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Young Master Yan

Chapter 228 - Xiang Huai's Identity Exposed

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Chapter 228: Xiang Huai’s Ident.i.ty Exposed

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Xue Xi shot her a glance when she heard this and said, “Do you have evidence?”

Li Xi immediately said, “You came back so late last night and many people saw it! Do you really think no one found out?”

Xue Xi slowly said, “How many people saw it?”

Li Xi: “?”

When Xue Xi returned to the dormitory last night, it was already past 2 AM. At this time, many students were already asleep. How could they possibly have seen her?

She was certain that Li Xi was spouting nonsense.

Li Xi bit her lip. When she saw Xue Xi leaving yesterday, she was prepared to capture her when Xue Xi returned.


She did not expect Xue Xi to return so late. She waited and accidentally fell asleep. She did not manage to catch any evidence of her sneaking out in the middle of the night.

She did not expect Xue Xi to be so shameless.

Xue Xi had thought of applying for a leave request.

It was definitely not right for her to sneak out in the middle of the night. Fortunately, it was her. If it were anyone else, they would have been killed in the middle of the night, but she had a special situation.

She was confident in her skills.

Moreover, there were no teachers who found out. It was best to forget about it.

As she thought this, she lowered her head. Before she could start doing her questions, she felt a little sleepy.

Last night, she only slept at two. Although she slept until seven in the morning, she only slept for five hours. She usually went to bed around eleven.

It was fine during cla.s.s in the morning, but after lunch, she became even more sleepy.

She simply lay on the table and slept for a while.

In her sleep, she felt a little cold, but soon, a warmth spread across her shoulders. She slept until two in the afternoon.

After an hour and a half, she felt much better.

When she looked up, she saw Xiang Huai staring at her.

Xue Xi was stunned.

Xiang Huai did not come today. She thought that he was not coming at all.

Although this person was not a student, after he’d accompanied her for two days, Xue Xi actually started to rely on him. He was currently sitting beside her.

Xue Xi was also wearing his black jacket.

Xue Xi sat up straight and rubbed her eyes. She felt that she had slept for only a little. At this moment, a bottle of water was pa.s.sed to her.

She opened it and took a sip. The water temperature was just right.

After she’d moistened her throat, Xiang Huai said, “Your friend is fine. The chatterbox finished her cla.s.s in the morning and went to accompany him in the afternoon, so I came over. When school finishes in the afternoon, you can visit him again.”

Xue Xi: “… Okay.”

Before she could ask, this person already knew what she’d wanted to say. Could it be that he knew how to read minds?

Before she could speak, Li Xi spoke again. “Xue Xi has a boyfriend in Bin City. Didn’t this matter spread like wildfire back then? Moreover, on her personal Weibo, there’s a picture of that person holding hands with her, captioned that they’d grow old together. Why is she openly cheating now?!”

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Zhang Xiaoxiao found her annoying. “Can you stop talking about other people’s matters?”

“I’m starting my lesson now. If you don’t want to stand, then please leave!”

Li Xi clenched her fists in anger and suddenly stood up to walk out. “Fine, I’ll go! I won’t be attending your cla.s.s!”

Seeing that she really left, Mr. Wei was furious. However, in order to not delay the other students’ lesson, he went to the stage to start the cla.s.s.

After the two periods were over, today’s cla.s.s was almost done. Next was the self-study period.

After cla.s.s ended, Li Xi suddenly brought the person-in-charge of the Golden Autumn Camp back.

Mr. Wei frowned. “Why? Are you unhappy with me? Did you report it to the higher-ups?”

Li Xi lowered her eyes. “No, you’re a teacher. It’s fine if you say a few words to me, so I’m not here to target you! I’m here to report Xue Xi!”

After saying that, she said in front of the entire cla.s.s, “She did not come here to focus on her studies. Instead, she is thinking about dating every day! This kind of person is not worthy of being in our camp!”

Mr. Wei was furious. “How can you make up things out of thin air? Do you have any evidence?”

Li Xi sneered and looked at Xiang Huai. “Of course I do!”

Li Xi pointed at Xiang Huai and shouted, “This person is not a student of our school! Teacher, if you don’t believe me, you can investigate!”

The entire cla.s.sroom exploded.

Li Xuekai and Fan Han, who knew the truth, turned to look at Xue Xi worriedly.

Meanwhile, Zhang Xiaoxiao, who did not know the truth, felt as though she had heard a huge joke. She said to Xue Xi, “G.o.ddess, in order to frame you, she actually said such a lie?”

Xue Xi: “…”

Li Xi was relentless. “Teacher, if you don’t believe me, you can take the student list and check the names one by one! Let’s see how many Li Zixuans our cla.s.s has!”

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