Weren’t you seeking death? Did you flash in the wrong direction?”

Xue Xi: “…”

Would anyone believe her if she said that she had a keyboard malfunction?

The rest did not have any thoughts about the winner of this solo compet.i.tion, so no one paid attention to the speed at which she was typing. Only Feng Yan, who was constantly watching, saw the show.

Feng Yan’s lips twitched.

If he spoke up for Xue Xi, his teammates would definitely be more resistant to her. The only solution was—

“One more round.”

Xue Xi did not explain further. After saying this, she looked at Feng Yan. “Do you have a keyboard?”

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There was an extra unopened keyboard upstairs, but before Feng Yan could speak, Xiang Huai suddenly said, “Yes, I’ve prepared it for you long ago.”

Xiao Kai was just about to say something when the person-in-charge walked over. “Open it and drink some water!”

After pa.s.sing the cup to him, he pointed at Xiao Kai’s phone and signaled for him to take a look.

Xiao Kai sneered and picked up his phone. He saw that many messages had already been sent in the team chat.

Old w.a.n.g from the Middle Road: “Open. Faced with a beautiful girl, take in some water!”

Pathway: “Xiao Kai, forget it. We can’t resist the power of capital.”

Even the shooter, who was not in the club and was recuperating in the hospital, sent a message in the group chat: “It’ll be fine as long as we do our best.”

Little Development’s message entered the group chat: “But I don’t want you guys to lose.”

Support Li: “Anyway, there’s no chance of winning this year. The new owner also said that he will use the newcomer this season. This is also a form of protection for you. Xiao Kai, the entire internet is bashing you for being a newcomer and dragging us down. But actually, we all know that we are the ones who are dragging you down. Go train hard and help your brothers win back the next quarter.”

Xiao Kai’s eyes turned red as he clenched his fists.

When they were the champions in the past, the five of them were glorious and untouchable. They were high and mighty, and Xiao Kai and the rest of the rookies looked up to them in the training camp.

Xiao Kai’s goal was to become people like them, but now… they were despised by the entire Internet, who said that they could not make it.

It was not that they could not make it, but that they were really unable to try.

No one cared about the injury on Li’s arm, making him unable to train for long… There were two steel nails on Old w.a.n.g’s shoulders. The previous shooter was even more groggy and could no longer play games.

They were only concerned about who won this round, who made a mistake in the operation, who did not follow up on the team battle, resulting in failure…

Xiao Kai wanted his brothers to retire in glory, even if they could only win another round in the group compet.i.tion!

However, from the looks of it, it would be very difficult.

He was so angry that he punched the table. He blamed himself for not being strong enough and for not having enough actual combat experience. At this moment, he heard a female voice say, “I’m done. Let’s continue.”

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