Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 232 - Top Student!

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Chapter 232: Top Student!

Mr. Wei asked in shock, “What?”

The staff said, “We have complete evidence now. We’re here today to take her away. After we clarify it, we’ll expel her from the Math Olympiad and give her a warning.”

Li Xi widened her eyes and took a step back, attracting the attention of the staff.

Zhang Xiaoxiao looked at the staff, then at Li Xi. In the end, she pointed at her and shouted, “She is Li Xi!”

When the staff brought Li Xi away, the office instantly quietened down. Everyone looked at Xiang Huai in disbelief. Other than Feng Xingshen, who knew the truth, everyone else was stunned.

How did Xiang Huai know that Li Xi had cheated?

Zhang Xiaoxiao asked the question on everyone’s minds, “How did you know?”

Xiang Huai: “… I was speaking nonsense. It’s actually just a coincidence.”

Everyone: “?”

Zhang Xiaoxiao was enlightened. “I knew it! How would you know the situation within the Mathematical Olympiad?!”

Other than Feng Xingshen, no one seemed to doubt Xiang Huai’s words.

On the way back to the cla.s.sroom from the office, Xue Xi looked at Feng Xingshen and asked, “Why were you looking for me?”

Zhang Xiaoxiao and the rest were confused, but Xue Xi understood.

Feng Xingshen was definitely not here to settle Xiang Huai’s matter. After all, when Xiang Huai first snuck in, there was no such thing as him being a special tutor. That was all just excuses and explanations Feng Xingshen came up with.

Sigh, Teaches Math really treated her too well.

Feng Xingshen shot a glance at Xiang Huai and replied, “It’s nothing. I just came to take a look.”

Actually, after Xue Xi had told him about the exact situation involving Mr. Li, he’d been prepared to do something. However, when he reached the Mathematical Olympiad, he found out that Mr. Li had already been investigated.

He had come today to ask Xue Xi if she knew who had helped her.

Now that he saw General Xiang… the truth was out. Did he still need to ask?

However, Sister Xi did not seem to know that General Xiang was the Omnipotent Boss in the Moguls’ Group?

So then, the moguls had to cover up for him!

Xue Xi nodded when she heard Feng Xingshen’s words.

Beside Xue Xi, Zhang Xiaoxiao was still in a daze. “G.o.ddess of Studying, is Mr. Xiang really your boyfriend?”

Xue Xi shot a glance at Xiang Huai and nodded.

Zhang Xiaoxiao clutched her chest. “Oh my G.o.d, I just checked. It turns out that twelve years ago, Mr. Xiang was only 13 years old! At that time, he partic.i.p.ated in the IMO compet.i.tion. He is simply a genius! I was just in middle school when I was 13 years old. Master, what were you learning when you were 13 years old?”

Thirteen years old?

Xue Xi thought about it seriously and replied, “I was studying piano and calculus on my own.”

Zhang Xiaoxiao: “?”

She then turned to look at Li Xuekai. Before she could ask, Li Xuekai said, “At 13 years old, I partic.i.p.ated in the middle school Math Olympiad compet.i.tion and got first in the country.”

Zhang Xiaoxiao silently took a step back. She was already outstanding enough, or else she would not have been able to reach this stage. However, when she heard the two of them, she suddenly felt that there was always someone better than her!

Sob, why did they have to torture her? It figures that she could only be friends with a curve wrecker!

Just as she was thinking this, Li Xuekai looked at Xiang Huai and said, “Mr. Xiang, since you’re a special tutor, I have a few questions that I would like to ask you.”

As he spoke, he stared at Xiang Huai provocatively.

He had originally thought that he was Xue Xi’s uneducated and incompetent boyfriend, but he did not expect him to actually be hiding his ident.i.ty. He was actually that mogul from twelve years ago?

Perhaps it was because he admired Xue Xi, but Li Xuekai was not convinced.

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A person who had not made a name for themselves after many years could not have done much in the end. Were there other things about him that’s not mediocre?

Xiang Huai, on the other hand, rested his chin on his hand and swept his gaze across the questions without making any move.

Zhang Xiaoxiao was stunned. She whispered, “Don’t tell me that Teacher Xiang’s speed of solving questions is not as fast as that of the Academic G.o.ddess?”

Halfway through the question, Xue Xi shot a glance at Xiang Huai.

Seeing that he had yet to start writing, she was a little surprised.

At this moment, everyone saw Xiang Huai move. He slowly wrote a final number on the paper.

Xue Xi: “?”

She shot a glance at his number and accelerated her own calculation. Two minutes later, she stared at the answer she had deduced. It was exactly the same as Xiang Huai’s.

Even Xue Xi was shocked.

Feng Xingshen was also astonished. “This… If I were to calculate the questions in my mind, it wouldn’t be that fast.”

Li Xuekai tensed up and stopped mentioning the subject.

This is torture, alright?!

Since Feng Xingshen was here, Xue Xi decided to ask for a fake note from him so that she could enter and leave the Golden Autumn Camp at will. After all, Little Flame was still injured.

After cla.s.s in the afternoon, she went with Xiang Huai to the hospital.

When she arrived at the hospital, she saw that Feng Yan was also in the ward and the room was filled with the smell of figurative firecrackers.

Gao Yanchen slowly drank the soup the nurse had prepared for him while Feng Yan was glaring at him angrily.

On the other side, Qin Shuang had widened her eyes and was pretending to be eating.

Seeing Xue Xi enter, Qin Shuang quietly waved at her.

Xue Xi walked over and lowered her head. Qin Shuang slowly said, “Sister Xi, Brother Chen got someone to buy the XH club today. Feng Yan is going to retire now!”

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