Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 233 - 3: Because He Cares

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Chapter 233: Because He Cares

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Xue Xi: “?”

She widened her misty eyes and looked at Gao Yanchen.

His stomach was still feeling uncomfortable, so he could only drink the soup. However, he managed to exude a calm and composed aura. Qin Shuang did not mind watching the commotion. “Brother Chen is finally feeling proud! He has been suppressed by Feng Yan previously. This is considered revenge!”

Xue Xi: “…”

Her voice was very soft, but it was also a little smug.

Xue Xi understood her feelings. In the past, Little Flame had always been begging to join the eSports club as he continued playing games. However, now that the tables had turned, their roles had been reversed!

This Little Flame had overturned the situation and suppressed Feng Yan.

Xue Xi was a little happy.

She actually disliked the way Feng Yan hid everything in his heart. It was obvious that he was concerned about Little Flame and that their relationship had always been good.

What exactly was the reason that made him constantly resist Little Flame’s entry into the eSports scene? If there’s a reason, couldn’t everyone help solve it?

Qin Shuang had even imagined a scenario where Gao Yanchen’s grandfather gave Feng Yan a sum of money to make him stay away from his grandson!

Qin Shuang ate her melon seeds and shot a glance at Xiang Huai. She then said pointedly, “Sister Xi, I think that you should be more straightforward. It’s better to open up on everything. Brothers are like couples. If you don’t say certain things, there will definitely be misunderstandings, right?”

Xue Xi nodded.

Xiang Huai’s eyes darkened as he smiled. “There are some things I won’t say because it’s not the time yet.”

Regarding his background and why he’d approached the little kid, these matters had to wait until the little kid entered university.

Right now, she could not handle the truth.

At this thought, Xiang Huai looked at Feng Yan again.

Those who did not know the truth could not understand Feng Yan. If it were him in the past, he would not have understood either. However, now that he had someone he cared about, he realized that there was nothing more important than that someone.

It could be said that although Feng Yan had angered the little kid and made him almost flare up, rationally speaking, Feng Yan’s method was for the best.

After the three of them were done discussing, they continued to look at the two people in a stalemate.

After drinking two mouthfuls of soup, Gao Yanchen pa.s.sed the bowl to the nurse.

The nurse took the bowl and went away to wash it. There were only the two of them in the room and the three people hiding in the corner, pretending that they were not watching the fun.

Gao Yanchen sat there and exuded an overbearing aura. He grinned. Coupled with his fiery red hair, he looked arrogant and bossy. It was Xue Xi’s first time seeing him that way.

Gao Yanchen slowly said, “Brother, you’ve been working hard for the past five years in XH. But do you really think you can do it?”

Gao Yanchen stared at him. “The me you abandoned and thrown away back then is the most loyal to you. As for your so-called teammates? The person in charge is willing to abandon you for the sake of benefits.”

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Feng Yan’s face was tense as he slowly said, “Xiao Chen, do we have to go this far between us? sSports professional teams don’t earn money, so your investment is just a waste of money! There won’t be any returns!”

Unfortunately, Feng Yan was unmoved and his att.i.tude remained resolute.

Xue Xi could not help but ask, “Aren’t we happy playing together?”

Feng Yan smiled and said in a gentle tone, “We can play online together, but we can’t play eSports together.”

He seemed to be coaxing the thirteen-year-old Gao Yanchen as he said gently, “Xiao Chen, if you want to continue playing games, I can accompany you. We can play five rounds of one on one. I can even accompany you as long as we don’t compete. Or…”

He lowered his eyes and smiled bitterly. “Or, if I withdraw from the eSports scene, we can play games together, but you can’t enter the eSports scene…”

Gao Yanchen was furious. “Who the h.e.l.l wants to play games with you? I want to play eSports!”

Feng Yan shook his head. “No.”

Xue Xi frowned. “What exactly are you worrying about? Don’t tell me that Little Flame’s life will be lost after playing on the eSports scene?”

Feng Yan did not reply and only smiled bitterly.

Gao Yanchen could not understand no matter how hard he tried. At this moment, he clearly had the upper hand. It was clearly him who’d bought the XH. It was clearly the case that just a single sentence from him could completely suppress Feng Yan, but why did he feel pressured?

His eyes turned red as he stared at Feng Yan. He was so angry that he was fuming. He said coldly, “When I cared about you, you could have used yourself to threaten me, but I don’t care about you anymore. Your threat is nothing to me! Feng Yan, if you are willing to ruin your future, go ahead and destroy it! It’s none of my business!”

Feng Yan continued looking at him. Seeing him say this, he smiled bitterly. His voice was warm and thick, as though it could soothe all the pain in one’s heart. It gave one a sense of security as he slowly said, “Okay.”

Immediately, Feng Yan raised the gla.s.s bottle and mercilessly threw it at his hand! His eyes were resolute without any hesitation.

Xue Xi’s pupils constricted and her heart tensed up.

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