Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 221 - Investigating Who?

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Chapter 221: Investigating Who?

Xiang Huai blinked.

Xue Xi ignored his flirtatious eyes and continued reading. She’d memorized English vocabulary in the morning and was currently doing Mathematical Olympiad questions.

Since the first day of the camp, everyone in the Golden Autumn Camp had been given a bunch of papers, so they definitely never had to worry about not having any exercise questions to answer.

Xue Xi was doing her questions seriously when a commotion finally came from outside the cla.s.sroom.

Li Xi was in the midst of a heated discussion. When she heard the commotion, she sat up straight and straightened her back. She looked at the door in high spirits.

After a while, Mr. Wei walked in with a few people.

They were all dressed in working attire and were very united. They were holding recording pens and other materials, as though they were going to record something.

When they entered, the entire room fell silent.

Li Xi gulped and exclaimed, “F*ck, isn’t this commotion too big?”

Why is it like that…?

Does a mere student need such a huge line-up?

When Li Xi exclaimed, the rest of the students also panicked.

Although everyone became afraid after what Li Xi had told them yesterday, some of them did not take it to heart. Was their offense so bad as. .h.i.tting the teacher? How could the punishment be so serious?

However, seeing this today… Everyone gulped. The student beside Li Xi said, “This… Isn’t this too serious?”

Li Xi became even more elated. She raised her chin very high and was very arrogant. Smiling, she said, “See, I’ve already told you that the Mathematical Olympiad will never allow someone like Xue Xi to exist!”

Everyone nodded.

Li Xuekai frowned too. He could not help but say, “We simply b.u.t.ted heads with the teacher. It’s not that serious, right?”

Seeing that he was speaking up for Xue Xi time and time again, Li Xi immediately said, “Brainiac, stop talking. Isn’t it a big deal to talk back to the teacher?! If you’re let off for talking back to the teacher now, in the future, you might become disobedient and do things that will hurt society even more!”

Li Xuekai: “… Li Xi, you can’t be so rigid. Moreover, Xue Xi reb.u.t.ted the teacher because the teacher insulted a student first. Plus, Xue Xi did not say anything nasty.”

Li Xi said angrily, “You’re already going so far as to criticize the teacher for being inhuman. Isn’t that too much? Brainiac, aren’t you being too biased?”

She continued discontentedly, “Look at her. She’s flirting with that male student beside her. It’s obvious that she’s abnormal, but you’re actually biased toward her?”

Li Xuekai frowned. “Li Xi, everyone is free to speak up, but I hope you won’t rise to making personal attacks. We are all cla.s.smates!”

Li Xi was so angry that she wanted to say something when Mr. Wei said, “Cough, alright. Everyone, quiet down. The organizers of the Math Olympiad group came to the school today to inspect matters and ask everyone a few questions. Don’t be nervous and answer them as you please.”

After saying that, Mr. Wei looked at the Math Olympiad organizers and said, “Go ahead.”

The small group sat on the stage. Someone lifted his head, looking very friendly. It did not seem like they were quarrelsome. He said, “I want to ask some questions about Mr. Li.”

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The moment he said this, Li Xi stood up. “Teachers, I think I’m very qualified to speak. Since the day Xue Xi joined the camp, she has been playing some superst.i.tious games. She has proclaimed herself to be a G.o.ddess of studies. She wants everyone to touch her and take advantage of her luck. Her att.i.tude is not good!”

Li Xi panicked. “Li Xuekai, how can you threaten the teachers?”

Li Xuekai calmly said, “This is not a threat. As a student, she is powerless to resist, and we can only use such extreme actions to maintain justice.”

Li Xi mocked, “Are you crazy?! For Xue Xi’s sake, you’re actually disregarding your future? You’re simply too stubborn!”

The staff interrupted, “Which cla.s.smate did he scold?”

Everyone turned to look at Xiang Huai.

Xiang Huai slowly raised his hand and lazily said, “Oh, me.”

The staff saw him and was stunned. He took out a pen and paper to record. “What’s your name? Why did Mr. Li scold you?”

Xiang Huai shot a glance at Li Zixuan and said, “Li Zixuan.”

The staff nodded after writing down his name. Just as he was about to continue speaking, Li Xi could not help but say, “Aren’t you here to investigate Xue Xi’s matter? Why do you keep asking about Mr. Li? Xue Xi is being a prideful person in this camp. This kind of person is indeed unsuitable for the Mathematical Olympiad!”

Before she could finish speaking, the staff interrupted her in surprise. “Who said that we’re here to investigate Xue Xi? We’re actually investigating Mr. Li!”

Li Xi was stunned. Her head was filled with question marks: “?”

She asked in disbelief, “What did you say?!”

Investigating Mr. Li? Did they misspeak?

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