Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 223 - Love Poem

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Chapter 223: Love Poem

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“Xue Xi.”

Mr. Wei called her name and the entire cla.s.s quietened down. They waited quietly for her results. Just as Li Xi was waiting for her to fail, she heard Mr. Wei say, “300 marks.”


The entire cla.s.sroom instantly exploded.

“How many?”

“Did I hear wrongly?”

“The questions this time were very difficult. There aren’t many in the whole cla.s.s who scored 200 marks. She actually scored full marks in the test?”

Li Xi was also stunned. “Did you get it wrong?”

As soon as Xue Xi heard Mr. Wei’s call, she had already stood up and walked toward the stage. When she received the paper, the person beside her had already craned her neck to look. When they saw the 300 on the paper, their faces became filled with admiration.

“It’s really 300 marks!”

“Oh my G.o.d, the G.o.ddess of Studying is really legit! She never disappoints!”

“Ah, I’ll be satisfied if I can score half of the Academic Credits!”


Li Xi’s face turned red when she heard this, and even more when Mr. Wei had given Xue Xi’s paper and shouted her name next. “Li Xi.”

Li Xi stood up instantly.

She was actually very confident in her results, but after standing for an hour before she could sit down, she still felt very tired. Her legs were so tired that it must have affected her performance… As she thought this, she heard Mr. Wei say, “129 marks.”

Li Xi stood rooted to the ground in shock. “What?”

Feeling wronged, she shouted, “That’s impossible!”

She was clearly so good at mathematics. Although she was affected during the exam that day, she felt that there was no problem with herself. Why did she only score this low?

Although the questions were difficult, everyone could get 150 marks. 129 was the lowest score so far!

Zhang Xiaoxiao had already started mocking her. “A genius can get full marks even when she’s being made to stand. Li Xi, what about you? You can’t even get half of her marks!”

Li Xi was a little angry. “That’s because she scored 300 marks. What has it got to do with you? What are you being smug about? You might not even get 129 marks!”

Coincidentally, the moment she said this, Mr. Wei shouted again, “Zhang Xiaoxiao.”

Zhang Xiaoxiao p.r.i.c.ked up her ears.

She then heard Mr. Wei say, “180 marks.”

Zhang Xiaoxiao widened her eyes in disbelief.

There were only a few who’d scored 200 marks in this examination. So far, a score of 180 was the highest among the 100s!

She stood up in shock. “My G.o.d, Studying G.o.ddess, I really got lucky with you! I thought my score was only 160 marks before. It seems like I got a few more correctly!”

As she said this, she happily took the papers. When she returned, she purposely walked past Li Xi. “Oh, sorry. I accidentally scored 180 marks!”

Li Xi: “…”

Li Xi felt utterly embarra.s.sed. She clenched her fists tightly and heard the person in the podium shouting, “Li Xuekai.”

After Xue Xi had obtained the full marks, she had been wanting to wait and see Li Xuekai’s paper. After all, both of them were standing at the back for the exam.

Upon hearing this name, she lifted her head and looked at Mr. Wei in concern. Then, she heard him say, “300!”


The cla.s.s gasped again.

With these difficult questions, for one to get 300 marks was impressive. There were actually two!

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Everyone turned to look at Li Xuekai and saw him standing up and walking back with the papers.

A few of them went to the canteen for dinner. When they returned, they went to the evening self-study cla.s.s. When it was 9 PM, everyone went back to the dormitory.

Xiang Huai also stood up and slowly tore off a piece of paper from Xue Xi’s book before stuffing it into his pocket.

Xue Xi asked in confusion, “What did you write?”

Xiang Huai shot her a glance. “Nothing.”

When the two of them reached the wall, Xiang Huai dashed up and landed on the ground outside. He then stood up and took out the paper from his pocket.

However, he saw a love poem written on it:

“I saw the wind sending the moon and the water sending the flowers.

She continued to look at the past and saw Yi Renyan.

She missed the night and the new year. She was also willing to forget old things.

Nian Lian’s heart was filled with hatred.

On the surface, one’s clothes were wide and one could not eat or sleep well.

If you are well, everyone will be at ease.”

Xiang Huai took a look and placed the poem in his pocket. He silently added in his heart, This poem will definitely not be spoken to you.

That was because the little kid was still young. He would give it back to her after she went to university.

After Xiang Huai left, Xue Xi turned around and returned to her dormitory. When both of them had left, Li Xi, who had been following them, walked out from the shadows.

Her eyes widened as she looked at Xiang Huai in disbelief… So he’s not a student of the school at all! Great, Xue Xi is in trouble!

Tomorrow, she would report this matter!

At the same time, Xue Xi, who had returned to her dormitory, suddenly received a call. Just as the call connected, Qin Shuang’s anxious voice rang. “Sister Xi, hurry up and come over. Something happened!”

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