Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 230 - Xiang "Street Youth" Huai?

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Chapter 230: Xiang “Street Youth” Huai?

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Li Xi was smug, as though she had seen the light.

Mr. Wei was clearly biased. If it were someone as strict and upright as Professor Feng, things would definitely not be let go so easily.

Li Xi’s words brought Feng Xingshen back to his senses. He frowned and looked at everyone before saying slowly, “What happened?”

Why are Sister Xi and General Xiang here?!

Mr. Wei tensed up.

Feng Xingshen had a very high position in the mathematics world. If he were to revoke Xue Xi’s examination qualifications with a single sentence, it would be over!

In private, although Mr. Wei felt that Xue Xi’s actions were indeed terrible, she had not reached a point where she could not be saved. It was already a serious punishment for her to score zero marks.

But now that Professor Feng was here, everything was different.

He was very strict with academic research. Once, when his graduate students were late for cla.s.s, he fired them because they were not disciplined!

Mr. Wei looked worriedly at Xue Xi and hurriedly said, “It’s just a small matter. Professor Feng, why are you here?”

Right after he said this, Li Xi shrieked, “So the safety of the Golden Autumn Camp’s students is just a small matter to Mr. Wei?”

“Safety?” Feng Xingshen panicked. He had placed all his hopes on Sister Xi. If anything happened to Sister Xi, it would not do!

He looked sternly at Mr. Wei. “What exactly happened?”

Seeing how serious he was, Mr. Wei became even more nervous.

Before he could speak, Li Xi had already started to say, “Professor Feng, a student in our camp has hooked up with a youth from the streets and allowed him to enter the cla.s.sroom as he pleases. He even sat beside Xue Xi…”

“What?” Feng Xingshen suddenly thought of something else. Could it be that because the other universities did not manage to s.n.a.t.c.h Sister Xi up, they wanted to take the chance to get close to her and suck up to her to s.n.a.t.c.h her away?

How impressive was that?

Feng Xingshen turned to look at Mr. Wei. “This transgression must be severely punished!”

Mr. Wei explained, “No, these children were simply not being sensible…”

“Do you think it’s enough just to say that she’s being ignorant? She must be severely punished! I think that the student who seduced the young man must have half of her marks deducted in the camp!”

Just as Feng Xingshen finished speaking, he realized that the office was oddly quiet.

He paused and looked at Mr. Wei in confusion. “What?”

Mr. Wei coughed. “It’s like this. As the matter is more serious, I handled it by giving her zero marks.”

Feng Xingshen thought for a moment. “A zero is a little too serious, but that’s fine too. I’ll give a zero!”

Who asked the other party to secretly contact outsiders to seduce Sister Xi?!

Li Xi was instantly surprised. “Professor Feng, aren’t you being too light-handed?”

Feng Xingshen frowned. “What’s so light about it? Do you know how many students have taken the Math Olympiad path and studied hard since they were young? This is also the only chance for her to enter university after so many years! A score of 0 is too serious, alright?! This means that if she doesn’t get into the top 60 of the National Mathematical Olympiad, she won’t even get a discount!”

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Li Xi: “??”

Feng Xingshen was angry, but Zhang Xiaoxiao and Li Xuekai were slightly weaker. The two of them anxiously turned to look at Xue Xi, only to see that one of the parties involved, Xue Xi herself, was actually relaxed, as though nothing had happened.

Looking at Xiang Huai again… they saw that he was going even more overboard, acting as though he was watching a show. It was as though the main character was not him at all!

Mr. Wei was also extremely nervous.

However, while he could protect Xue Xi, he could not protect Xiang Huai. After all, this person was indeed a youth from the streets. He had indeed broken the rules and entered the camp grounds. According to the camp’s rules, the police must be called!

Just as the three of them were feeling a little anxious and Xue Xi was about to speak, Li Xi pointed at Xiang Huai and said, “It’s him!”

Feng Xingshen looked in the direction she was pointing at, his face suddenly filled with anger. Then, he was stunned. “Huh?”

Li Xi continued indignantly, “The two of them were flirting in cla.s.s. High school students are not allowed to fall in love early. This is the school’s rule, right? However, they actually ignored the rules and openly displayed their affection for each other. They even ate together and played together. This is simply uncouth! Professor Feng, Xue Xi is a student and you guys can’t do anything to her. However, this street youth is definitely someone who will abduct students. We must call the police and have him arrested!”

Feng Xingshen: “??”

He stood rooted to the ground.

Wasn’t it a spy sent by another university to seduce Sister Xi? Why is the young man from the streets actually General Xiang?!

As he thought this, Xiang Huai’s lips curled up slightly. “Yes, it’s me. May I know what Professor Feng intends to do with me?”

Although he was smiling, the smile did not reach his eyes. The chilly aura around him made the cla.s.sroom feel as though winter had arrived.

Feng Xingshen: “!!!”

Deal with General Xiang? Certainly! If he didn’t want to live anymore!

Li Xi was aggressive. “Professor Feng, look at his att.i.tude. He’s too arrogant!”

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