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Young Master Yan

Chapter 235 - Power Proves Everything!

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Chapter 235: Power Proves Everything!

The internet was in a heated discussion, but no one was optimistic about the XH club.

Although Xue Xi had won against the streamer, Wild King, there was still a gap between Wild King and the professional team members. Moreover, Xue Xi was clearly a newbie. How could such a person play a good game?

Xue Xi was currently sitting through her last lesson at school. After that, she would go to the club and train with her teammates.

Her phone rang. She took a look and realized that it was a group message from the Roaring Flame Society.

Flame Number One: “F*ck! This Tao Wei is asking for a beating! When the Demon was at his prime, even ten of Tao Wei was not a match for him!”

Flame Number Two: “XH is my love. I don’t want it to lose…”

Flame Number Three: “The thought that Feng Yan will be rubbed against the ground makes me cry out loud.”

Flame Number One: “Huh? The net is in an uproar. Who is this Learn? Why does she have the same game ID as Sister Xi?”

Qin Shuang: “Let me introduce you grandly. XH’s first shooter, @Learning.”

Flame Number One: “?”

Flame Number One: “Stop fooling around. Sister Xi is currently partic.i.p.ating in the Math Olympiad. Why would she be competing?”

“Are you crazy? You actually chose to compete at such a crucial moment?” Zhang Xiaoxiao was also stunned as she stared at Xue Xi. She could not help but shout in disbelief.

Xue Xi packed her textbooks and stood up. “I know very well what I’m doing. I’ll leave first.”

Xue Xi went to ask for leave from Mr. Wei. She heard that she was going to play eSports, but she would come back on time for the exams. Mr. Wei hesitated and did not want to let her go at first. He persuaded her earnestly and even called Ye Li and Xue Sheng.

Both of them were shocked when they heard that she was going to play eSports. Ye Li shouted, “Xixi, are you really going?”

When Mr. Wei heard this anxious voice, he heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, her parents were still relatively rational. Anyone who heard that their child had withdrawn from school to play eSports would definitely serve a fierce beating, right?

He turned to look at Xue Xi, wanting to get rid of her sudden fancy. “It’s better to study properly and…”

Before he could finish speaking, he heard Ye Li say, “Okay! All the best!”

Mr. Wei: “?”

Ye Li then asked, “Which team? If it’s a compet.i.tion, do you have any tickets? I want to cheer you on!”

Xue Sheng shouted, “I’ll go too!”

Ye Li: “… Are you free? I’ll just represent you.”

Xue Sheng felt aggrieved. “I can make myself free. I also want to watch my daughter play eSports. I’m sure she’d look exceptionally dashing.”

Ye Li quarreled with him. “You don’t deserve to watch the event. Have you earned enough money? Have you finished your work? What right do you have to watch?”

Xue Sheng: “…”

Mr. Wei interrupted their conversation. “Erm, you guys agree to Xue Xi playing eSports? Xue Xi’s parents, you guys are too childish!”

Ye Li said matter-of-factly, “Teacher, let me ask you. Does Xixi have any questions she doesn’t know in school?”

“… Not really.”

“Does she know all of your”


Ye Li sighed. “So, what lesson does our Xixi still need from you guys? Isn’t it a waste of time for her to stay? She might as well go play eSports. I don’t want my daughter to become a bookworm who only knows how to study!”

Mr. Wei: “!!!”

He had been convinced!

He packed a set of papers for Xue Xi and put on a serious expression. “Xue Xi, don’t think that you can look down on the National Olympic Compet.i.tion just because you’ve obtained the admission agreement. Do you understand? The CMO is the most authoritative compet.i.tion in the country. It’s not definite that you’ll get first place. For example, Li Xuekai is eyeing us from here.”

Xue Xi took the paper and replied, “Oh.”

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Mr. Wei stared at the thick stack of Mathematical Olympiad questions in her hands and thought that Xue Xi must finish half of them. At least one-third must be guaranteed, right?

Feng Yan opened the door and saw that the three of them had very mild expressions. As long as Gao Yanchen did not enter the eSports scene to play, Feng Yan seemed exceptionally generous and gentle.

He took a step back and made way.

The three of them entered and were welcomed with a round of applause. Other than Feng Yan, the rest of the members of XH had reddened eyes and looked dispirited.

Seeing them enter, he smiled and moved to start the compet.i.tion.

Feng Yan led Xue Xi to her room and opened up another room in the villa that was filled with men.

Xue Xi put down the two suitcases and headed for the training room.

Just as they arrived at the entrance, they heard the other four members speaking in a low voice. “I heard that Mr. Gao has a conflict with the captain. He must have purposely found a female player to come and disgust us, right?”

“Rich people like them play with votes. That’s too much! I really care for XH!”

Standing at the door, Xue Xi suddenly understood why they looked dispirited.

They did not trust her.

Xue Xi lowered her eyes, pushed open the door, and entered. The room was instantly silent.

Feng Yan said, “Time is pressing. Let’s train in five rows.”

The rest pouted. “Captain, I haven’t had enough time for my live-stream this month. I’m not free.”

“Captain, I’m currently doing double scores. I’m not free.”

“What’s the point of a five-on-one game? The four of us can win and don’t want to play.”

They were all pa.s.sive and did not even look at Xue Xi. It was obvious that they were rejecting her.

Xue Xi frowned and suddenly said, “Let’s play.”

The rookie marksman was instantly infuriated. “Fine, so be it. I’ll let you take the lead alone. If you can beat me to death once, it’ll be considered your victory! But if you lose, I hope that you will take the initiative to withdraw! We are powerless to resist the investor, but we don’t want to be humiliated like this!”

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