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Young Master Yan

Chapter 225 - You Don't Want Me

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Chapter 225: You Don’t Want Me

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“No! Brother Chen, you can’t leave!”

Qin Shuang suddenly started crying. This crying made Xue Xi a little stunned. She felt that things had happened too quickly and she could not accept it.

Feng Yan’s legs went soft and he almost fell to the ground!

He stared blankly at the doctor and at the emergency room door in disbelief. There was only one thought in his mind. How… How could this be?!

Xiao Chen was not such a person. Five years ago, when he pushed Xiao Chen away, he was not someone who would do such an extreme thing.

If he had known that Xiao Chen would end up like this, he would not have pushed him away.

Feng Yan clenched his fists.

If something really happened to Xiao Chen, he would never forgive himself… No, he had to pay for Xiao Chen’s death…

After these thoughts flashed across his mind, he heard the doctor’s words. “…I’m sorry that I didn’t inform you, nor did I ask you to sign the agreement. We did a small surgery on him. The situation was too urgent to wait, so we had to start the surgery first.”

Feng Yan: “?”

Feng Yan turned to look at the doctor. “What did you say? H-he’s still alive?”

The doctor also looked at them in confusion. “This… Although this illness looks scary, it was discovered in time and won’t endanger his life.”

Everyone: “?”

Everyone stiffly turned to look at the doctor.

Xiang Huai narrowed his eyes and asked, “Illness?”

Qin Shuang was also stunned. “Isn’t it suicide?”

The doctor almost choked on her words. “What suicide? It’s just gastrointestinal bleeding. Are you the patient’s elder brother? He has gastric problems, so why did you still let him drink? Why don’t you know how to control yourself?”

Qin Shuang was stunned. “Oh, right. Brother Chen’s bedside table has a wine gla.s.s, but I saw a bottle of medicine!”

The doctor: “Yes, he knows that he needs to take the stomach medicine when he doesn’t feel well, but if he takes the medicine after drinking, won’t he be asking for trouble?”

Qin Shuang: “?”

Everyone: “?”

The few of them silently looked at Qin Shuang and saw her lowering her head, wanting to bury her head in the ground.

Feng Yan also felt his legs slowly gain strength. He did not know what to say, but Xue Xi slowly asked, “How is he now?”

The doctor said, “Our director is here personally, so there definitely won’t be any problem. There’s a stomach bleed and he performed a minor surgery. He should be able to be discharged after staying in the hospital for three days.”

“… Okay.”

The doctor took out another list. “Erm, do you guys want to sign it?”

Xue Xi looked at Feng Yan. “You can sign it.”

Feng Yan, who was still in a daze, replied, “Oh.”

Five minutes later, Gao Yanchen was pushed out of the operating theater by the doctor. His stomach bleeding looked scary, but because he was brought to the hospital in time and he had taken the medicine beforehand, he was quickly treated.

However, he had to rest after all.

Gao Yanchen was sent to an ordinary ward. Two hours later, his anesthesia wore off and he woke up.

His stomach was bleeding very badly. His face was a little pale, but he opened his eyes. When he saw the four people standing in the room, he was slightly taken aback. There was a hint of arrogance on the young man’s face, but he appeared a little weak. “Why are you guys here?”

Qin Shuang lowered her head guiltily. “Just… everyone came to visit you because they saw that you had surgery.”

Gao Yanchen silently looked at the time. It was already one in the morning.

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Who visits a patient at this time?

Even though Qin Shuang said that she was leaving, she must still be waiting outside to discuss how to take care of him.

Gao Yanchen’s parents had both died. Elder Gao was old, so it was best not to mention such matters…

Just as she was thinking of hiring a nurse or something, she heard Gao Yanchen say, “Sister Xi, don’t go.”

Xue Xi paused and turned around.

Gao Yanchen turned his head and did not look at Feng Yan.

The anger between the young man’s brows seemed to weaken at this moment. His red hair no longer looked as arrogant.

The night sky outside was very dark. The incandescent light in the ward shone on his face, making his face even paler.

He slowly said, “Sister Xi, do you want to play professional eSports?”

Xue Xi paused and was a little tempted.

Gao Yanchen continued, “If you play professionally, not only will you meet people like me, but you will also meet more formidable people and learn more formidable skills. You will also be able to learn tactical coordination…”

Xue Xi gulped and felt a little hungry.

She blinked and wanted to agree, but she felt that it was not appropriate. Hence, she looked at Xiang Huai.

Xiang Huai thought for a moment before saying, “You can try.”

Children’s lives should not be limited to studies.

In the eSports scene, she could get to know more people. Skills and whatnot were not important. What was important was learning the eSports and team spirit.

This would be very helpful to her in the future.

Only then did Gao Yanchen look at Feng Yan and slowly said, “Sister Xi’s marksman is exactly the same as mine. She even seems to have surpa.s.sed me. If you don’t want me, you can have her.”

Feng Yan’s expression changed when he heard this.

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